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Outside Bamber

Evidence suggesting Jeremy Bamber was OUTSIDE White House Farm with police whilst movement was seen inside on the night of the murders there could provide him with an alibi

After we highlighted that the legal team working for Jeremy Bamber – convicted of the murders of five members of his family on the night of 7th August 1985 – had sent new evidence to the Criminal Case Review Commission (CCRC) in March and discussed this also on Shaun Attwood’s True Crime Channel in April this year, interest in a case where so many issues point towards a potential miscarriage of justice has piqued.


Just as with the Menendez case in California – where two brothers were jailed for killing their parents in spite of being sexually abused by them for the majority of their lives – what is now making a difference to Jeremy Bamber in the public eye is the proliferation of podcasts and social media output about a case where Essex Police clearly messed up.


Featured first in the Essex County Standard and Daily Gazette yesterday, chief reporter Rebecca Jones remarked “new alibi evidence could see [Bamber] freed.”


Continuing of a meeting on Wednesday where 50 supporters gathered on Zoom to “discuss fresh evidence relating to his case,” Jones added:


“During the meeting Yvonne Hartley, co-administrator of the Jeremy Bamber Innocence Campaign (JBIC), told the dozens of supporters in attendance about Bamber’s ten alibis which were sent to the CCRC.”


“She said there were multiple grounds which prove Bamber’s sister Sheila Caffell was alive in the farmhouse until the raid team entered the house.”


Quoting Hartley directly, Jones continued:


“Bamber was standing outside the house in the company of police officers when activity was logged as occurring within the house, therefore, he cannot have been involved.”


“He was outside with an officer when he saw someone moving inside the house. He thought it was Sergeant Christopher Bewes who later denied seeing anyone in the house.”


“If this is true and proven, it means he has an alibi because he was outside with a police officer while Sheila was inside with a gun. When police entered the house they found her dead from gun wounds.”


In an email to The Steeple Times, Hartley added on Friday:


“[The article by Rebecca Jones] does have an error as it was Bews, Myall and Jeremy who saw the movement in the bedroom window and this led to firearms teams being called to the scene, however it was good that an article resulted from the meeting.”


“Next time we are presenting lots of information and facts you may not be aware of regarding the telephones in the house, and our guest speaker is Terry Mullins who conducted Jeremy’s lie detector test in 2007, which Jeremy passed with flying colours.”


Outside Bamber 2021 – Jeremy Bamber was OUTSIDE with police – Evidence suggesting Jeremy Bamber was OUTSIDE White House Farm with police whilst movement was seen inside on the night of the murders there could provide him with an alibi.
In January 2020, Jeremy Bamber told the ‘Mirror’: “It is the ultimate alibi that I was in the company of dozens of police officers when it was clear that a person or persons were alive in the house.” The paper continued: “Bamber, who lived in nearby Goldhanger, met officers at the scene at 3.50am. He stayed with them until he was taken away at 9am. His legal team now say a rifle was spotted in an upstairs window by two separate gun police at around 7am, meaning someone in there was alive. Bamber’s lawyers said also in the new evidence are logs showing a firearms team as being ‘in conversation with a person from inside the farm’ at 5.25am. And that a 999 call was made inside at 6.09am. Documents seen by the ‘Mirror’ show a BT operator connected police to an open line at the farm at 05.50am, meaning the handset must have been put back on to make the 6.09am call. When officers eventually broke into the home, they heard a noise upstairs, believing it may have been a person. On inspection, everyone was dead. But Bamber’s team claim the noise could have been Sheila killing herself.”

Fresh hope for Jeremy Bamber 2021 – Some questions Essex Police plainly need to answer…

  • What happened to a suicide note allegedly left by Sheila Caffell that was initially referenced by police and then disappeared?


  • Why did Sheila Caffell not have rigor mortis when officers discovered her body?


  • Why was blood still gaping from Miss Caffell’s body when it was found?


  • Why are there different accounts about how many bodies were discovered on the ground floor of the farmhouse?


  • How could Jeremy Bamber be the killer if police officers repeatedly detected movement inside White House Farmhouse whilst he was stood with them outside?


  • Why was the silencer supposedly used in the shootings not discovered immediately when police entered the residence?


  • Why did scratch marks supposedly made in the kitchen of the house by that silencer not appear in the first photographs taken at the crime scene? How were they actually made in order that they appeared in later imagery?


  • How could Jeremy Bamber be the killer if he made a phone call from his Goldhanger home 3.5 miles away moments after his father had called police from White House Farmhouse to say that his daughter had “gone berserk” with a gun?


Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. The suicide note did exist in 2002, Ds Stan Jones admitted on oath to the stokenchurch enquiry that the suicide note had existed, why that information was withheld is another mystery in this case! 2. The only reason shelia caffell s blood could still be running is she had only be the wound was fresh, rigor mortis not setting in proves that very point, she had not been dead long,

    • The ‘suicide note’ was just some notes June Bamber had written after reading a passage in the bible. It wasn’t written in Sheila Caffells handwriting at all.

