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Moron of the Moment – Julia Hartley-Brewer


In her crass comments about a right-wing thug who relieved himself by the memorial to Keith Palmer, the constable murdered in the 2017 Westminster attack, Julia Hartley-Brewer simply made a prat of her stupid self

In spite of declaring herself “irreligious,” Julia Hartley-Brewer likes to hector others. She’s rarely without an opinion the size of a two-tonne truck and yesterday this Birmingham born, Oxford educated megaphone “sparked [a] backlash” after pointing out that a 28-year old man, Andrew Banks of Stansted, “urinated BESIDE the plaque [dedicated to the memory of PC Keith Palmer]. He did not urinate ON it.” She arrogantly then concluded: “This is basic stuff.”


After rightly being called out as an ignoramus, ‘Julia Heartless-Brouhaha’ or ‘Julia Hideous-Sewer’ (as she is occasionally nicknamed) tried to justify her careless chatter. She added: “FFS, people, stop pretending to be stupid. I’m not DEFENDING this asshole for urinating beside the memorial. I’m telling the Met Police that they need to be accurate. Pissing BESIDE the plaque is awful. Pissing ON it would be even worse. Now get over your fake pearl clutching.”



This, however, was unsurprisingly not accepted and whilst some correctly pointed out the urine would have likely “splashed” sideways, others got to the crux of the matter. One Twitter user, ‘Angry (EU) Mum,’ countered: “Why do you as a woman think it is ok for a bloke to expose himself by getting his dick out and urinating in a public place?”



Media commentator and former police commander Chris Greany, though, gave the best suggestion. He concluded: “Julia, take the day off today.” He was right and Hartley-Brewer would do well to henceforth learn a new craft: That of the art of silence.


Meanwhile, Banks, who is set to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court today, was subsequently quite rightly charged with outraging public decency; may this right-wing scumbag have the book chucked at him.


[Update: 12.05pm GMT, 15th June: Andrew Banks was jailed for 14 days after pleading guilty to outraging public decency. Ironically, prosecutor Michael Mallon told the court: “The Tottenham fan was in central London to ‘protect statues,’ but admitted he did not know which ones,” reported ‘Metro.’]


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Moron of the Moment – Julia Hartley-Brewer – In her crass comments about a right-wing thug who relieved himself by the memorial to PC Keith Palmer, the constable murdered in the 2017 Westminster attack, Julia Hartley-Brewer simply made a prat of her stupid self.
The photograph of Andrew Banks of Stansted relieving himself on Saturday that sparked the outrage of the public.
Moron of the Moment – Julia Hartley-Brewer – In her crass comments about a right-wing thug who relieved himself by the memorial to PC Keith Palmer, the constable murdered in the 2017 Westminster attack, Julia Hartley-Brewer simply made a prat of her stupid self.
Julia Hartley-Brewer responded to the image with this crass tweet.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Public lavatories are closed!!!!!!!!! Where was the man meant to go????????? He needed a whizz and the person with the camera should be arrested for voyeurism!!!!! Disgusting to take photos of a man pissing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock the photographer up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Julia was right —- he was not pissing on the statue/memorial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was pissing near it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Stupid Julia and repugnant Andrew Banks should get a bedroom! Throw Rod in for good measure and you’ll have a threesome most unappealing.

  3. You should be supporting Julia as she is a good woman and she does not pander to the left and the stupid. She has not defended women who tells lies about innocent men like Rolf Harris. Rolf Harris did nothing wrong and you know it and this man being charged is a waste of time. Focus on solving the real issues – like clearing the name of wrongly convicted innocent man Rolf Harris. Rolf is a victim of the media and it needs calling out.

    • Why would anybody want to clear the name of a filthy pervert Paedophile like Harris?
      It’s only Looney tunes like you who seem to come out of the woodwork to defend these scum. Do you really think all the women were lying, do you really believe that? How would you feel if it happened to you, and then some nutter, just like you, said you were lying, stop and think about it, if you can.

  4. Julia Hartley-Brewer is the most ignorant mouth currently the media have no shame to place infront of our ears and eyes. This played out, unattractive, idiot, shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the mainstream media. Yet the BBC keep putting her on TV where she continues to talk a load of utter twaddle. She now thinks she knows something about science and renewable energy! Yet all she has is a first degree in economics, and that to someone of my level is like an ant arguing with Einstein! Let’s get real. This thing needs to be banned from media. We should only allow PhD’s on TV as experts in their field. We should uplift the people not persuade them to follow a false ideology. Brexit is an absolute disaster. Consider all the fishermen who were misled by it, and now have been left with nothing. That’s what you get if you allow the likes of this flapping mass of meat on TV


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