Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The turbo ligger

Matthew Steeples highlights the pinnacle of the gatecrashing community and cites Denis Doble and Sandra Shevey as prime examples of ‘turbo liggers’


There are ‘liggers’ and then there are ‘turbo liggers’. Fine examples of this thankfully rare species number Denis Doble and Sandra Shevey.


The turbo ligger - Sandra Shevey and Denis Doble
The reaction of turbo ligger Sandra Shevey when she realised she’d been captured on camera
The turbo ligger - Sandra Shevey and Denis Doble
Shevey later took to Twitter to complain about the incident


The feature that sets a turbo ligger apart from their lesser cousins are nuttiness, bravado and delusional tendencies. Whilst the simple gatecrasher has a desire to ‘lig’ canapés and booze, the turbo ligger seeks out much more.


Whether wielding business cards purporting to be a senior Oxford University representative or creating webpages to falsely spread claims to be members of the press, the turbo ligger is nothing but a determined sort.


Getting in is one thing but these upper level gatecrashers want both recognition and respect. Sadly for them it’s more likely they’ll be shown something else: The door.



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      • I spotted this one snatching champagne glasses at LAPADA last night also. She moved so rapidly towards the trays that my friend noted she must not have seen a drop in months. She’s certainly a poor, sad, lonely old chuck.

      • Mr Dennis Doble (AKA “Dribble”) is also an individual who gatecrashed a party at the Peruvian Embassy on 27th January hosted by Chavin Jewellery in association with The Steeple Times and Citreola Cellars. I am involved in all three of these businesses and confirm herewith that Dennis Doble had no right to be there. He had no right to lig the wine, consume the canapes and help himself to goody bags. He is a disgrace and a pest… Just like you dearie.


    2. Thanks to the person who shared this link with me on Twitter. I am sick of Mrs Shevey sending me tweets pitching her Alfred Hitchcock tours to my account. I am NOT interested and I hope she reads this and finally takes note.

    3. This woman is clearly insane. She’s trying to apply for a role as Online Editor at House & Garden with Condé Nast! Never in a million years!

      • Sandra Shevey harasses many individuals and institutions on Twitter on a daily basis. She believes I am part of a CIA plot against her, that Rolf Harris is innocent and that John Lennon wasn’t shot. She needs help. The poor dear is a sandwich short of being a psycho but she’s most definitely in the league of utter nutters.


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