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Carrie On Up (The) Ukraine – Carrie Johnson & Russia

Matthew Steeples revisits the Prime Minister’s wife Carrie Johnson’s curious links to Russians, sexual exposes and hoaxers and suggests she’s definitely also living in a ‘Carrie On Up (The) Ukraine’ style

Ukrainians do not like their sovereign country being called “the Ukraine” and quite rightly point out that those that do such denigrate them to being considered “the borderland” of Russia. Referencing “the Ukraine” is neither grammatically or politically correct, but one person who is living a Carrie On Up (The) Ukraine lifestyle is most definitely Carrie Johnson.


Rather like the especially unappealing Lady Joan Ruff-Diamond – played by the self-professed “queen of puddings” Joan Sims (1930 – 2001) – in the risqué comedy Carry On Up the Khyber, the former Miss Symonds (AKA ‘Carrie On Regardless,’ ‘Princess Nut Nut’ and ‘Anne Boleyn’) turned Britain’s “feckless first lady” is also known for chucking wine and other household items at her husband.


Equally, Mrs Johnson can most definitely be said to be living a life that is definitely a play on the words of the 1968 film’s title – “Khyber” being short for “Khyber Pass” and that being rhyming slang for “arse” – in that she has recently been made a complete arse of both online and by Lord Ashcroft also.


In First Lady: Intrigue at the Court of Carrie and Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister’s wife is portrayed as a political operator known for “her evident ambition” and for being “a rather divisive figure.” She is exposed for making her husband “miserable” and noted for showing her “anger” towards him; Lord Ashcroft goes as far even to note: “Carrie is ‘the No 1 problem’ in Johnson’s administration… Her actions have adversely affected other women’s careers.”


As the people of Ukraine bravely try to save themselves and their homeland, it must also be remembered that the man in charge in Britain is also the head of a party that has not only taken copious amounts of money from Russian oligarchs, but he is one also whose wife has had close links with Russian organisations too.


Prior to her marriage, the then Carrie Symonds – who has also been employed by Oceana, a charity heavily supported by the now convicted mucky madam sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell – dated a man named Oliver Haiste (sometimes spelt ‘Haste’) between 2007 and 2010.


In October 2016, Haiste and his close chum, Henry Hopwood-Phillips – an individual once not so charmingly accused of flashing his “tumescent member” and an individual with strong links to the far-right, racist Traditional Britain Group (TBG) – were exposed by BBC Monitoring’s Stephen Ennis for an £8.3 million “hoax” involving the Russian news corporation Pravda International.


Subsequently, in June 2019, Haiste returned to the media to blab to The Mail on Sunday about his “tumultuous” and “highly charged” ex-lover and remarked: “I found when times were good with Carrie, they were great – they were fantastic. When were bad, they were awful,” but what is really relevant is that the Prime Minister’s wife attended the launch of the Conservative Friends of Russia at the Embassy of Russia in Kensington, London in August 2012.


Curiously, amongst others present at that particular shindig were the current Mrs Johnson’s dominatrix loving subsequent boss from May 2015, John Whittingdale MP, as well as Matthew Elliott FRSA, later chief executive officer of Vote Leave. How much vodka was downed that night remains unknown, but what is clear is that the Conservative Friends of Russia subsequently issued a press release attacking the Labour MP Chris Bryant and showing him in his Y-fronts in a photo taken from the gay ‘dating’ site Grindr.


The Conservative Friends of Russia later rebranded itself as the Westminster Russia Forum and has also counted amongst its supporters former Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans MP and former Defence and Foreign secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind. Yet again, illustration is provided as to ‘Carrie’s Curious Connections.’


Pictured top – Carrie Johnson in her younger days carrying on and boozing for Britain (left); Sid James and Joan Sims in ‘Carry On Up the Khyber’ (right).


