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Ponzi & Paedo – The links between Jeffrey Epstein, Bernie Madoff and Ghislaine Maxwell

Matthew Steeples delves into the connections between the Palm Beach Ponzi schemers Jeffrey Epstein and Bernie Madoff, the money motivated mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell and the recent supposed ‘suicides’ of their associates

  • Jeffrey Epstein and Bernie Madoff participated in two of the largest Ponzi schemes in history.
  • Some of the still missing £500 million stolen by Robert Maxwell likely passed through the hands of one or both of these monsters-not-men.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell, her father’s favourite child, undoubtedly hooked up with Epstein at the instruction of him for reasons financial; she clearly benefitted given she was able to offer up £22 million when seeking bail in spite of having been broke in the 1990s.
  • Jeffrey Epstein had known connections to the pension pot plunderer Robert Maxwell prior to his rather too convenient suicide in 1991.
  • Epstein was a guest of honour at a memorial lunch for ‘The Bouncing Czech’ in New York in 1992 and sat at the top table with widow Betty Maxwell.
  • Both Epstein and Madoff maintained homes in Palm Beach and “most definitely had business associations.”
  • The rather too convenient suicide of the Epstein and Maxwell associate Jean-Luc Brunel in Paris comes days after the rather too convenient murder-suicide of Madoff’s sister Sondra Madoff Wiener in Palm Beach by her husband.

“Buckingham Palace isn’t half as flash as this” enthused Giles Coren of London’s ritzy The Lanesborough hotel in the final episode of his and Monica Galetti’s BBC series Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby last night.


Continuing of a hotel “not so known as The Dorchester or The Ritz” and “extra discreet” when it comes to protecting the privacy of its very, very, very wealthy and often very, very, very secretive guests, Coren and Galetti waxed lyrical about a rather large guest book.


That book featured not only Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, but also entries from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Madonna and Stevie Wonder – the latter played the piano in the bar in December 1994. They rather conveniently forgot to bring up, however, two of the property’s more notorious and now deceased Barry Big Bollocks bigspenders, the late convicted criminal Ponzi schemer paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and the late Ponzi schemer ex-NASDAQ chairman Bernard L. Madoff.


Originally St George’s Hospital and subsequently converted into a 93-room – 47 of which are suites – hotel in 1991, The Lanesborough, Coren pointed out, was decorated “with no expense spared” by Alberto Pinto. Mr Pinto happened to also be the decorator of Jeffrey Epstein’s homes in New York, New Mexico and Paris and thus one can see why that the creepy taxi driver turned sex trafficker likely felt that The Lanesborough was his favoured “home-away-from-home” when in London.


With his non-sweating bestie Prince Andrew effectively a “neighbour” – if traversing the 39 of acres of ‘Buck House’s’ gardens was ever on his agenda – and Ghislaine Maxwell’s Kinnerton Street mews house just a block’s walk away, one could see why the location suited Epstein a treat. The now notorious leaked ‘Little Black Book’ credited as belonging to the since croaked paedophile, but actually mostly containing the connections of the now convicted mucky madam contains three numbers for the hotel and its then manager – one of which tellingly is listed as “private.”


Whilst staff at the palatial property that is The Lanesborough have not openly declared anything of Jeffrey Epstein’s preferences – the hotel keeps notes on all its guests and even has motion sensors in every room to help them predict their wants and needs – in January 2009, Insider reported on what the notoriously demanding Madoff liked to have when visiting.


Of him, after his arrest, his London office manager, Julia Fenwick, claimed “two of his vices are cigars and pork sausages, even though he is Jewish, he loves pork sausages” and told Insider: “There is still a trunk full of his clothes [at The Lanesborough]. They stored it for him and would clean and press the clothes and hang them in his suite in time for his arrival, as though he had a wardrobe there.”


Said to be a “terrible flirt” but not “really lecherous,” unlike the clearly sex crazed abuser Epstein, Madoff shared using the “F-word liberally” and being a “cheeky chappie” with his fellow New Yorker. Beyond that, there is much, much more that connects this pair of once uber wealthy men of money, mayhem and mystery.


Equally secretive in their business dealings and both known for having obsessive compulsive disorder tendencies about how their homes were run, both monsters-not-men maintained residences in Palm Beach, Florida and of them an investor formerly connected to Madoff just yesterday told us: “They most definitely frequented the same establishments and they most definitely had business associations.”


Like the world’s most infamous Ponzi schemer Madoff, Epstein, of course, was involved in another of “the largest Ponzi schemes in history,” that that occurred at the bill collection agency founded by Steven J. Hoffenberg, Towers Financial. Though he wasn’t himself jailed at the time, Epstein clearly benefited substantially from being participant in that particular nefarious scheme.


Now, with news of Bernard L. Madoff’s sister Sondra Wiener being killed on Thursday 17th February by her husband Marvin in a supposed murder-suicide in Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County just days before Epstein’s grubby supplier of 12-year-old twins for his sexual gratification Jean-Luc Brunel’s suicide in a Paris jail on Saturday 19th February, the plot undoubtedly thickens.


With suicide by hanging being a seeming connector in terms of it allegedly – though questioned by some – being Epstein’s choice of death and that also the choice of one of Madoff’s sons – though once again that has been questioned by some – here are two now dead deviant men who are known to have pandered to the desires of equally demanding money motivated women, Ghislaine Maxwell and Ruth Madoff (née Alpern).


