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Taking The Fifth – Dubious Glenn And Eva Dubin And A 16% Down-In-Price Duplex

Duplex in ritzy Upper East Side co-op where Jeffrey Epstein besties Glenn and Eva Dubin live slashed in price by millions; who’d want them as neighbours given their links to the mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell are about to be unsealed?

  • Documents relating to billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist Glenn Dubin and his allegedly racy one-time Ford Model wife Dr. Eva Andersson-Dubin will shortly be unsealed in a lawsuit filed against the now convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.
  • Dubin has been described as a “friend” who “liked vacationing” with the croaked Ponzi schemer and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.
  • His now wife dated Epstein from 1983 to circa 1991 and allegedly and most creepily, the late paedophile “wanted to marry” the couple’s teenage daughter Celina.
  • Supposed memory loss sufferer Andersson-Dubin has denied suggestions that she participated in group sex and gave evidence at mucky madam Miss Maxwell’s trial in December 2021.
  • A 14-room duplex in the Upper East Side apartment block where the Dubins live has had its price slashed by 16% to £21.2 million after exactly a year on the market leading to a realtor asking: “Who’d want to live next door to such people?”


An apartment in the tony block that is also home to Jeffrey Epstein’s former besties financier 65-year-old Glenn Dubin and his 61-year-old former Miss Sweden wife Dr. Eva Andersson-Dubin has had its price slashed by 16%.


Clearly, the prospect of having the “decidedly dubious Dubins” as neighbours isn’t as appealing as having Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis as a neighbour – the 35th President of the United States’ wife occupied the 15th floor flat where the very wealthy duo have resided since 2006 from 1964 to 1994 – and now the 9th and 10th floor duplex currently for sale in the same building has had its price cut from £25.1 million to £21.2 million.


Dr. Andersson-Dubin – who “dated Epstein for years before she and [Glenn] Dubin married in 1994,” continued to holiday and jet around with the sex offender thereafter and whom wrote to Epstein’s probation officer to shockingly confirm she was “100% comfortable with [him] around my children” – was described during Ghislaine Maxwell’s December 2021 trial as “among [Epstein’s] most loyal confidantes” by The Daily Beast.


During her time on the stand, Andersson-Dubin claimed she did not recall ever meeting a victim referred to as “Jane” and went as far as to claim that Epstein “adored” her family. Asked if she had been party to sexual encounters with “Jane,” her answer was said to be a “firm” reply of “absolutely not.”


In a development, reported last week by Haven Orecchio-Egresitz for Insider, it was revealed:


“U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska had ruled that documents involving the Dubins and their former house manager Rinaldo Rizzo will be released.”


“The Dubins didn’t oppose the release of the documents, other than one part of the transcript that Preska said had a typographical error. That document will remain sealed, Preska said.”


“This lawsuit was settled in 2017, but Giuffre – who accused Epstein and Maxwell of sex trafficking her – had fought for years to have material from it unsealed. Maxwell initially opposed the unsealing, but now takes no stance. The Miami Herald is also among the parties fighting for the documents to be made public.”


The couple, who continued to associate and socialise with Epstein in the years after his 2008 conviction, purchased unit 15A at 1040 Fifth Avenue on 20th September 1996 for £23.6 million – which at the time was a “record for the building” according to Observer. That top trumps figure was surpassed in August 2016 when Thomas Lehrman and his wife Marjorie sold their “eleven-room spread” for £25 million to a limited liability company connected to the James S. Tisch, a member of the billionaire family connected to Loews Corporation.


Marketed by Serena Boardman of Sotheby’s International Realty, apartment #910C, 1040 Fifth Avenue is lauded as “remarkably graceful” and having “picture perfect Central Park views from an extraordinary 18 windows.” It has been owned by the same family for over fifty years and thus is ready for a complete overhaul.


Of it, a normally anything but shy and in fact instead publicity-prone New York realtor, whom The Steeple Times spoke to Monday on the condition of anonymity, shared:


“1040 Fifth Avenue certainly has a perky past, but whilst Jackie Kennedy and Generoso Pope Jr. were unlikely bedfellows when they both lived there at the same time, the stench of the Epstein-Maxwell connections of Glenn, Eva and Celina Dubin is actually very off-putting to buyers. Who on earth would want to live next to them?”


“It’s no wonder no one is biting-at-the-bit to snap up the apartment currently on offer and I can only suggest the sellers perhaps put off marketing until these two social misfits move off elsewhere.”


Whether the Dubins will take the Fifth Amendment if dragged into another court case remains yet to be seen; whether anyone will want to become their new neighbours, equally, does also.


Pictured top – Ghislaine Maxwell with Eva Andersson-Dubin in fancy dress on 31st October 2005 in New York City enjoying themselves at a bit of a bash (left), the exterior of the rather ritzy co-operative 1040 Fifth Avenue (centre) and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis snapped leaving the building in the 1960s.


