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Wally of the Week: Nathalie Pulford

A self-publicist we’d rather not have heard about


Our dislike for Speaker John Bercow is well known but equally ridiculous is a report in today’s Evening Standard about an incident between him and a Range Rover Sport driver named Nathalie Pulford in Ixworth Place, Chelsea.


Nathalie Pulford confronts John Bercow
Nathalie Pulford confronts John Bercow
Nathalie Pulford took to Facebook to rant about John Bercow
Nathalie Pulford took to Facebook to rant about John Bercow

Bercow allegedly hit “divorced full-time mother” Pulford’s Range Rover Sport in his Volvo 4×4 – number plate S88 LLY – as she watched on from the Gaucho Grill restaurant just before he was due to visit St Luke’s Church at 6.20pm yesterday. She “lost [her] cool” on confronting Mr Bercow and told the newspaper:


“He would not even approach the subject. He was being really haughty, being a completely arrogant toff”.


“I could tell he bumped the car behind him because it moved. And then he bumped my car as well. I only had that car re-sprayed last year and I know every scratch on it and the scratches there now weren’t there before. But that’s not the point, it’s the fact he wouldn’t even admit responsibility and apologise whatsoever. He was just very rude about it and talked to me like I was nothing”.


“It sounds petty but it’s the principle. As far as I’m concerned he’s a little weasel who should take responsibility, but he’s just like the rest of them”.


Instead of contacting the police – who are conveniently located around the corner in Lucan Place – immediately, Ms Pulford waited until 1am this morning to get in touch with them but somehow managed to call the newspapers instead. Speaker Bercow might be an odious individual but this private matter should have remained such. For that reason, we make Nathalie Pulford our most deserved Wally of the Week.



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          • Hi Nicky. I think there are some seriously misguided, jealous, bitter and twisted people on this site. How can a combination of ghastly little Bercow and a contre temps with the feisty, brave, beautiful Nathalie turn into this? Team Nat all the way. I doubt she will be back, but if she is, join us!! (Maybe its a Bercow jewish conspiracy?). That should get them going!! Paul

            • You are vile. How dare you attack Jewish people. Shame on you. If you are Nathalie Pulford’s PR, there is no hope for her now.

    1. 1. Who on earth goes for dinner at 6.20pm in Chelsea? 2. Why did Pulford not call the police right away? 3. Why didn’t she go to the police station 2 minutes walk away straight away? 3. Who took the photographs? 4. Who knows about each and every scratch on their car? 5. Is the journalist a friend of Pulford’s or if not, was she put in touch via a friend?

    2. Why does this bird need a Chelsea tractor and why does Bercow need one also? They’re in f***ing Central London. Idiots the pair of them. He’s as much of a Wally of the Week as her.

    3. Hey there! Can you guys please calm down? My friends directed me to this. I know, I know…’Once you comment in a thread, you’ve already lost’ but your unwllingness to have any decent perspective on this is very disconcerting. Gordon….I did dig your comment….you made me giggle 🙂 We need more of you! To clarify some of your some very valid and some rather odd questions, I had no idea who Burcow was, I thought the journalist was an innocent passer by who I actually asked for help, kids generally do eat early and I have a big ass car because its petrol supercharged V8 engine roars and is fantaaaaastic to drive!!! 😉 Now chill out, I was just a normal woman trying to correct a wrong after my property got damaged. I hope you’d do the same. And maybe try asking first before publishing assumptions? People actually believe you and you hurt ordinary people like me, I’m not designed for this kind of thing. It is far too overwhelming. I never could have anticipated this! I even have randoms showing up on my doorstep, one even came with little cakes….seriously. All that happened was that I just busted a man red handed on scratching my car and all hell breaks loose! Not what I could have possibly anticipated. Is he that seriously disliked? I don’t understand what all the fuss is about? I can understand to a degree because of his position in the government but doesn’t it all seem to be getting a bit too much? I never thought that it would be in the papers. The situation is laughable but living it is actually quite scary. I’m being told that people are watching my house! I have a family to protect. Think what you like, I know you don’t know me so that’s ok but I never could have anticipated this. Sincerely, Nathalie.

