Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Moron of the Moment: Sam Barton

‘Britain’s vainest man’ shows his lack of intelligence (again)


Last week, we made ‘Britain’s vainest man’ Sam Barton our Wally of the Week after he proudly announced he was declaring himself bankrupt after wasting over £100,000 on plastic surgery and high living.


vainest man Sam Barton
Sam Barton is a man who clearly doesn’t understand the concept of getting something for free and paying for it


This week, when one of Barton’s followers @looseladies, tweeted to ask whether we’d sent him a bottle of champagne to congratulate him, we responded with the comment: “Wallies don’t get given champagne”. Where most would simply ignore such a conversation, the vain one just had to chip in.


Tweeting a picture of himself holding an ice bucket containing what we presume to be champagne, Barton answered: “Oh we do!!”. Unfortunately for him, a waitress standing in front of him in the picture is clearly holding a card machine and Barton, himself, is tapping in his PIN number. Clearly, this 22-year old doesn’t quite grasp the meaning of the word “free” and for that reason we make him our Moron of the Moment.



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    1. I would hazard a guess the contents of the bottle the little oik is holding are as much “The genuine article” as he is……..!!!

    2. This dickhead boils my piss! A few questions need to be asked of him and his money spending!

      1. How much on plastic surgery and can he get a refund as I don’t think it has worked?
      2. How has he not had his head punched in for being a dickhead?
      3. How has he got a credit card if he has declared himself bankrupt?
      4. How has he not had his head punched in for being a dickhead?
      5. Don’t you have to forgo on all credit when you are declared bankrupt?
      6. How has he not had his head punched in for being a dickhead?
      7. How can he afford champagne if he hasn’t put it on a credit card?
      8. How has he not had his head punched in for being a dickhead?
      9. Why has the ice in that bucket not melted if the bottle has been drunk seeing as a second bottle is in the background?
      10. How has he not had his head punched in for being a dickhead?
      11. See questions 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.

    3. Oh look, he’s spending another £300 on a bottle of champagne that we’re going to end up paying for when his bankruptcy goes through. Bless.


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