Clickbait Crazy

White woman Kris Schatzel caught posing with a ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign in a “slutty” outfit is exposed as a clickbait crazy ‘Protest Barbie’

“Stop treating the protests like Coachella pt. 17” raged ‘Influencers in the Wild’ of a white woman posing for her personal photographer with a ‘Black Lives Matters’ sign on a Zebra crossing. She was wearing what The Independent far too generously termed a “black floaty gown” in a video of the incident, posted on Twitter on Friday.


The woman’s dress – which most certainly “looked more like a slutty slapper’s sloppy seconds” and left little of her cleavage to the imagination – attracted great interest from the 157,000 followers of the account. With 15.7 million views, 400,000 likes and 6,600 retweets within 24 hours, here was an example of the social media loving millennial generation at its very worst.


This morning’s Mirror subsequently named and shamed the “model” as Kris Schatzel and the photographer as Mila Voyna. The paper claimed the Russian had generated “mass outrage” and then after declaring: “This is a huge misunderstanding!!! Later I will explain everything an [sic] apologise!” Schatzel unsurprisingly decided she wanted privacy and deleted her Twitter account.


“Clickbait crazy” is the only description suitable for this abhorrent woman and her ridiculous behaviour. May she now please disappear permanently.


Observations about Kris Schatzel elsewhere online included:


“The opposite of feminism. Go read a book.”


“Put some clothes on hoe!”


“What an ugly woman. In all senses.”


“She’s not an influencer. She’s an ignoramus.”


“She’ll be making merchandise branded with ‘Black Lives Matters’ on it next.”


“Send her back to Putin. Or give her to Donald. Both like Soviet trollops.”


“A shame for her Jeffrey Epstein isn’t still around. Just his type. Get her on the Lolita Express.”


“Is that Ghislaine Maxwell hiding behind that camera? Now we know where you’ve been Ghis!”


“She needs attention. Attention in the mental asylum. Lock her up and throw away the key!”


“Shop her. She’s probably an illegal. Get her back on a boat to Russia. Mind you, they would probably just send her back too.”


“Oh no…. oh no. Look at her. Uh-uh. This is bulls**t.”


“Her parents must be insanely proud of what they’ve produced.”


“Did she consider looking in a mirror before going out in that filthy piece of rag?”


“She is absolute trash… Kris Schatzel should be cancelled.”


“I think Kris Schatzel will need to find a new ‘career’ after this. Any brands associated with her from now on need to get dragged.”


“I hope she has talents other than posing, pouting and getting her tits out cause she is gonna need to a find a real job after this.”


“Protest Barbie… She needs to get a little lesson in oppression.”


“Her face needs to be seen… Just horrible… She’s not an influencer… She’s a loser with no respect for others.”


“Kris Schatzel, you’re a jackass. ‘I speak four languages, none of which is empathy’ sums her up.”


Pictured top: Kris Schatzel flashes her leg whilst posing with a ‘Black Lives Matters’ sign indicating utterly no interest in anything other than promoting her sorry self as genuine protestors look on in shock.


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Clickbait Crazy – ‘Protest Barbie’ Kris Schatzel named and shamed – White woman Kris Schatzel caught posing with a ‘Black Lives Matters’ sign in a “slutty” outfit is exposed as a clickbait crazy ‘Protest Barbie’
Kris Schatzel – The girl in the video has now made her Instagram account private. On its introduction she boasts: “Made in Russia, influencer/youtuber/model, I’m Kris and I speak 4 languages.” One of them is most certainly not tact.
Clickbait Crazy – ‘Protest Barbie’ Kris Schatzel named and shamed – White woman Kris Schatzel caught posing with a ‘Black Lives Matters’ sign in a “slutty” outfit is exposed as a clickbait crazy ‘Protest Barbie’
In this image, Miss Schatzel seems keener on getting her bra out than on in the cause in hand.
Clickbait Crazy – ‘Protest Barbie’ Kris Schatzel named and shamed – White woman Kris Schatzel caught posing with a ‘Black Lives Matters’ sign in a “slutty” outfit is exposed as a clickbait crazy ‘Protest Barbie’
Twitter user @Amelia_mcJ rightly summed up how people should react: “I dare say Kris Schatzel is CANCELLED!”


  1. Stupid bitch
    Another, look at me, look at me, I want some publicity.
    I would have loved somebody to have egged her, stupid cow.

  2. I’m here!!!!!!!!!!! Pwoah!!!!!!!!!! I’ll discipline the Sheila!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send the slut Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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