      • Dear Ms Pulford, Thank you for your response. We are happy to offer you a right to reply and would suggest the same to Mr Bercow also. What you say about a journalist randomly passing does sound unlikely but we accept that it was perfectly plausible and we can understand your frustration if indeed Mr Bercow did indeed “bump” your car. What we cannot understand, though, is the time between the alleged incident (6.20pm) and your calling the police (1am) especially given the proximity to Chelsea Police Station in Lucan Place. We also wonder who took the photographs of the incident and you with the vehicle especially as they appear to have been taken at different hours and are of differing quality. Yours sincerely, Matthew Steeples

      • Why so much bile for a a beautiful, brave and sparky lady. Are u all bitter fags? It sounds like it to me. She gave a perfectly plausible explanation of her actions ([email protected]) which makes it clear that all these comments are either based on pure ignorance or jealousy. You have missed a big trick Mr Matthew Steeples. You could and should have focussed all your bile (and your mates’ bile) on the dreadful Bercow, who has brought continual shame to the office of speaker since he was elected. He committed an offence and Nathalie did exactly the right thing. So Nathalie, if you ever bother coming back on to this backwater of a website, I am proud of you and I think you looked fabulous in the photos and you should feel proud too . All the best. Paul Ross

        • No one is attacking how Pulford looks. They’re attacking her owning a 4×4 in Chelsea, her not calling the police immediately, posing for photographs and plainly sharing this story in an attempt to smear Speaker Bercow’s name. She ought to grow up and stop whingeing and like Marie-Antoinette, eat those little cakes.

          • Sorry….Speaker Bercow is a disgrace to his office…. as is his godawful wife.
            How this common little man managed to achieve this high office is matter of great fascination to the those who know. Frankly, Pulford looks a bit brassy too.

        • Paul Ross is indeed displaying a sense of overbearing arrogance with his exaggerated opinion that all Steeple Times commentators are bitter fags especially when his own brother Jonathan is a self proclaimed pussy who harasses the elderly in his spare time.
          Charity begins at home, sort out your own family.

          • Hi chaim. Firstly I am not jonathan ross’s brother. Secondly, I really loathe john bercow and thirdly, the evening standard has been totally ruined under russian ownership. Put all this together and imagine my joy at seeing a picture of nathalie publicly berating him. She looked fantastic in the pictures and the more angry she got, the sexier she got. I just don’t understand why anyone would have a problem with the way this whole petty incident was reported. But at least we all got the chance to meet nat!!

            • I apologise for getting you mixed up, however I am relieved that you are not related to Jonathan Ross. The Russians have been coming for a long time, you can catch them on the Fox Channel on SKY ” Meet the Russians” I have been told it is a load of shit. But at least give the fuckers a chance.

            • Paul
              I think the perception is( and I loathe Bercow) is that she spoilt a rather good moment to embarrass this dreadful gnomic man….by handling as she did she made Bercow look the injured party…not smart.

            • Yeah, this whole experience has been a real eye opener, Lorraine. I’ve had really lovely messages, this site is just a bit soul-destroying. I don’t know how you could have handled this kind of attention. But it is different when you are prepared for it, choosing your career in such a public eye. I was just trying to protect my property and lost my cool. I was never prepared in any sense for this kind of talk. I have lived all over the world and have lived life to the full…I never came across this level of toxicity. Shocking. How can people say such vulgar things about someone or something they obviously know nothing about? Good to make your acquaintance 🙂

            • Thanks. I’m just not designed for this, I’m not trying to win anyone over. I made the mistake of reading this after a friend directed me here and it had been a difficult time for me so I got even more upset. Matthew hasn’t done me any favours. Certainly don’t see the point in writing anything when all he can do is dwell on things that aren’t there. He concocted scenarios out of thin air! I’m being called a whore for goodness sake! I don’t want to deal with these kind of people. I appreciate your advice but I never asked for this abuse and it’s time I just vanished. I just don’t get it, I was standing up for myself and then suddenly all of this. I don’t know about you but whenever I see someone trying to do what’s right, I get right behind them and fight with them. I don’t start telling them that they have to sell their car or start calling them names. What’s wrong with people? The amount of criminals I have chased down because of my belief in what’s right and what’s wrong! I don’t understand these cowards who would rather criticise and make assumptions. It’s very sad. Anyway, I got wound up and needed a vent. I need to get to sleep. Goodnight.

      • You are plainly a fantasist. Who on earth is going to stalk you because of this story? Get real you self serving self publicist. Why didn’t you walk to the restaurant and help save some fuel and the planet? You are a pathetic environment wrecker.

