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Evil Epstein Erased – “Cape Dutch McMansion” To Replace “Paedo Pad” In Palm Beach At Site Of Former Jeffrey Epstein Home

Latest owners of sickening site of Jeffrey Epstein’s £13.2 million Palm Beach “paedo pad” seek to erase memories of what went on there with construction of a “Cape Dutch” style crib

After venture capitalist David Skok and his interior designer wife Mally purchased the cleared lot on which Jeffrey Epstein’s former Palm Beach “paedo pad” once stood in September 2021, Mr Skok subsequently commented: “One of our goals was to take something that, I think, had a very bad reputation and was a blight on the community, and do everything we could to bring that to a state of beauty and grace that really added to the town.”


The couple – who have “links to Boston and South Africa” purchased 358 El Brillo Way for £22.5 million from developer Todd Michael Glaser, who had himself bought Epstein’s 11,589 square foot “white box” abuse den in March 2021 for £13.2 million and then sent in the wrecking ball – went on to scrap Glaser’s plans for a “14,000 square foot Art Moderne mansion” and have now sought instead to build a much more modest 9,529 square foot structure on the site.


Described as being of “Cape Dutch style,” the building proposed was this week described by the Palm Beach Daily News as:


“To be built around a small courtyard, the six-bedroom house would have smooth white stucco-clad walls, a red tile roof and Flemish-style scalloped parapets. On the west side, steps would lead down to the lawn from a terrace facing a cove on the Intracoastal Waterway. The front door would front El Brillo Way, a dead-end street about a half-mile south of Worth Avenue and a mile north of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club.”


Whether the new structure will have a vast and decidedly creepy “party shower” – as Epstein had installed when he bought 358 Brillo Way in 1990 for just £1.8 million and as Ghislaine Maxwell also had in her Manchester-by-the-Sea crib (which remains on sale still) – is something that the Skoks and their representatives have yet to comment on.


Pictured top – Jeffrey Epstein and her lover Ghislaine Maxwell (left) and a rendering for the proposed replacement for the Palm Beach, Florida house where they abused so hundreds of minors (right).


358 El Brillo Way
The house as owned by the Ponzi scheming paedophile Epstein from 1990 until his death on 10th August 2019. It was occupied for much of that time also by his co-collaborator Maxwell and it was there that they disgustingly used and abused hundreds of innocent victims.
Gone but not forgiven
After the evil paedophile Jeffrey Epstein died and before the house was razed to the ground, the gates of the property became prone to visits from vigilantes and graffiti artists. On one occasion, quite appropriately, a tag that read: “Gone but not forgiven” was added.
Wrecked lot
On 19th April 2021, the house was visited by a wrecking ball and razed to the ground.
Cleared site
The plot was subsequently landscaped by its developer owner before being sold on to a trust connected to David and Mally Skok for £22.5 million on 30th September 2021.
Front elevation
The new owners instructed their architects to build what they call a “Cape Dutch style” residence. It, in fact, doesn’t differ much in its look from any McMansion, but is certainly more aesthetically pleasing than the naff and most definitely creepy crib that it is the proposed replacement for.
Cape Dutch replacement house
A full rendering of the circa 1-acre site, the proposed residence and its water frontage.
Jeffrey Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell
Ponzi scheming paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and mucky madam nonce Ghislaine Maxwell took to life to Palm Beach as there, aside from the glitz and the glamour of Worth Avenue and Mar-a-Lago, they were able to lure in young victims to sexually abuse and traffic.
Mally Skok David Skok
Replacing the wicked couple that once lived there if and once their new ‘McMansion’ is eventually constructed as residents will be David Skok and his wife Mally. The pair have lived in London, UK, Boston, USA and Plettenberg Bay, South Africa and both are successful business people in the worlds respectively of finance and interior decoration.
Party Shower
When the FBI raided the El Brillo Way home of Epstein after his arrest in the summer of 2019, they photographed the entire property. Amongst the more bizarre features was a vast “party shower” where the twisted abuser and his sidekick Maxwell no doubt disgustingly engaged in ‘activities’ with multiple sexual partners – whether willing or not. Thankfully, with demolition complete this seen of heinous crimes has now been erased from the planet.
Manchester-by-the-Sea Scott Borgerson
Now reduced in price to just £6.1 million ($6.95 million, €7 million or درهم25.5 million) from £6.3 million ($7.295 million, €7.4 million or درهم26.8 million) in February this year as clearly nobody wants the former residence of a mucky madam sex trafficker, the Manchester-by-the-Sea “hideaway” that Ghislaine Maxwell (AKA ‘Mrs Scott Borgerson,’ ‘Jennifer Ellmax,’ ‘Jen Marshall,’ ‘Janet Marshall’ and just plain old ‘G’) shared with her now estranged husband since 2016 also had a “party show.” It was a little more modern than that found in Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach pad, but of it a neighbour remarked: “The house did have one unusual feature – a huge shower. It had Wi-Fi so they could control it from their phones, a steam unit, the whole nine yards. It was like a party shower. You can imagine what they got up to in there.” Clearly, shower room parties were high on the agenda of this bunch of deviants.

