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Moron of the Month: Gregory Lauder-Frost

Matthew Steeples suggests Gregory Lauder-Frost, the vice president of the Traditional Britain Group, as the second The Steeple Times ‘Moron of the Moment’


We normally have a Wally of the Week at The Steeple Times, but this week’s choice is much more. Please – if you are prepared to observe truly ignorant nonsense – prepare to meet Gregory Lauder-Frost.


Gregory Lauder-Frost
Gregory Lauder-Frost


Lauder-Frost, who describes himself as “someone who grew up amongst the Landed Gentry [sic] and aristocracy”, took to Facebook on Monday night to describe guests at an event supported by The Steeple Times as “positively ghastly”. He was not present at the gathering and I must admit that I had never even heard of him before.


When I responded to this wannabe cross between Michael Savage and Katie Hopkins and asked him why he had decided to make such unpleasant remarks, Lauder-Frost took umbrage and sent me a tirade of claptrap about how I was “scum”, “clearly no conservative” and on the “far-left”.


A Google search on Lauder-Frost reveals his having made comments such as: “The Nuremberg trials were a farce. They were show trials without an ounce of legitimacy” and “The Africans never had it so good as when Britain governed their colonies there… We owe Africa nothing whatsoever. It owes us eternal gratitude for lifting it out of barbarism”.


Convicted and jailed in 1992 for stealing over £100,000 from his then employers, Traditional Britain Group vice president Lauder-Frost was interviewed by Vanessa Feltz on BBC Radio 5 Live in 2013. In the feature, Lauder-Frost suggested that anyone living in the UK who was not of “European stock” should be “sent back to their natural homelands” and described Baroness Lawrence OBE, the community relations campaigner and mother of the late Stephen Lawrence, as “no friend of the English people” and “a complete nobody”.



Move over Sam Barton: Gregory Lauder-Frost deservedly succeeds to the title of The Steeple Times Moron of the Month.



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    1. My suggestion is that Mr Lauder-Frost be sent on the first Virgin Galactica flight!

      Since his natural homeland would appear to be Mars, maybe he could ask the pilot to take him home?

    2. I hope that Mr Lauder-Frost has the decency to join with me in support of the Find Madeleine campaign. He is plainly a man not afraid to speak his mind and I urge him to support dear Gerry and Kate McCann in their endeavours to find their beloved missing daughter Madeleine. The Steeple Times should be supporting this rather than publicising such people as Vanessa Feltz. This is a shameful website. Shameful.

    3. Baroness Lawrence is a good and upstanding woman. Gregory Frost is a man who has been convicted of theft and he bleats about the House of Lords being ruined. I can tell him one thing that’s sure. Nobody would ever want him as their representative.

      • This man, Lauder-Frost is unknown to me. He has a very un-refined face and I assume is of very low stock. I don’t agree that Mr Lawrence should ever have been elevated to the peerage…a nonsense

          • I don’t agree that she should ever have been elevated to the peerage….utter nonsense. Just my opinion and open to debate.

        • And as for Lauder-Frost, he took on my friends and was obnoxious. He made a very big mistake. I defend those close to me to the death. If he’d apologised, he wouldn’t have been taken to task. The man is an utter TWAT.

          • What is the source for the Lauder-Frost quote about growing up amongst the landed gentry and aristocracy? I’d imagine both of those were pretty thin on the ground in the Newcastle, NSW suburb of Merewether in the 1950s and 1960s. Unless, perhaps, the Queen had a holiday home in Newy where she liked to relax and breathe in the smoke from the steelworks.

            • Gregory Lauder-Frost was born in Hillcrest Hospital a Salvation Army Hospital for unmarried mother in Merewether a suburb of Newcastle NSW his mother was married and mine not.There were some beds for married women they having the better rooms.Gregory Lauder -Frost Is dilution all and a snob

        • I envy Baroness Lawrence, I could do with the extra income and fringe benefits that comes with her House of Lords gig, I am tired of smoking roll ups. Gregory is the typical toffee nosed Daily Mirror reader…

    4. I would prefer to keep my mouth shut and be thought a Twat, than open my mouth and remove all doubt;

      I remember the silence that fell over the lunch table when I called my mother a T***, having just heard the word on the playground of my primary school………..the word has haunted me for sixty five years!

      • Gregory Lauder-Frost was born in Australia to ordinary parents.He is a snob, a racist and not a nice man.He has been causing trouble on a site on facebook mainly where babies were born to unmarried mothers although a certain part of the hospital some married women would go there to have their babies.He caused trouble on that site by saying that the unmarried mothers and their babies were a disgrace to society etc.He was taken off the site but later came back with the name Richard Curry and started his rant again about the unmarried mothers and and their illegitimate babies.He has been taken from the site again.He is a toxic nasty snob.Jean Newton.

    5. You all need to get a grip on yourself so and stop thinking that he’s a rude man, he’s got a lovely personality oh I forgot none of you have even had a personally conversation with him so shut you mouths!

