Monday, April 22, 2024

Moron of the Moment – Ambar Zohra

Pavement pest Ambar Zohra is a young lady who needs a bar of soap in her mouth and her scooter confiscated

Ambar (not Amber) Zohra is someone with no manners and no grace. This big bummed broad deserves highlighting for smashing into innocent pedestrians and deserves being called out for snatching mobile phones and screaming abuse also.


On Monday, the ghastly turd of a person that is Zohra hurtled along Walton Street on a stand-on scooter. This twerp of a girl hit an elderly pedestrian and when confronted by Matthew Steeples of The Steeple Times, screamed abuse and profanities and snatched his mobile telephone and threw it in the road.


Next, this foul-mouthed horror bizarrely launched into a tirade against social housing occupants. The nasty nutcase asked: “Do I look like I’m from a council house?” and then announced: “My friend got killed on an electric scooter last week.”


In response, her female victim, Min Boisragon, stated: “That’s double reason you shouldn’t be on this contraption” before Jane Morris, managing director of Percy Bass, rightly added: “Where do you think you are from? The five floors of whores?”


If you see the piece of scum that is Ambar Zohra coming, our advice is this: Jump in the gutter. If you don’t, this vile piece of trash will run you down.


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  1. Send the little minx down under!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll give her a slap and a tickle and get her behaving herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have just the right cane for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. She should be arrested. Disgraceful behaviour. Jane Morris is quite right. She does look decidedly like someone from Sloane Avenue.

  3. I have a mutual friend who used to attend her PT classes! She is a total fake. Glad you named and shamed her Mr Steeples! Good on you

  4. These people need special passports to allow them to be where civilised people live. The area is infested with these dubious people

  5. apparently it is widespread practice that a number of sex workers are portraying themselves as personal trainers and dabble in such as a second or rather cover job. Of course, this is not to assume that Ms Zohra is part of this trade. Just an observation. Does anyone know what are the legal requirements / registration, accreditation etc to operate as a PT ? does this individual have insurance for personal liability ? if the victim in Walton street was hurt , should may be considering suing Ms Zohra .

    • Mr Steeples,

      I can provide all details for her. Please do let me know if i can assist in anyway.

      Kindest regards


  6. The accurate Steeple Times should organise a private prosecution for this deranged and clearly dangerous individual. Walton St is lovely street to walk down and Jane Morris is a lovely woman.

  7. I know Ambar and have hired her for her personal training sessions. Your version of these events is as fabricated as your “witness”. Your sexist /misogynistic vitriol – bullying comments on her physique and for all intents and purposes calling her a whore is classic angry white guy. Shame on you.

    • You are clearly deranged. The witnesses have been named and how do you know what happened? You were not there even.

  8. Actually your the one making false accusations and Ambar is a lovely girl who got abused by you on the street on monday & has had to deal with sexual harassing comments since then online. i am in no doubt you have been reported to the police.Stop spreading lies

      • You make me sick Mr. Steeples. Shaming and harassing a innocent girl, is as low as you can get. And all for you to TRY and get your pathetic website noticed, it is laughable. You and your vile minions are what is wrong with this society.

        • Grow up you simpleton . Do you know how much traffic this site receives ? For years? Do you know how influential its editor is? You and your uneducated savages are what’s wrong with our society. Nobody asked this girl to behave in such an antisocial way, and the Twitterati going into full on child assault won’t replace the actions of a civil lawsuit or possible criminal provable behaviour followed by her reputation being ruined in the true influence circles of Kensington and Chelsea of which your sorry mob is of no consequence.

  9. The fact your publicly relating to a young girls body to describe her is utterly disgusting in itself & you should be ashamed of yourself . Get a life

    • Madam is not suitable as a personal trainer. She needs help and a bar of soap in her mouth. “She needs not to show her rear as it is not encouraging anyone to use her” states Min Boisragon.

  10. I can’t work out which is worse, the article or the comments. Attacking someone by their looks?! Saddening example of our current climate. Would like to see concrete evidence on this

    • The evidence is there. Three witnesses to this activity. Named and not hiding whereas little Miss Ambar goes getting her nasty friends to post threatening messages online. They will be reported and action taken.

      • There is no evidence. Only opinions. Opinions which have no doubt been recruited. Where is the elderly lady now? Has she been checked on? Has she reported her incident to the police? Has she also reported you throwing her scooter into the road? Does she exist?

        All the comments on here are from impartial parties are they?

        • This madam snatched my mobile phone and then hurled it, she bashed into Min Boisragon and her actions were witnessed by those mentioned. She should have apologised and then none of this would have occured. Instead of taking responsibility for her disgraceful actions, she hides behind twerps like you and that sums her up. She is a disgrace and deserves to be highlighted for her appalling conduct.