        • Agree total fantasist.Also Evening Standard is known for brainless articles about Kensington/Chelsea set.If anyone’s bored one day count how many of it’s pages have celebs feautured (currently Cara D,Pippa M craze) ironically,very little news about London.Going off subject…. point is : down with Pulford!

        • You have no idea… idea about the press, psychos or the environment. Best you stayed out of this one honey….you’re obviously not very clever….

          • Why don’t you answer questions Nathalie? Why do you need a 4X4 in Chelsea? No answer to that because THERE IS NO NEED FOR A 4X4 IN CHELSEA AND YOU KNOW IT. Grow up you stupid woman.

            • Haha! I thought that this was an article about Bercow, not about what car I drive? Or is it all about you and what you want? How about you use your brains? Maybe I have a country manor that I vanish off to on weekends? Or do you want me to get two cars? Personally, I like to foot-scooter around with my kids but that’s kind of impossible, hauling 4 people around. Little bigot. Your way or no way, huh? No one is entitled to things that they enjoy? If you don’t do it, then no else should? Self-righteous ignoramus!

    4. Very annoying person-even ‘just’ based on her over use of ‘absolutely’ and ‘just’.She can stay with me from Friday night to Monday morning-then byeeeeeeeee!!

    5. Divorced mother of two.
      Sons in private school
      Lives in Parsons Green.
      Dines in Gaucho.
      Drives a huge 4×4.

      You must’ve had an excellent lawyer or a cracking pre-nup.

      • Why so? Maybe her family are rich; her car is quite old and Gaucho is horrible and not expensive.
        And the bit about the pre nup is a non sequitur. Having said all that she did make a fuss over nothing.
        I am always hitting other cars in my Armstrong Siddeley.
        You sound a bit of a commie to me

    6. You’ve all missed the point. What was consumed at the restaurant? Food or food and alcohol? Did Mrs Pullford call the police at 1am sober?

        • Why change you Facebook name unless you’ve got something to hide? Harry is right to point out the facts (and if it is true, explain yourself). Sad woman.

          • Pretty simple….too many people were trying to befriend me on Facebook. It was the only way I could stop people from finding me on my phone. I was in the country, unable to get on a computer, you see, my little demanding friend. iPhones don’t allow any other way of stopping people from finding you. You really have anger issues, don’t you? I can direct you to a great spa.

    7. She needs a good dose of Sex at The Post. What a corker of a bird. I hear she’s quite active on the social scene in Chelsea and we all know what building the Gaucho Grill is in.

      • I believe that the people in the ‘building’ that you are referring to actually now live in the building diagonally on the opposite side of Sloane Avenue. I take it that you haven’t visited them in a while then, eh?

        • Both buildings are known for what goes on within. You seem to know a little too much if I’m frank. How so? Stick to being a mother and keep well clear of such places dearie.

          • Euuuwww….you seem to know your stuff about the good ol’e Chelsea prossies! Having trouble sleeping, are you? Really, you must sort out your issues….so angry!

        • I don’t need the birds in The Cloisters but if I ever do, will you give me directions? I’d definitely enjoy that!!!!!!!!

    8. Ahhh!! And what exactly do you think the police would have done? Did they find the two attackers who forced their way into my home, nearly killing me in front of my young children? Did they catch the illegal immigrant conman who pretended to be my boyfriend who stole my money while I shared my home, did his laundry and fixed his meals? Did they catch the burglars who stole all ofmy and both of my dead Grandmothers’ jewellery and my child’s 2 years’ worth of savings? I tell you what they did….nothing! Maybe I am exhausted by the apathy and lack of competence I repeatedly experience from the police? Maybe I am sick of the number of phone calls that lead to absolutely nothing even when I have recordings as proof? Maybe this time I actually got some results? Yes, the passer by was a reporter and thank God it was because finally something got done which is what newspapers are there for these days, not to tear the right doer apart, unlike the police! I cannot believe how toxic you lot are! You sit there behind your computers spitting poison! Only a mere few can actually see the point. Paul Ross, you are a true gentleman. Such few people have the strength of character to speak up these days. And those who do, get bullied and crushed by the mob of dumbasses. I had no idea how judgemental, jealous and disgusting people could actually be before I read the utter garbage above. Matthew, you are obviously not terribly well informed, the police station that you are talking about is rarely open to the public. Your speculation is trivial and irrelevant. If you would like some lessons on sticking to the point, I’d be happy to oblige. And if I see you in Barts, Matthew, I hope you’ve grown a pair by then!