The Names & Numbers – 358 El Brillo Way, Palm Beach, Florida, FL 33480, United States of America

Standing on a lot of 33,000 square foot and near the terminus of the dead-end street, here is a property that will forever be associated with the wicked activities of the croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his incarcerated co-collaborator mucky madam sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.


The site has a history going back to the 1950s, but the new owners undoubtedly would no doubt rather forget what went on there from 1990 until 2019:


24th August 2022 – The Palm Beach Architectural Commission “unanimously approved almost all of the architecture after members said they were satisfied with changes they had asked for during their first review of the project in May.”


May to August 2022 – Mr and Mrs Skok’s architect Roger Janssen of Dailey Janssen Architects and landscape designer Jorge Sanchez of SMI Landscape Architecture worked and reworked designs at the request of the Palm Beach Architectural Commission.


30th September 2021 – The vacant lot is sold for £22.506 million ($25.845 million, €26.082 million or درهم94.916 million) a trust “linked to… seasonal Palm Beach residents” David and Mally Skok.


April 2021 – Offered for sale for circa £26.1 million ($30 million, €30.3 million or درهم110.2 million) on the MLS by 360 El Brillo LLC, “a limited liability company associated with developer Todd Michael Glaser.”


19th April 2021 – Demolition begins to make way for new build with Glaser giving one word in comment to the Daily News of the wrecking ball arriving. It was: “Finally.”


15th March 2021 – Sold to Miami property developer Todd Michael Glaser for £13.2 million ($18.5 million, €15.3 million or درهم67.9 million).


July 2020 – Listed for sale for £15.726 million ($21.995 million, €18.227 million or درهم80.777 million) by Kerry Warwick of The Corcoran Group. The property was described as standing on a lot of 36,050 square feet and featured a 14,223 square foot “white box” structure with 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and a 3-car garage.


August 2019 – 12 News reported that the gates to the house had been vandalised by someone who tagged them “@Leroy” in large red letters.


2011 – Ownership transferred by Epstein from his name to an entity named Laurel Inc., a company registered in the U.S. Virgin Islands.


1990 – Sold to Jeffrey Epstein for £1.8 million ($2.5 million, €2.1 million or درهم9.2 million) and “significantly remodeled.”


1952 – Built to the designs of Austrian born John L. Volk (1901 – 1984) “in West Indies-style architecture.”


The “Paedo Pad” As Was…

Referenced in April 2021 as a “pleasure palace” by the Mirror’s United States editor Christopher Bucktin, 358 El Brillo Way was where Epstein and Maxwell “abused dozens of girls.”


Prince Andrew is said to have “allegedly spent weeks” there “surrounded by topless teens” and guests got to see walls “adorned with pictures of naked girls” and cupboards “stocked with sex toys.”


Estate agent Lawrence Moens commented: “I only got involved in the sale to ensure it would be wiped off the map” whilst a neighbour added after the “grotesque” structure’s demolition: “Thank God it’s gone.”


Pictures below, taken after the FBI’s 2019 raid, illustrate amongst other things rooms where the mucky madam and her sidekick entertained, massage tables used for abuse and the very house manuals, address books and message books which this gruesome duo used during their interactions with the powerful and the privileged and those that they used and abused.


Massage Room
Massage Table
Reception Room 1
Reception Room 2
Message Books, Household Manual, Little Black Address Book
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


    • That’s a bit unfair to Mr and Mrs Skok. They look like decent people though their house design doesn’t look upto much I must say. I am not a McMansion fan myself and I do think they’ve rather overpaid for this cursed lot that still harbours the secrets of all abused there.

  1. Well thank goodness somebody had enough dosh to purchase and bulldoze it. A lot of prospective buyers may have just got the decorators in to tart the place up. Mr and Mrs Skok have done the right thing, and wiped the memories of the place off the map.
    By the way, have we heard how Maxwell is adapting to her new life style?


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