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Meghan Feet First

Previously unseen footage of the then Meghan Markle’s engagement interview shows how “weird” and “controlling” this meddling minx truly is

In a post that is yet to be given attention by the mainstream media (no surprises there), the former Meghan Markle turned former senior royal (turned God knows what at this very moment) clearly illustrates her true colours.

A MUST WATCH – @Redredred80’s tweet contains a most revealing selection of footage of Prince Harry and the then Meghan Markle.

Posted on the Twitter account of someone operating as @Redredred80, a previously unseen 2:03-minute clip from a 20-minute “engagement interview” with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is described as a “doomed first take.” Featuring a lot of “ums” and “errs,” Markle even announces: “It was definitely a setup… It didn’t seem like it would make sense… And then, I felt I’d ticked that box and I feel really proud of the work I’d done” of her impending nuptials before then giving a truly deathly glare.


Reaction to @Redredred80’s tweet was generally that of amazement. Whilst many remarked on how “uncomfortable” the now former senior royal pair came across, others observed that they “don’t sound like they’re madly in love – especially her” and suggested “it looks like a hostage video.” Reminiscent of a reverse of the infamous Prince Charles – Lady Diana “whatever in love means” moment in terms of its awkwardness, here was a woman on a mission and here also, a wimp under her controlling thumb.


Meanwhile, with ‘MeGain’ now having “frozen out her best friend” Jessica Mulroney in addition to have hurled her own father under a juggernaut, one is simply left asking this: “Whose life will this meddling minx wreck next?”


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  1. Someone told me Prince Harry is actually back in Britain. He flew in at the weekend allegedly. Trump didn’t fast track his visa so he had to return. She’s still there but they never lived in that mansion. Another charade by the devious one.

  2. The royal family are totally redundant now. Cancel all allowances and make them hand over all their loot. Thieving crooks. All hail the Republic!

  3. Don’t send her Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!! She does not look like she’d enjoy Castlemaine and I’d rather not have to put her over my knee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prince Harry should have disciplined her from the start but he is just wet!!!!!!!!!! Lock them both up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The shame they have brought on all their families is beyond too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Outrageous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mentalness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wrecking ball round her head please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Why are you joining those bullying Meghan? She has done no wrong. It is Kate Middleton who is evil. She is the main manipulator along with her sister Peppa and mother Carole Air Hostess.

  5. I love Meghan to the moon and back. She has brought fresh air to the royals and they should have embraced her. They didn’t and Prince Harry did the right thing. Let them have happiness in America and make her President. She’d do a better job than Killary Clinton or Deranged Donald!

  6. Harry isn’t even royal so what does it matter? James Hewitt – take responsibility for your son and his wastrel wife!

  7. This is bullshit. Its an edited piece of Fake News changed to make them say other things. Dont be so gullable.

    • The remark: “And then, I felt I’d ticked that box and I feel really proud of the work I’d done” is telling and she said it. Nothing fake about that or her deathly glare.

      • I’m not a fan of Meghan or the Royals at all. But I’ve watched that “clip” and it’s clearly a load of one second excerpts from that interview spliced together and edited to make a piece of fake news. Can you really not see that it’s not one continuous take? The picture jumps around constantly. Plus that line about her feeling she’d “ticked that box” comes from 11 mins 30 seconds into the interview (see link below). She is talking about giving up her acting career – and she says that she feels she has achieved all she wanted with the show “Suits”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQicq60aJaw

      • The other giveaway is that about ten seconds into the video posted by that Twitter user, the Hello! magazine logo suddenly appears on the top right hand corner and then vanishes again. So, of course, it’s edited.

          • Au contraire, it’s you who have missed the point. You are free to think what you like of her. The issue I raise is that this video is being presented as genuine “must-watch, previously unseen footage” – when it’s just a mashed-up parody that a Twitter user created. In fact, the Twitter user has since admitted this.

  8. It is proof of how warped her mind is – doesn’t matter what order it is in. She comes across very badly. As always.

  9. Come on guys, who gives a flying fart if it’s edited or not, of course it’s edited, her whole life is a series of takes. The point is, she is just an actress working her way to the top, and Harry pot head is the ladder she is using at this time. Like I have said from day one, this marriage won’t last 10 years, and the Royals are a stupid relic from the past that all come from the planet Zog, they have never really understood how the real tax paying public live, how could they?

  10. Meghan is so unsexy and those that are moaning here should understand the author is just using the tweet to illustrate her nasty persona


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