      • Nathalie: You were very reasonably offered a right to reply just as we did with Mr Bercow. You failed to take us up on that. That is your prerogative entirely but thus you don’t really have the right to whinge and whine in this manner. You participated willingly in the Evening Standard’s coverage, so your complaints that you are “sick of” this and “exhausted by the lack of empathy” really don’t stand. Truly, if you don’t like the heat, keep out of the kitchen. Incidentally, has the matter been resolved? You fail to mention that and surely that’s the crux of the matter. Regarding the Chelsea Police Station, you are quite wrong. As a local, I have been there in the daytime and at night and it is very much open to the public. The officers are commendable for their efforts and if you’d bothered to have gone there instead of participating in a hatchet job on John Bercow, maybe you’d have not got yourself into such a mighty tizz. As for meeting you in Barts, thank you so much for the offer but on this occasion I’ll pass.

    9. Ok, I have done my part. Carry on, small-minded people. But before I go, let me explain something to you…. When you die, you don’t know it, it just upsets the people around you. It is the same when it comes to being stupid. Good luck to you all, I’m outta here and will definitely not be coming back. I don’t have time for dumbasses or hatred. Good riddance!

      • Good idea. You might want to sell that blessed car also before it causes you yet more heartache and embarrassment. Get a push bike and a trailer for your kids. It’ll help you stay fit and you’ll find peddling might make you calm down. Range Rovers are for farms, NOT for pavement crawling.

        • Oooh! You really are unwell. Carry on, I cannot stoop to your level any farther. Be careful, anger and jealousy will rot you.

          • Hi Nathalie. How cool and brave of you to return to this site. The true home of the bigoted, opinionated wanker!! I was woken last night and watched your brave rearguard action. I have tried my hardest to help on here but the ignorance and bigotry runs very deep. I am on [email protected]. Would love to celebrate your victory!! Paul x

            • Why do you keep sharing your email address Paul? Are you Nathalie’s PR or just trying to pick her up? If so, head to Barts or The Gaucho Grill. She’s bound to be there.

    10. My oh my……………….. I thought this one had died down. I come to look at what’s new on the forums and I find this woman is moaning again. After another column inches are we Nathalie? ………… Come on – find yourself something more useful to do…….. Go work for a charity or visit prisoners……… Sell the Range Rover and feed kids in Africa for a year and save the environment in the process……….. Your story doesn’t get any sympathy from me…… Your car is for ENVIRONMENTAL MASACRE only. Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Well, you would say that. Funnily enough, I have fooled you into thinking that English is my first language. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it! Hahaha! Goodnight and fare thee well!

        • Your gas guzzler is as ridiculous as you. Have you ever been off road? I bet you’ll respond with something about snow and needing it for your toff brats. Get over yourself and do something for our planet. Sell the f***ing car.

    11. TO NATHALIE: You sound great. Anyone who fights Bercow gets my vote. I bet they won’t publish this. TEAM NATHALIE ALL THE WAY, TEAM NATHALIE<

    12. I’m bored. So many haters…I pity you. And you really should do your homework on the environment….try getting your own facts rather than regurgitating them. Sleep is going to be more stimulating. I needed a vent 🙂 Thanks for that and goodnight!

    13. Nathalie, can you please shut up? If you genuinely wanted to be forgotten you’d keep silent. If you keep carrying on you’ll be Wally of the Autumn.

    14. The remarks about the scratches about say it all. Pulford plainly shouldn’t be in charge on a Mini, let alone a Range Rover. In fact – Pulford should just push off.

    15. My advice….Nathalie…stop whining. I get many a thick nonentity attempting to annoy me with their puny thrusts, but using my far superior intellect and wit, I give them a solid kicking which sends them over the horizon. One such is the ludicrous Gabby…this ‘unfortunate’ dared to tangle with me and I sent her on her way at the double. You are turning yourself into a pathetic, whining victim….desist!

    16. She needs to go dogging in that Range Rover. She looks like she’d be a beast in the bedroom and as she knows Bart’s and Gaucho, she must be used to such activities go on round there. Come on Nathalie, get down the car park. We’d welcome you anyday.


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