    6. I had – and have – no interest in this man. He was unknown to me. Wanting to know more before I commented, naturally I researched him. You will see from:

      This man is a serial extremist. One of the worst I have come across. Most of his views are repugnant to me. The extremity of his views balance those on the left among Corbyn’s cohorts. Sadly, he is not a poorly educated man. He does not have the possible excuse of being an ignoramus.

      What is worrying is that his various statements over the years will have influenced and inflamed hatred in the British community.

      I was surprised to learn that he was involved in local politics on my patch as Secretary of the Court Field Ward of the Chelsea Association and put forward his name as a councillor for the South Stanley Ward on Kensington and Chelsea Council.

      We have had (and have) some rum representatives on our local council. Had he ever got there, one shudders to imagine what impact this convicted crook might have had.

      • Luckily I’ve never met him. His remarks about my friends, however, were dealt with as I saw fit. The prison system dealt with him also and he is certainly now forever in the same class as one Thomas McLoughlin. Birds of a feather and all that springs to mind.

    7. This is just pathetic and childish, I mean who makes up a page like this and actually puts mug shots of people’s faces and writes a article about someone, not even teenagers would write something atrocious like this especially as you do not know them! you sir Matthew Steeple, deserve a good punch in the face!

    8. Gregory “Lauder” Frost is an Australian, born and bred – maybe he should be “sent back to his natural homeland”? His distant ancestor, Thomas Frost, was an English convict, transported to Australia for stealing money, just like his light-fingered descendant. His father was born in Australia and his mother was born in the USA yet he pretends to be a Scottish laird. He’s very into genealogy but is always careful to avoid mentioning where *he* was born, because he was born in Newcastle, New South Wales.

      He affects a posh English accent, yet if you listen carefully you will notice it’s clearly put-on – his vowels get more and more Strine as he talks to some of his fellow countrymen:

      • The Lauders had a house opposite my grandparents in Bruton street and next to the Strathmores. Both now demolished and covered by an office block. My grandmother was friendly with Cecily Lauder until the latter’s death and they were continuous correspondents. Cecily was, as you say, born out there. Is that a big deal?

        My gran said the Lauders spent most of their time abroad, mostly in California and Australia where they had relations in both places. The house belonged to the eldest brother of Sir Harry Lauder but he owned a huge landscaping company in the USA and was only home once a year. normally only the housekeeper was there although after Sir Harry sold his London house he used this one regularly. My gran said “all the Lauders” were there over the period of Sir Harry’s death and funeral. The house was then owned by Harry’s nephew. So that’s my input here.

        After seeing this page and the nasty comments I looked at the on-line Australian White Pages and I see two Gregory Frosts living in Newcastle……..

    9. Lauder-Frost was born in central London in his maternal grandfather’s house. How do I know? Because my mother was at the baptism. So get your facts right. His family have strong connexions in Australia sure enough. But his father worked for Gilbeys in their office at Regent’s Park. I think the person writing this garbage should give us his real name instead of using a pseudonym.

      • I see Gregory’s been panicking and removing references to Australia from his family on genealogy websites (on the very same date, 24 February, as the post by “Colin Vallance” – what a remarkable coincidence) he’s very touchy about being an immigrant, is he not?

        He most certainly was *not* born in central London or, indeed, anywhere on the same continent. If he was born in central London, he’d be on the register of births for England and Wales, and he most definitely is not. Maybe “Colin Vallance” could supply us with the GRO index reference, as we’re dying to see the evidence, cobber. How would your mother being present at the baptism prove where he was born?

    10. I am trying to work out what kind of fantastic hatred and spite drives people like the person who erected this webpage and those who post equally horrid comments. What drives such people on?

    11. Hatred and spite? Dear me, Gregory, judging others by your own low standards is terribly un-British. Your obvious disgust at being an immigrant to the UK, the offspring of generations of economic migrants around the world, has evidently tainted your views. As well you know, England and Wales birth records post-1917 are readily available online on various commercial websites and your own birth does not feature as you were born in New South Wales.

      • Some mistake here unless this is a further conspiracy theory of yours. It seems you think everyone who responds to this page who does not leave a sneering comment must be Mr L-F. Never mind.
        I am definitely not Mr L-F. You were unable to answer my questions put to you. That simple really.

      • As said in my last comment you’ve deleted I do not know Mr Lauder-Frost and am merely a commentator.
        However I have gone to the trouble to find a link to the NSW births indices and he’s not there, so if you found it you’re a better man than me. My own brother was born in Malaya. Does that make him non-British in your eyes?

        • Considering you can only search the NSW birth indices online pre-1918, it’s not surprising you can’t find him.

          The birth notice in the local paper, The Newcastle Morning Herald & Miners’ Advocate of 13 August 1951 reads as follows:

          “FROST (nee Lauder), To Cecily and Wal, a son (Gregory), August 8, 1951, Hillcrest”

          Hillcrest was The Salvation Army Mothers’ Hospital in Merewether, Newcastle, New South Wales.


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