Monday, March 8, 2021

No. 7 - Andrey Borodin

Andrey Borodin 1This billionaire former president of the Bank of Moscow lives in exile in London and is on the Interpol Red Notices wanted list as a suspect in a £136 million (13 billion rouble) fraud. Andrey Borodin also stands accused of funding both the punk band Pussy Riot and an attempt to overthrow the Russian government. Borodin paid £140 million to developers Spink for the 30,000 square foot Franco-Italianate mansion Park Place at Henley-on-Thames in August 2011 and has had to up security at his new home after a suspected incident there in October 2012. When asked about how people got rich in Russia, he commented: “It was not easy, the rules and laws were not written… But somehow it worked.”

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  1. He paid a 140 million for a mansion in Henley-on-Thames, very impressive, hope it is clean money, not dry cleaned money. My yiddishe bubbe would have said ” he is a ganef.


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