      June Bamber was known to make notes from passages that she read in the bible.

      So it wasn’t a suicide note, and it wasn’t written by Sheila Caffell.

  2. As for the movement seen in WHF by pc myall, pc bews and JB, pc bews has tried to explain that away by a trick of light, but the only light was inside the farm, and JB was outside with them, it spooked them enough to call for armed back up!, the silencer I believe was never 👎 never on the gun , the scratch marks were made after, as much as weeks after, that in itself needs investigating, because they were never in crime scene photographs, this has been proven in the sugden report, , as for the final point quite simply he could not possibly of been at WHF the gold hanger 10mins later, and he was at goldhanger when he called at 03.36 officers saxby and myall recall JB still being on telephone when they were about to leave witham , pc west had JB on other phone line.

    • PC Myall, PS Bews, and Jeremy Bamber were doing a recce of the house from a safe distance when PC Myall said he saw movement from one of the windows.

      All three agreed that the ‘movement’ was a ‘trick of the light’ that could be repeated if you moved backwards and forwards.

      Jeremy Bamber was in agreement with this, and never contested this at all at the time, or at his trial.

      The Moon was a 3 quarter moon that night, and in a clear sky, so there would have been a lot of moonlight causing shadows and reflections and the like.

      Firearms officers were called in because Jeremy Bamber said that Sheila had gone berserk with a gun.

      Jeremy told the police that night outside the farmhouse that Sheila was familiar with all the guns and had used the Anschutz rifle before.

      Although that statement by Bamber was proven to be a lie, it’s the actual reason why firearms officers were called in, and that is why the 3 officers were told not to try to enter the house.

      Jeremy Bamber later admitted that Sheila had never fired a gun as an adult. Jeremy told many lies, and changed his story many times between standing outside the house with the police, and standing trial a year later.

        • I am just looking at the facts. If you look at the facts, you will see the truth.

          You are free to say why you disagree with what I have said, but there are many judges that have looked at this over the last 35 years and come to the same conclusions.

          The evidence against Jeremy Bamber is overwhelming, and that evidence has got stronger over the years, as forensic science has improved.

  3. Bamber is where Bamber belongs. He was convicted quite rightly and he ought to leave the living relatives of the late parents he murdered alone.

  4. It always seemed that Bamber was a victim of ‘guilt by accusation’ and innocent. He has been faced all along by the need to prove his innocence, which is especially difficult when he cannot know what really happened. It is exceptional for anybody to continue to maintain their innocence when that is the the one thing which ensures they cannot be released on parole.

    • Jeremy Bamber cannot be released on parole as he is on a “life means life” tariff courtesy of, most would argue, the intervention of relatives of his late parents – who claimed they fear/feared what he might do to them – and politicians who pander to popularity, I would counter.

  5. This latest application to the CCRC is no different to the application that was considered by the CCRC in 2012. The CCRC’s conclusions then was that his new evidence amounted to nothing more than ‘pure speculation and unsubstantiated allegations’

    The evidence that shows that there was movement inside the house was fabricated from existing documentation that stated that firearms officers were talking to ‘person in the farm’.

    The ‘person in the farm’ was Jeremy Bamber himself. ‘in the farm’ refers to inside the grounds of the farm. At no point was any movement reported inside the farmhouse.

    And this is backed up by Jeremy Bamber himself in his statements, his interviews, and his court testimony.

    It’s only after 20 years in prison, that a bored Jeremy Bamber, whilst looking through the evidence of his case, discovered some handwritten documents that listed the actions of the night. Bamber then saw an opportunity to fabricate a story by misrepresenting the information in those documents.

    If you read through those documents it becomes obvious very quickly that there was no movement in the house and that everybody had died hours earlier at the hands of Jeremy Bamber.

    There is so much evidence that Sheila Caffell had nothing to do with the events of the night, and overwhelming evidence that Jeremy Bamber is guilty of the crime.

    In reality, this case is actually an open and shut case. Jeremy Bamber will, justifiably, spend the rest of his life in prison.

    • How do you know it is “open and shut”? Were you there?

      You make so many assumptions.

      Sounds like you are very fixated on Jeremy Bamber’s guilt and though you claim his claims are “unsubstantiated” so are yours.

      I would not put you before a jury, Colin. You sound totally unreliable and irrational.

      • The evidence against Jeremy Bamber is overwhelming.

        I didn’t claim his claims were “unsubstantiated”, that was actually a quote from the conclusions of the CCRC (Criminal Cases Review Commission) in 2012.

        Here is the CCRC’s published conclusions in full:

        “Matters of pure speculation or unsubstantiated allegation constitute neither new evidence nor new argument capable of giving rise to a real possibility that the Court of Appeal will quash a conviction.