The Names & Numbers – 1040 Fifth Avenue, Upper East Side New York, NY 10028, United States of America

Described as “one of the great apartment houses of the 1920s,” this 17-floor skyscraper designed by Rosario Candela was built in 1930 and includes just 27 residences. A “mid-rise” in style, the limestone clad building has a full-time doorman and overlooks Central Park and the aptly named – given she lived there for 30 years – the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.


Residents Past & Present:

  • Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe award winning actress and model Candice Bergen and her real estate magnate husband Marshall Rose.
  • Related CEO Jeff Blau and his wife Lisa Blau.
  • Hedge fund manager and Jeffery Epstein associate Glenn Dubin and his wife Dr. Eva Andersson-Dubin.
  • Former First Lady of the United States Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.
  • Businessman David Koch and his socialite wife Julia Koch.
  • Former director of the Office of WMD Terrorism at the U.S. Department of State, member of staff on the President’s WMD Commission and Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) former CEO Thomas D. Lehrman and his wife Marjorie Lehrman.
  • Italian businessman, newspaper man and founder of The National Enquirer Generoso Pope Jr. He inherited his “22-room spread” from his immigrant father, according to Vanity Fair, and ironically published more pictures of his neighbour Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis than anyone else.


Apartment #910C: Featuring 14 rooms, 4 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms:


19th April 2022 – Price reduced to £21.2 million ($27 million, €25.2 million or درهم99.2 million).


10th January 2022 – Price reduced to £22.8 million ($29 million, €27 million or درهم106.5 million).


28th April 2021 – Listed for sale for £25.1 million ($32 million, €29.8 million or درهم117.5 million) by Serena Boardman of Sotheby’s International Realty.


Apartment 15A – 5,300 square foot and featuring 5 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms:


20th September 2006 – Sold to Glenn Dubin and Eva Andersson-Dubin for £23.6 million ($30 million, €28 million or درهم110.2 million).


1996 – Sold to David Koch for £7.5 million ($9.5 million, €8.9 million or درهم34.9 million).


1964 – 1994 – Home to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Mrs Kennedy paid £196,000 ($250,000, €233,000 or درهم918,000) or the equivalent of £4.2 million today ($5.3 million, €5 million or درهم19.6 million today).


Glenn and Eva Dubin Jeffrey Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell Celina Dubin
In very much the style of the late Alan Clark MP who slept with the wife of a South African judge and both of his daughters – Bizarrely, before he croaked the taxi driver turned Ponzi schemer turned paedophile Jeffrey Epstein told associates in 2014 that he wanted to marry Celina Dubin in spite of having previously dated her mother. The croaked criminal was called “Uncle Jeff” by the child and is said to have also introduced Glenn Dubin to Jes Staley, the now former CEO of Barclays, and according to Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s May 2016 deposition, ‘Vanity Fair’ reported “Dubin was the ‘first’ powerful person that Maxwell sent her to have sex with ‘after my training.’” A chef of the financier and his former Miss Sweden wife, Rinaldo Rizzo, testified that a 15-year-old Swedish girl brought to the Dubins’ home told him “she was involved in some forced sexual activity at Epstein’s Caribbean island and was told by Maxwell and Epstein not to discuss it.” The curious and beyond bizarre relationships and friendships of the hedge fund billionaire, his family and the now dead Jeffrey Epstein and the now incarcerated Ghislaine Maxwell will once again be revisited once documents are unsealed shortly.
Eva Andersson-Dubin Ghislaine Maxwell trial
On 17th December, Dr. Andersson-Dubin was questioned by Ghislaine Maxwell’s defence attorney Jeffrey Pagliuca in a New York City courtroom. At that time, “she denied suggestions that she had participated in group sex with a woman who alleged that Maxwell facilitated orgies when the accuser was 14” according to ‘Insider.’ Under cross examination by prosecutor Alison Moe, the doctor was asked: “Dr. Dubin, are you having some issues with your memory?” She bizarrely replied: “Yes, I do… It’s very hard for me to remember from far back. Sometimes I can’t remember things from last month… My family notices it.”
Kirby Sommers tweet
In February 2021, in an exclusive story, crusading author Kirby Sommers shared evidence with ‘The Steeple Times’ that suggested the previously unnamed 9-year-old child pictured on the lap of Jeffrey Epstein on his plane in the ‘Daily Mail’ was Celina Dubin. Of this image, later during the pension pot plunderer Robert Maxwell’s daughter’s trial, ‘The Daily Beast’ suggested: “[We] previously reported that the defense [sic] wanted to bar photographs showing Epstein with his young goddaughter. One image, according to defense lawyer Chrisitan Everdell, showed Dubin’s daughter “lying across [Epstein’s] lap with her bottom – although with underwear on, but he’s got his head down close to the bottom.” (It’s unclear whether this picture, or a similar one, was shown to Dubin.)”
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Generoso Pope Jr Ron Galella
Dubbed the “pioneer paparazzo,” “the Godfather of the U.S. paparazzi culture” by ‘Time’ magazine and a “Paparazzo Extraordinare” by ‘Newsweek,’ Ron Galella (born 1931; pictured top right) was best known for his “obsessive treatment” of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in the years during which she resided at 1040 Fifth Avenue. In 1972, this “most co-dependent celeb-pap relationship ever” resulted in a free-speech trial – Galella v. Onassis – that eventually saw Galella fined and ultimately agreeing to never taken her picture ever again. Florida born Generoso Pope Jr. (1927 – 1988; pictured below), a man whose connections to the Italian-American mafia dogged him throughout his life, was a neighbour to the assassinated 35th President of the United States of America’s widow in the building.
Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis apartment 1040 Fifth Avenue
Jacqueline Kennedy bought the 15th floor apartment that is now home to the Dubins in 1964 prior to her 1968 marriage to Aristotle Onassis. She retained ownership of it until her death in 1994.