Carry On Up the Khyber
In the 1968 film, the wife of the protagonist Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond, Queen Victoria’s Governor in India, is known for abusively chucking things at her husband. The current British Prime Minister’s wife has been known for having visitations from the police after performing such antics.
Drunken beast
Equally, rather like the characters in the film, Boris Johnson’s latest baby mama has been known for debauchery in her past.
Oliver Haiste or Oliver Haste
The Prime Minister’s wife with his lover between 2007 and 2010, Oliver Haiste. Of how they got on before their “not particular amicable” ending, the alleged Pravda hoaxer commented: “It was a highly passionate relationship. And I don’t mean that in a salacious, physical sense. I mean in terms of emotional context – very emotionally charged. It’s the most up and down relationship I have had. Any relationship with Carrie or friendship with Carrie is very intense and can often burn brightly. It’s never boring. She often brings a lot of intensity to relationships, be they romantic or friendships. That passion can work the other way when she is not happy with you.”
Traditional Britain Group feminism Gregory Lauder-Frost
The vile and utterly reprehensible bigoted Traditional Britain Group (TBG), of which Haiste’s friend Henry Hopwood-Phillips was at one time a leading light, is known for its bigoted views. Aside from its convicted thief from the NHS chairman Gregory Lauder-Frost having had a pop at feminism on one occasion, this rotten to its core far-right organisation has expressed views about deporting all immigrants going back many generations and hanging Baroness Doreen Lawrence from a tree even also.
Ghislaine Maxwell Oceana
Both the Prime Minister’s spouse and the now convicted criminal sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell were heavily involved in the charity Oceana. The latter, a licensed submarine pilot, stands accused of using her abilities in that arena to sex traffic young girls for her lover Jeffrey Epstein and his powerful politician and businessmen mates to abuse with her on his Caribbean islands, Little St James and Great St James.
The Prime Minister’s wife became involved in Oceana in 2018. Leading supporter of the charity and fundraiser for it also Ghislaine Maxwell, meanwhile, was not arrested until 2nd July 2020 so though it is unknown if they did, it is quite possible that their paths could have crossed during those two years.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. If you think all that is a scoop when investigating Johnson’s court you had best read this and the article referred to. It’s just our luck to have Mr Johnson & Mrs Johnson running the country when above all else we need good government.

    I am a patriot, but I can’t get over B Johnson’s lies or the cowardly behaviour of that shower of wimps who call themselves his cabinet who have either turned a blind eye to his deceit and lies or actively supported such. In reality, whether or not B Johnson supposedly gets things done, his faults, including but not limited to narcissism, mendacity and deceit, are shared by both Trump and Putin. In my opinion those flaws are incompatible with leadership in a democracy.

    Why should I believe B Johnson puts his country before himself? Why should I believe his anti-Russian rhetoric? After all, in 2016 when campaigning for Brexit he accused the EU of provoking Russia’s earlier attacks on Ukraine and was called a “Putin apologist” for his efforts. Indeed, Johnson and Cummings successfully orchestrated and delivered Brexit beyond Putin’s wildest dreams.

    Combine Brexit with Trump’s divisiveness and it is little wonder Putin concluded the Western alliance (USA/EU/UK/NATO) was a crippled anachronism that could be brushed aside. Let’s hope he is proven wrong, but we need answers to some questions posed in a searching article (Britain’s dismal dossier on Russian political infiltration) written by Bill Fairclough (an ex-spook) about Western politicians’ past affiliations with Putin’s people.

    If you read that article, do ask yourself: (1) Why have both Johnsons fraternised with so many Russians/Russophiles? (2) Were Trump, the Johnsons, Cummings et al targeted by Russian intelligence prior to becoming political bigwigs? It goes without saying that each of them could so easily have been unwittingly manipulated by Russian “agents of influence”. After all, flattery is a narcissist’s best friend.


  2. Why do we end up with these women trying to run our country?
    Meghan Markle and this one. They should stick to their own jobs
    and keep out of their husbands.

  3. The vile and utterly reprehensible are those who get cheap thrills calling out others alleged ways and issues. How about we expose a few more Steeples? Shall we go both ways and discuss a few ways and issues of yours?


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