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Overheard: 10th February

Classic clangers from the last week


A COBRA dweller

A female member of the government’s COBRA emergency committee on flooding victims at a cocktail reception: “These dwellers ought not to have bought on a flood plain. Are they stupid?” This K&C resident plainly is sympathetic to her core.


The 2.5% man

A well-built estate agent on the phone to a client whilst sat in a bar in Belgravia was heard to remark: “Don’t you find it just a little bit ridiculous that I’m only getting 2.5%. I’ve not done anything I admit, but come on, I want my 2.5% on this £15 million sale”. A week’s hard labour might do him good.


House boating

Russian client of an estate agent to Mr 2.5%: “I’m not interested in that £10 million house as it looks like a boat”. Estate agent replies: “Well, it was designed by a boat designer”. Client: “I don’t want a boat”. Agent: “Well, you could imagine you’re in The America’s Cup”. Client: “No”. Maybe he’d have more luck marketing it to the flood victims in Somerset.


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2 comments on “Overheard: 10th February”

    1. 20th Century Fox operated a cinema chain in America. The manager of a cinema in Brooklyn, New York received a memorandum from the Head Office informing him that the cinema will go dark after the final performance on Saturday 10 October. The cinema “going dark” was a phrase used in the cinema industry, meaning that the cinema is closing down forever, and will no longer be operational. The Manager wrote a letter back to Head Office requesting permission for the cleaners to use torch lights, enabling them to see where they are cleaning. A fool is born every minute. Bob Crow throwing a spanner in the works, sums it all up. It is not only toffs, that are arrogant.

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