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The Slaying Sisters Sulk

‘The Steeple Times’s’ campaign against endangered species slaying Merelize van der Merwe and Larysa Switlyk has plainly really got to them; the sulky pair have set their attack dogs on us

It seems our campaigns to get Facebook and Instagram to respectively ban giraffe murdering Merelize van der Merwe and bear slaying barbarian Larysa Switlyk have upset this pair of wicked wenches.


Aside from one of our readers having ensured van der Merwe’s video of her killing a totally harmless giraffe taken down by YouTube on the grounds that she infringed the copyright of Johnny Clegg’s Scatterlings of Africa in using it as accompaniment, our petitions against this poisonous pair of pillocks have respectively topped 44,600 and 20,500 signatures.


Now, in response, the deviant duo have set their attack dogs on amongst others The Steeple Times and aside from a barrage of abuse on social media, yesterday we received two missives from a deranged dope who goes by the name ‘Linda Leather’ (probably invented moniker, but one that does claim the email account [email protected]).


The first comment simply stated: “Keep up the good work Larysa” whilst slaying supporter Leather’s second read:


“So ‘experts’ on here are calling Merelize a sociopath. Have some of the people posting such not seen the hatred they are espousing. Hatred, killing her, taking a bullet. Why is this sort of hatred from animal lovers allowed to fester as comment.”


“Why all the attempts to ban people from enjoying natural pursuits and enjoying themselves. The giraffe was so old it was not expected to live much longer. Shooting it gave the local population some meat and money towards further conservation.”


“It was great Merelize took the opportunity to make the shooting a Valentine Day gift. It is pleasing to see her celebrating her achievements.”


“All the arguments against trophy hunting are 100% psychobabble and emotional nonsense. 0% fact. At least such hunting contributes to the local economy, environment, animal husbandry and conservation.”


In response, we remind Larysa and Merelize of the phrase: “If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.” It’s time this sorry duo were sent to social media Siberia and today, again, we remind Facebook and Instagram honchos such as Nick Clegg and Mark Zuckerberg of the blood that they retain on their hands every day they allow these sisters grim to remain on their platfoms.


Pictured top: Monstrous Merelize van der Merwe with the heart of a giraffe she killed for utterly no good reason (left) and twisted Trumpette Larysa Switlyk posing after shoving a sex toy up the bum of a sheep she’d senselessly slaughtered.


To sign our petition seeking to persuade Facebook to ban giraffe slaying psycho Merelize van der Merwe from their platform, please click here and please also share widely.


To sign our petition seeking to persuade Instagram to ban ‘blue ticked’ bear butchering barbarian Larysa Switlyk from their platform, please click here and please also share widely.


The Slaying Sisters Sulk 2021 – Merelize van der Merwe & Larysa Switlyk – ‘The Steeple Times’s’ campaign against endangered species slaying Merelize van der Merwe and Larysa Switlyk has plainly really got to them; the sulky pair have set their attack dogs on us.
The Slaying Sisters Sulk 2021 – 33-year-old Floridian Larysa Switlyk has killed at least 116 species from around the world. Amongst her countless victims have been alligators, buffalo, deer, elephants, goats, leopards, lions, peacocks, rhinoceros, sheep and zebras.
The Slaying Sisters Sulk 2021 – Merelize van der Merwe was deservedly caught out for using the music of Johnny Clegg to accompany a sick video of her killing a giraffe. Quite rightly, YouTube did the right thing: They removed this disgusting piece of self-promotional tripe, yet allow this musician’s ‘Scatterlings of Africa’ to remain in its proper place.
The Slaying Sisters Sulk 2021 – Merelize van der Merwe & Larysa Switlyk – ‘The Steeple Times’s’ campaign against endangered species slaying Merelize van der Merwe and Larysa Switlyk has plainly really got to them; the sulky pair have set their attack dogs on us.
The Slaying Sisters Sulk 2021 – 32-year-old South African Merelize van der Merwe has also killed thousands of animals for no good reason. She shamelessly uses her ‘public figure’ status on Facebook to brag about such and frankly it is time that social media platforms saw sense and sent such monsters to social media Siberia.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Clearly these two sub humans should be caught neutored and released, to allow them to breed should be illegal. Any human that thinks killing an animal for fun, is delusional , these type of so called humans, believe that they are superior and more important than anyone else, they are narcissistic and therefore extremely dangerous. They would knock a child down and drive off to protect themselves. Neuter neuter neuter.

  2. Someone needs to use that sex toy on both of them – down their throats until they asphyxiate and croak. What utter garbage they are.

  3. There are several hundred crocodile attacks on humans each year in Africa alone! Crocodile attacks are far more common than shark attacks. Most take place in small rural communities or villages and are not widely reported or don’t get as much media coverage.

    Avoiding the rivers where these crocodiles live are not always an option when many people depend on these rivers for their livelihood. Women cross the river and use the water to do domestic chores. Men fish to feed their families. Children swim and bathe in the river. The risk of being attacked by a crocodile is part of everyday life in Africa since they are opportunistic predators.

    This is the type of information that isn’t advertised about these animals. Some of the stories I’ve heard and photos of animal attacks are heartbreaking! Some of these problem crocodiles need to be killed to save other human lives. When you live in your own bubble and don’t have to deal with these type of animal human conflicts on a daily basics it is harder for you to understand or comprehend why people hunt these animals.

    • You are just a sick puppy trying to condone the love of killing animals. I notice you don’t mention the ramming of a sex toy up the bums of animals, is that also required to protect the local community from wild animal attacks? Get a life.


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