The timing of the latest ‘suicides’ are undoubtedly curious and given that in the wake of Ghislaine Maxwell’s conviction in December, the judge in her trial was appointed to a higher court by President Biden as America seeks to protect America by protecting other associates of Epstein and Maxwell including Presidents Clinton and Trump, there is a certain stench of a bit of final “cleaning up” apparent.


With Prince Andrew having supposedly paid upto £12 million to a sex trafficked woman he supposedly never met, Jean-Luc Brunel dead and Jes Staley removed as CEO of Barclays – which curiously also turfed Maxwell out as a client – this “stain” that has for too long now upset royals, politicians and financiers is being put out to pasture.


Equally, with Bernie Madoff dead of “natural causes” and conveniently cremated in April last and his sister and children passed also, the embarrassment caused by the Wizard of Lies having duped the wallies of Wall Street will soon be a chapter closed if the powers that be get their way.


Today, it is time to remind these people that that will not be the case. In this, the Internet age, there are still people out there searching and as I have previously urged in these matters it always a case of one thing: “Follow the bloody money.”


Ghislaine Maxwell Jeffrey Epstein Jean-Luc Brunel
Convicted sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell pictured on the ‘Lolita Express’ living it up with her associates Jean-Luc Brunel and Jeffrey Epstein. Now, with both alleged and awaiting trial sex offender Brunel and convicted and deceased whilst awaiting a second trial Epstein having supposedly both committed suicide whilst in jail, many are questioning how such could have been allowed to come about and whether such events were really actually even suicides.
Kirby Sommers Bernie Madoff
On Monday, crusading author of ‘Ghislaine Maxwell: An Unauthorized Biography’ shared her thoughts about how she believes Bernie Madoff was linked to Jean-Luc Brunel, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Of such people, she observed: “All connected. Now Bernie Madoff’s sister, Sondra and her husband, are dead.
Sondra Madoff Wiener
Sondra Madoff Wiener and her husband Marvin Wiener’s ‘murder-suicide’ at this time seems a little oddly timed given though they lost their fortune when her brother’s scam came crashing down in 2008. This couple lived for 14 years with the shame and loss of their Palm Beach mansion, so the question must be in the wake of the death of Bernie Madoff in 2021 and the suicides of Jeffrey Epstein and Jean-Luc Brunel: “Why now?”
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Wow, absolutely fascinating. So many twists and turns in this story. I am
    absolutely gripped. Thank you so much for another great article.

  2. It’s true that it’s all very gloomy and fishy…shall we ever know the truth?
    If I were the pimp i mean maxwell I would fear for my life…

    • Mia, I think she is in fear with what is in store for her. Once she’s inside in the general population, if somebody wants her to have an accident, it wouldn’t be too hard. Her other option is going for protective custody, where she will be isolated from other prisoners in a cell 23 hours a day. You are allowed out to exercise for one hour, on your own. What ever she chooses, it won’t be pleasant, and I would imagine she will always be looking over her shoulder.

  3. Its a small world at the top of the money tree. Im humming “Life is just a bowl of cherries” and wondering about dead people. Very interesting article, very mysterious motivations slipping around in fancy places and prisons. Ghislaine has been left standing as the oracle ..no wonder learning Russian is soothing her brain pan.

  4. Thanks again for unravelling more layers & sharing the info as it hits your newsdesk…

    I am also curious to see if you or your colleagues can find out why Lesley Wexner – who states he lost around USD 50million to Epsteins ‘management’ (!) of his funds seems to simply shrug it off OR has Wexner applied to the courts for any resititution of the funds prior to Epsteins demise or since and if not, why not?

    The fact that 50million may not mean a lot due to Wexners alleged wealth, just isnt something I buy…

    So if you or your contacts know more, do please share!


  5. Yes ! Les Wexner is deeply buried in decades of Epsteins’ lifestyle and has remained untouched. He is a living “safe house”,quietly repelling the close calls Why did he give Epstein that townhouse in NYC??
    Why did Epstein have a cottage in his Ohio compound? Not to mention his curious enthusiasm for womens underwear…fantasy undies to say the least.
    He once claimed in a board meeting to know more about what women want in underwear than anyone else in the room.Abercrombie went from beautiful coats to teenage lust attire under his decree, I was stunned at the shift. If you peeps at Steeps uncover or out think further on Mr. Wexner I would love to know more. He has a smooth impassive face and bright secretive eyes..
    Olso I am wondering at what distance he kept Ghislaine…they certainly must be tight on the QT..

  6. And also, anecdotically, Brunel used to procure girls for famous french chanteur Claude Francois: Francois founded a semi erotic magazine full of very young girls that he would photograph himself, mainly, and brought to him by Brunel. Claude Francois had been caught on camera telling how after the age of 15 to 18 “the girls are oldies” and that he likes them very young.
    I have learnt that yesterday on “1 out of 5”, the very good (and hard to watch) documentary by admirable french journalist Karl Zero as part of his extensive work on paedo rings and networks, his own personal ongoing fight against pedocriminality.
    As we say in french “la boucle est bouclée” (we’ve gone full circle): it’s a very small pedos world out there. (type “Jean-Luc Brunel” and “Claude Francois” in Google image and you’ll see them together in a 70’s pic)


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