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Muddled McCann


As Christian Brueckner’s lawyer justifiably suggests he cannot have been present when Madeleine McCann was allegedly kidnapped, Matthew Steeples argues that other developments will also likely lead nowhere

Yesterday, just as Friedrich Fulscher, the lawyer for the as of yet still charged with nothing in the Madeleine McCann case Christian Brueckner, shared further evidence that “he says left him convinced of [his client’s] innocence,” “Spain’s leading expat newspaper” The Olive Press suggested “a pair of Russian expats based in Spain have been linked to the disappearance.”


Fulscher has concluded that Brueckner could not have travelled from various locations in Praia da Luz to the apartment where the McCann family were staying without getting caught in the 90 second window when the alleged kidnapping took place. Speaking to the Mirror, the lawyer stated:


“If the witness statements are correct, there was a time window of one minute and 30 seconds in which the child could have been abducted. My client did not commit this crime.”


In further indication that whilst the case against Brueckner – who is undoubtedly a vile and evil man – is slipping away and could simply have been yet another play of the distraction technique, The Olive Press allege that police are now looking for two Russian brothers linked to the yacht industry.


As with every twist and turn in this case including the preposterous “Madeleine McCann is alive and living with a German family on the Algarve” story fed to the media in July, all ‘investigations’ in this case only ever lead to one place: Yet more money wasted on a search that will likely never get any result and yet more money wasted that could have helped the families of other missing people.


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Muddled McCann – Christian Brueckner investigation slips further – As Christian Brueckner’s lawyer justifiably suggests he cannot have been present when Madeleine McCann was allegedly kidnapped, Matthew Steeples argues that other developments will also likely lead nowhere.
Elsewhere on Twitter, a poll asking: “Do you believe Madeleine Beth McCann was abducted from her bed in May 2007?” 71.6% of the 2,007 votes cast answered: “No.”

Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Shame on you! Shame on you! The McCanns are desperately seeking their daughter still and Christian B is undoubtedly the one responsible for her kidnapping. I am sure of it now and so are the German police. It is digusting that you attack these lovely people just as you have done nothing to help dear Gerry and Kate McCann in their search to find their beloved daughter Madeleine. It is time you back the campaign to FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW. FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW and you must stop your poison about Gerry and Kate immediately henceforth. It is just too much and the focus on the virus and not on FINDING MADELEINE is making me very, very, very upset. Steeples Times needs to gets its priorities in order. FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW. She is alive and we must FIND HER NOW.

    • Just as you are convinced of their innocence Gillian, many of us are convinced of their complicity, if not guilt. There is too much that doesn’t add up. The fact that you are upset by her disappearance does not make the McCanns innocent. This sounded like a fit up from the start. As others have said. Bruekner is a known criminal. That doesn’t mean that he did it. To convict him, just to close the case would be a massive miscarriage of justice, and would deflect this crime. It would mean that the true criminal(s) would get away with it.

    • Gillian, we’re all very sorry you are so upset, NOT.
      How can you be so sure Christian is the one responsible for her kidnapping, can you give us some evidence we haven’t seen, how do you know Madeleine is still alive?? Nobody takes anything you say seriously because you carry on like a broken record.

  2. Brueckner is undoubtedly a criminal as you say but this is a fit up. I think something else went on in that apartment and the blood spatter on the wall is proof of that. As for the scent of death in the cupboard… Mr and Mrs McCann need to finally tell the truth.

  3. If Brueckner was in any way responsible he would have been arrested and charged almost as soon as Madeleine was reported missing. But of course that wasn’t then the story the McCanns were peddling. They wanted the world to believe their story as part of the con to make a mint for the make-believe search. If nothing else they should be charged with obtaining vast sums of money by false pretences – and also wasting police time and money. Almost £12,500 million at the last count. Perhaps the sniffer dogs have a case against them after Gerry described them as ‘notoriously unreliable’. What monstrous slander coming from this notoriously unreliable father.

  4. While Christian Brueckner is obviously a pervert and criminal, this doesn’t make him guilty of this crime. We seem to have pulled this guy out of the woodwork at the eleventh hour. Also now we have two Russian brothers, based in Spain at the time, as further suspects. While every lead needs to be covered, it seems the police are clutching at straws. You have the looney tune Gillian Trott spouting, Christian Bruecker is UNDOUBTEDLY the one responsible, let’s see some solid evidence Gillian. You carry on about perverts like Rolf Harris, saying there is no evidence of his guilt, even though he was found guilty by a jury, with one overturned due to a technicality. But this guy, you have him hung and drawn with Zero evidence. I really can’t understand why so much money was thrown at this case, and why the McCann’s were allowed to use funds to pay their mortgage and other costs. Like others have said, I think something happened in that apartment, that was probably an accident, and then there has been a massive cover up. We have blood spatter, and the cadaver dogs had a scent of a body in the trunk of their hire vehicle. Also, the McCann’s demeanour after Madeleine went missing was very strange. Most people would be hysterical and have to be sedated, but they decided to carry on with their holiday as if nothing had happened. I also think it was very irresponsible of the McCann’s to have gone to dinner leaving their children unattended in a hotel room with the door ajar, what were they thinking? When I had my child, my wife and I never went out until she was 13, as we would never trust a baby sitter, but here you have a couple that leave their children in an unlocked hotel room in a foreign country while they go wining and dining it begs belief, they should have been charged with child neglect. It’s now pretty obvious that Madeleine is dead and will probably never be found, of course we are going to have the inevitable future sightings of her around the world, and probably a few nutters claiming to be her. But I’m sorry, we shouldn’t throw anymore funds at this case, it’s a lost cause and there are plenty of missing persons around the world that have never had this sort of publicity or money thrown at it. I also notice that over 71% of people believe that Madeleine wasn’t abducted from her bed.

  5. yes a wholesomely believe that Maddie was taken from her apartment…the question is…who was Christian B on the phone to? and the answer lies there…this man will never own up to what he has done and even worse he commits these crimes alone and there are many gaps in years which leads me to believe there’s more crimes he’s committed and gone under the radar! he buries things. from what I’ve read so far! the best this you could do in this instance is release the beast, have him heavily surveyed but professionally with rigged job, girlfriend etc. catch his every movement at all times in the act of something and arrest him when when there’s enough on him to put him away for a very long time!! then over him a plea deals do come clean on everything he’s done. or bring back the death penalty for multiple/ repeat offenders of this kind of ungodly act


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