        “Neither can such a real possibility arise from the accumulation of multiple unsubstantiated allegations.

        “The Commission is satisfied that nothing in the submissions made by and on behalf of Mr Bamber or any issues raised in the recent documentary can, either individually or cumulatively, give rise to a real possibility that the Court of Appeal would find any of Mr Bamber’s convictions to be unsafe.”

        Bamber is fabricating evidence and creating false narratives. None of which will ever fool a group of experts or judges.

        All Bamber is now doing is re-submitting ‘evidence’ that has already been determined as an ‘accumulation of multiple unsubstantiated allegations’

  6. Sheila Caffell was misdiagnosed. She was perfectly sane and the people who feed the Kool Aid made up her having illnesses. It was a common thing then. She did not know about guns and Julie Mugford was exploited by Jeremy Bamber. Do not believe the lies above about this cruel exploiter of women. He clearly hated those that adopted him and then he went wild and took revenge even on innocent boys. The people who support him are mentally ill and Peter Tatchell (a homosexual sinner after all) is one fine example and the Green woman is another. Who’d believe the word of someone who supports veganism? Jeremy Bamber is not innocent, he was a Satanist and I believe he was connected to Palestine also and this caused Nevill to be endangered. His uncle saw through this as did his aunt and June as a God fearing woman realised Jeremy might have evil homosexual tendencies too. You must delete this evil article and repent as plainly you are supporting an evil homosexual killer. REPENT.

    • Wow so you must be a psychiatrist who was able to examine Shiela?
      What is the basis of you refuting the fact that Sheila had in fact been diagnosed as schizophrenic and psychotic by real qualified psychiatrists? She been prescribed medication to control it.

      • Sheila Caffell was never diagnosed as psychotic. Nobody had ever diagnosed Sheila with psychopathy. It’s another one of those myths that does the rounds about this case.

        She was diagnosed only with Schizophrenia, for which she was being treated with a monthly injection of Haloperidol.

        Haloperdidol is still used today for similar illnesses.

        The problem for Sheila was that the Haloperidol had a tranquilising effect on her, which affected her co-ordination as well as causing her to ‘zone out’ from the world due to a lack of mental energy, caused by the drugs.

        In actual fact Sheila always responded well to her treatment, according to her psychiatrist at the time. She was not considered to be a suicide risk, or a threat to her children. In fact her psychiatrist was careful to point out the love she had for her children, and the calming effect that her dad (Nevill) had on her.

        Nevill Bamber was described by her psychiatrist as a mentor, who was able to calm her down in times of stress.

        Sheila Caffell was not a psychopath, had never had a diagnosis of psychopathy and actually showed very high levels of empathy during her life, including a refusal to have anything to do with guns as an adult.

        • Psychotic means suffering psychosis, of which schizophrenia is a form. Psychotic is used colloquially to mean psychopathic which is a pseudo-medical term meaning harming others without remorse, not to do with psychosis- losing track of reality.

  7. It never ceases to amaze me how a human being can state that someone is innocent or guilty from simply reading an article or two of a newspaper, or heaven forbid watch a TV news segment, neither if these two supposedly news outlets could be classed as bastions of truth?

    • Jeremy Bamber has released tens of thousands of documents related to his case to his supporters. And although he instructs his supporters to keep these documents a secret, pretty much all of them are available online to read.

      You just have to know where to look.

      Also, the 2002 Court of Appeal notes are available to read which outlines the case, and forensically examines many of the points that Bamber says makes him innocent.

      But one by one the 3 judges in the 2002 CoA pick apart his evidence, and show him to be a manipulative liar, and ultimately a mass murderer.

      Also it’s very easy to work out the truth about the ‘new evidence’, the so called movement inside the house, the notorious ‘wet blood’ photographs. All faked, and very easy to show that it’s faked.

      • Colin is SO SO SO SO RIGHT in many regards but Sheila was misdiagnosed and had no mental issues. She had been lied to by evil Kool Aid doctors and she was incapable of hurting a flea let alone her children. The connection to Palestine needs a reminder Colin so do the right thing and share that with these unbelievers. This article needs to be deleted as it promotes the evil homosexual Bamber and his sick supporters. They are plainly all Satan worshippers and the author of this nonsense is a supporter of other evil Satanist killers like the Menendez. Matthew Steeple needs locking up and I read also that he still believes Rolf Harris was guilty. Rolf is a good Christian man and he was set up by woodworms and homosexuals also and Colin must call this out as what it is. Colin please do the best to expose these liars as they must be stopped from damaging Sheila’s memory when there was nothing wrong with her. Sunday.

  8. Sheila Caffell was totally incapable of using the murder weapon, it was actually the most complex firearm in the property. I have never seen a clear narrative from any of JB’s supporters or indeed anybody who believes he could be innocent as to exactly how she did it. I would welcome a detailed explanation. I have set out a clear outline of what would be required on my website. Jeremy Bamber disagrees with me.


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