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Zak Tyler: “What’s on your mantelpiece?”

20 questions with businessman and luxury brands guru Zak Tyler


The Steeple Times shares “wit and wisdom”. What’s your guiding force?

I’m guided simply by the love of my son.


“Don’t get even, get medieval” is, in our humble opinion, a great motto. What’s yours?

“Life is what happens whilst you are busy making other plans”.


Kerry Katona was considered unacceptable in 2007. Who or what is unacceptable in 2013?

Gold diggers and trophy wives.


Tony Blair misses being Prime Minister. What do you miss most in your life?

The wise words of my father.


What might you swap all your wealth for?

Health and happiness.


Donald Trump was once a case of: “If you owe the bank a thousand, they close you down; but if you owe the bank a billion, you own the bank”. What’s your view on the banking crisis?

The fiat system will eventually fail. We used to have banknotes backed by the price of gold. Now it’s just a promise on a worthless piece of paper and if the currency fails we are left with nothing. This is exactly what happened in Iraq and sadly I don’t know the solution. Perhaps in one hundred years time the barter system will be a more effective system.


What phrase or word do you most loathe?

“Geezer” and the term “sweet”.


In the UK, some people consider charity to “begin at home”. What’s your view and what causes do you personally support?

Great Ormond Street, Centrepoint and the RSPCA.


The judge in Law Abiding Citizen states: “I can pretty much do whatever I want” before being blown up whilst answering her mobile phone. What’s your view on the appropriate use of such devices?

I hate mobiles but I also need one so they are a necessary evil.


Zak Tyler
Zak Tyler

If you could fill a carriage on The Orient Express, who would be your fellow passengers?

John Lennon, Aldous Huxley, Bill Hicks, Russell Brand, George Harrison and my close friends Lynette and Ryan.


If you were unfortunate enough to end up on death row, what would be your last meal and where would you eat it?

A cheeseburger with fries and a chocolate shake. I’d follow this with a Marlboro Menthol and would have it sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon. … Long sigh… OK… I’m ready for the chair.


What time is it acceptable to consume the first drink of the day?

It depends how bad your morning was but normally after 6pm.


A Negroni, a martini or a cup of tea?

A cup of tea with a chocolate biscuit please.


Whose parties do you enjoy the most and why?

Random ones I’ve been to like Elton John’s and Ronnie Wood’s. I like my parties though too as they’re pretty damn wild.


Who is the most positive person you know?

I live in England so not many come to mind. I’d say my son is most probably the most positive though as he’s happy and upbeat 99% of the time. I guess I’d be the same if my average day consisted of being fed, playing games and sleeping.


What’s your most guilty pleasure?

Classic cars, old guitars and dark chocolate.


If a tattoo were to sum you up, what would it be of?

The lyrics of any Nick Drake song.


If you were a car, what marque would you be?

A 1957 Mercedes Gullwing in black.


Cilla Black presented Surprise, Surprise. Tell us the most surprising thing about you.

That I’m straight. That seems to surprise many people.


What’s currently sitting on your mantelpiece?

Nothing. I don’t have one. It’s not the 1960s is it?


Zak Tyler is the CEO of a luxury fashion couture house and considered by many to be a leading visionary in the luxury brands sector. He has previously consulted for many world class names including Chanel, Mercedes-Benz and Louis Vuitton.



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