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Run Ghislaine Run! Ghislaine Maxwell Snapped Running In Prison

Run Ghislaine Run – As mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell is spotted running on a prison track in Florida, we remind readers that this wicked wench likes to run from justice and still hasn’t named a single man she sex trafficked her victims to

Ghislaine Maxwell notoriously went on the run in 2019. Found eventually in a hidden away New Hampshire estate ironically named ‘TuckedAway,’ this decidedly deviant convicted sex trafficker was this week snapped on a very different running track.


Captured on track at the low-security Federal Correctional Institute in Tallahassee, Florida in a prison issued grey sweater and matching shorts, Maxwell (now known just as prisoner 02879-509) was featured in an “exclusive” in the Mirror on Thursday.


According to the paper’s Christopher Bucktin, the nasty nonce “pounds out the miles” on the prison’s four-lane track “a world away from New York’s Fifth Avenue” and is “part of the monotonous and controlled regime she lives now under.”


Bucktin quotes an unnamed source as stating:


“Ghislaine is incredibly fit. She runs almost every day, and when not jogging on the track, she will walk with one of her friends.”


“For her age, she is incredibly active and does a 40 minute session –completing lap after lap without stopping before she needs to be back inside.”


“She is happy to be allowed out in the open once again, where she has at least some semblance of freedom.”


“When not working in the law library, she stays outside in the sun for hours.”


“She is very, very sociable.”


Previously, of her new ‘home’ the former lover of the Ponzi schemer Jeffrey Epstein herself enthused:


“I saw the sunlight for the first time, and I saw grass for the first time. So, that was lovely. And the food is actually better here by a large margin.”


“Everybody here so far has been extremely professional, and I have not experienced any of the gross violations of my rights that I experienced at MDC. I don’t feel unsafe. And I am perfectly able to live and work here.”


Deviant-to-her-core Maxwell is, of course, used to running and hiding from taking responsibility for her abhorrent actions. She spent the latter part of 2019 and the first half of the following year being a fugitive from authorities and the media – using pseudonyms and faking photos to help hide her real location – before eventually being finally snared at the ironically named ‘TuckedAway’ on 2nd July 2020.


Pictured top – The woman formerly known as Mrs Scott Borgerson (and also ‘Jennifer Ellmax,’ ‘Jen Marshall,’ ‘Janet Marshall,’ ‘Mrs Scott Borgerson’ and just plain old ‘G’) on the running track where she’ll spend the next 20 years of her rotten life; it’s a far cry from runs in the woods near her £5.4 million Manchester-by-the-Sea mansion.


From socialite to prisoner
Run Ghislaine Run – As mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell is spotted running on a prison track in Florida, we remind readers that this wicked wench likes to run from justice and still hasn’t named a single man she sex trafficked her victims to.
On track
Run Ghislaine Run – Running is no doubt a relief from the monotony of jail for the one-time close associate of Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, Kevin Spacey and the Duke of York. After two years confined indoors in the Metropolitan Detention in Brooklyn, New York, the ocean obsessed vegan must love being outdoors in the Florida sunshine.
Prison friend
Run Ghislaine Run – According to the paper, croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-lover and co-collaborator has made friends since being moved to a low security clink in Florida. She is pictured here walking with an unknown fellow inmate, but is known to have taken Narcisa Veliz Novack (prisoner 91518-004) as a chum. Novack is notorious for having slayed her hotel husband Ben Novack Jr. in the Hilton Hotel in Rye Brook, New York and his mother, Bernice, in the garage of her Fort Lauderdale, Florida home in 2009. She was subsequently sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
Federal Correctional Institute in Tallahassee Florida
The low security Federal Correctional Institute (FCI) in Tallahassee, Florida houses around 860 female inmates and was opened in 1938. It is quite a contrast to the life of luxury that Maxwell is used to, but there are opportunities for her to continue her love of yoga and she could also take up painting, leather-work, art and ceramics. It is believed the mucky madam has also found work in the prison library, though it would definitely be best if she were kept away from computers – given her known ‘abilities’ at technical deviancy and connections with espionage.

Names in the firing line most obvious from Ghislaine’s filthy ‘Little Black Book’ (if she decides to seek to minimise her sentence)

Ghislaine Maxwell has until June 2023 to cooperate and thus “name names” if she wishes to see her sentence reduced.


Those Scott Borgerson’s estranged wife has been known to associate with – none of whom The Steeple Times is suggesting at this time as having been involved in any of her crimes, but whom she might seek revenge against for not offering her what she might consider enough public or even private support – include:


  • Alexander Acosta
  • Woody Allen
  • Ehud Barak
  • Tom Barrack
  • Scott Borgerson
  • Jean-Luc Brunel (deceased)
  • Naomi Campbell
  • President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary
  • Alan Dershowitz
  • Glenn Dubin and his wife Eva
  • Bernie Ecclestone
  • Bill Gates
  • Geordie Greig
  • Countess of Iveagh (AKA Clare Guinness, Clare Hazell)
  • Lord Mandelson
  • Marvin Minsky
  • George J. Mitchell
  • Rupert Murdoch
  • Elon Musk
  • Peter Nygård
  • Bill Richardson III
  • Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
  • Kevin Spacey
  • Jes Staley
  • Ken Starr
  • President Donald Trump and his potentially trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein wife Melania
  • Ivana Trump (deceased)
  • Chris Tucker
  • Harvey Weinstein
  • Leslie Wexner
  • Prince Andrew, Duke of York and his live-in ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York


Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. She’s locked up and if she never talks then she’ll be locked up for the next 20 years. I’m far more interested in why others who committed similar offenses on behalf of Epstein, including Prince Andrew’s accuser and self-admitted trafficker of young girls, Virginia R., have never faced any type of criminal or civil charges. The attorney who represented VRG, and I doubt it was out of the charitable kindness of his heart, is a well-known friend and associate of both Bill and Hillary Clinton. And if you think THAT is a coincidence, you obviously have not been paying attention.

    • The attorney is a friend of the *Clintonistas*!
      This ^^^^^ No surprise seeing how hitlery hired British spy Christopher Steele to start a completely fraudulent dossier to frame a duly elected US President! She was doing the things she was accusing him of. The 44th administration was the most corrupt & anti American bunch in 100 years.

    • Thank you for your correction. We have updated the image, having got the one we used originally through another source and having never had the misfortune to have been to said facility.

    • Oh yes they ARE sueing her! They are sueing her for almost $900,00 for unpaid debt she owes them.That is Nine hundred thousand U S dollars. Speaks volumes they are friends & allies of the Clintons. The Clintons took money from.their charitable foundation for their nitwit daughter Chelsea’s weddingl They do what they want & get away with it. Not unlike #44 sneaking loads of money to Iran(a designated terrorist state by the U S Government). I pray we can take our government back November 8th. Refund our Police departments,stop the no bail for felons in blue cities,the burning of our once beautiful cities ie,Seattle,Portlant,Minneapolis, etc.


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