Images of Apartment #910C Fifth Avenue

1040 Fifth Avenue entrance
1040 Fifth Avenue is situated directly opposite Central Park.
#910C 1040 Fifth Avenue 1
The 9th and 10th floor duplex currently on the market is entered via a 30-foot long room described as a “gallery.” It has a marble floor and is said to “anchor each of the principal entertaining rooms.”
#910C 1040 Fifth Avenue 2
An oak paneled library is listed as “large and handsome.”
#910C 1040 Fifth Avenue 3
The 30-foot long living room has two sets of double doors and a wood burning fireplace.
#910C 1040 Fifth Avenue 4
The “elegant formal dining room” has a “marble-mantled wood burning fireplace” and is said to enjoy “divine tree-top outlooks.”
#910C 1040 Fifth Avenue 5
Surprisingly, the “enormous” kitchen is modern in style and has a Viking oven that appears to be nearly new. Beyond it is a breakfast room, a pantry, a laundry room and “an unexpected east facing elongated terrace that could be accessed from an expanded breakfast area, and would be lovely for a step out to enjoy a bright morning or the crisp evening air.” The current staff accommodation includes 4 staff bedrooms and 3 staff bathrooms.
#910C 1040 Fifth Avenue 6
The “marvellous master suite” has a wood burning fireplace, a park facing dressing room and a private bathroom.
#910C 1040 Fifth Avenue 11
The chintzy dressing room would not be a room to spend time in if you had a headache.
#910C 1040 Fifth Avenue 13
If her were still co-presenting the panel show ‘Through the Keyhole,’ Loyd Grossman could ask: “Now, who’d live in a house like this?” after looking at the master suite’s bathroom. Aside from yet more bizarre tenting to the ceiling and powder blue fittings matched with gold taps and flowery tiling, one could imagine a dictator’s wife only viewing this room to be tasteful.
#910C 1040 Fifth Avenue 7
Another bedroom is decorated with wallpaper that would have delighted the late Laura Ashley and has a tented ceiling that only dust and moths could love.
#910C 1040 Fifth Avenue 8
A bedroom at the rear is anything but opulent.
#910C 1040 Fifth Avenue 9
Clearly the current owners aren’t advocates of king-sized beds, but clearly also they love flower power in the wallpaper department.
#910C 1040 Fifth Avenue 10
Another bedroom, complete with a fireplace and park views, has already been stripped of all furnishings.
#910C 1040 Fifth Avenue 12
The current owner’s love of anything but calming wallpaper continues in this bathroom. It is one of 6.5 such spaces in the duplex.
#910C 1040 Fifth Avenue 14
The “picture perfect views” across 843-acre Central Park are available from “an extraordinary 18 windows.”
#910C 1040 Fifth Avenue 15
The floor plan of the 9th and 10th floor duplex currently for sale through Sotheby’s International Realty neglects to detail the exact square footage of the property.
#910C 1040 Fifth Avenue 16
Situated close to the Solomon R. Guggeheim Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Neue Galerie New York and The Jewish Museum, the duplex on offer is situated between East 86th and East 85th Streets.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Hmmm….it may very well be true, but I think it’s more likely that NYC property values in general have taken a huge hit as crime rates skyrocket and people aren’t that enthusiastic to spend that kind of money on an apartment that will basically need to be gutted and millions more poured into it before you’d want to live there. Nearly 30 million is a bit pricey for a fixer-upper in today’s economy. My experience is people would live in the same building as Satan so long as the address was right and he followed building association laws.

  2. I was going to write something similar to Tommy’s comments, but he has phrased it better than I would have and so I’ll leave it at “Yup. Nothing at all to do with the (possibly) evil Dubins. Welcome to NY real estate”.

    • I am not suggesting the price cut is because of the Dubins – as weird as they are, but their neighbours’ apartment’s price slash a good reason to highlight that the documents about them are about to be unsealed.

  3. Is this really how boomer billionaires live? All of them are hedonistic sick-o’s and one just like the other—all the same MO. Trump included (if he was even ever a billionaire and if so it was by accident). They are playing both sides bleeding us regular folk dry in every sense of the phrase. Then slapping on a “philanthropic” moniker behind their names—maybe to feel better, add credibility or be less shameful. Their think tanks, and foundations only give back a minuscule amount of their profits. They’re immoral lust and greed, where ever money can buy it, is gruesome. No one in that building or in this circle are respectable or to be emulated and should never be. They should all be sent packing without their sagging ballsacks. Just gross and tacky af. Rant complete.


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