  11. She gives women a bad name. I am embarrassed for womankind. Bashing into elderly people. What is wrong with this psycho?

    • Ambar has responded to the lies being spread about her, but unsurprisingly her comment was taken straight down. I wonder who was responsible for that? Every one deserves a right to respond……..

  12. You have her full name, if this incident did actually happen then you or the mystery elderly lady should have reported it to the police. Instead you have chosen to abuse this young girl online, making comments about her weight and calling her a psycho. Absolutely disgusting behaviour from all of you shaming her without knowing her. In this day and age, online abuse triggers more and more deaths because of the affect it has on peoples lives. You should all be ashamed and leave this poor girl alone. If she has assaulted someone then let the police get involved and they will look after the alleged victim. To be honest, the only victim I see here is Ambar.

  13. I believe electric scooters are motor vehicles and so if she was using one she is liable for having no insurance. no road tax, unregistered vehicle, construction and use offences. Driving an illegal vehicle on the public highway and that list of offences should get her banned from driving and a jail sentence. It was also a reportable accident. Pity she did not have a breathe test Her victim should sue.

  14. It’s so sad to see that there are people out there like you that feel the need to harass and bully young innocent women for your own pleasure. I find it deeply saddening that you have made up these outrageous lies about my friend who is a gorgeous human being!
    It’s crazy the extent that people will go for a story and worrying that people actually believe it!
    Also with the current climate we’re in regarding young people and their mental health you would hope that people would do better! No wonder so many people are suffering these days! Commenting on a woman or mans body in a negative way is just pure bullying and it needs to be stopped. People need to be better and DO better. How have we not learnt this by now?! It’s 2019, come on people!

  15. SHAME ON YOU MR. STEEPLES a FALSY and most pathetically written article by yourself. You have the power and the platform to educate people about positivity and to make a stand for something good, yet you have chosen the path of cyber bullying, stalking and most importantly harassment! You are obviously a well educated man that lacks the potential to do good and use this. You are not only potentially jeopardising this poor girls name, you have just shown what kind of journalist, writer, or whatever you wish to call yourself a now publicly humiliating and ill written article with NO EVIDENCE except a witness who you have named that has probably not given her consent for you to do so…as these events are most likely to be FALSE just like ones article. Good luck with whatever law suit that may come your way in the near future Mr. Steeples. You give us writers and journalists a very bad name!

    Ella Davidson

  16. What is going on in your head for you to fabricate and create a non exsistant senario like this? It’s rather scary the lengths you are going to, to shame someone you don’t even know. Do you understand that’s cyber bulling and harrasment and this can be reported to the police?! I wonder what dirt we can find on you through the internet to shame you, the way you have this innocent girl.
    I am finding it rather parculiar, how all of the people commenting and agreeing with you sound the same. I would go as far as saying it’s actually you behind all of the comments?! Mental abuse isn’t the way forward, I don’t understand what you are trying to achieve here but i suggest you leave it there.

  17. What kind of alternative reality are you people living in? I have known ambar for years and i know for a fact that this is all lies. Its clear to see from the language used in this poor attempt at a news article that you are no journalist. I suspect you are a mentally derranged individual with stalking tendancies and this is you crying for attention. Most likely you have posted all the nasty comments here under different names and you have absolutely no friends or prospects. Get some help you sad little nerd.

  18. Your the one who should be taking responsibility for your actions –

    Your attempt to bring me down is rather comedic but the police have taken it seriously which I’m happy about. I’m also sorry that you have nothing better to do or write about than my lovely behind & making Up lies you must have a very sad life.

    Firstly I would like to say thanks for the kind comments and I’m glad you think that saying I have a ‘big bum’ is an insult when in fact it’s extremely uplifting!! Did you get that :).

    Here’s the simple step by step truth as I as was there as I am Ambar. There was no collision , no electric scooter & absolutely no slating council house estates which is a hilarious claim. Real below for the truth
    -Scooting slowly
    From work on my PUSH scooter (he made up it was electric to make his story sound better)
    -Man called me a bitch and told me I shouldn’t be on a scooter
    – stopped to kindly explain to this funny looking man that the laws are that push scooters must be on the pavement
    – man got aggressive and started swearing
    – a lady with him (NOT a pensioner) said nothing
    – I said to the lady “are you going to let him talk to me like this?” Lady told me to go away
    – Man told me he was reporting me to the police and put his phone in my face to take a photo.
    – I pushed his hand out of his face and his phone dropped to the floor due to poor grip strength
    – he then pushed me and snatched my scooter flinging it into the road causing criminal damage on my personal belongings
    – I was shocked and picked up the scooter and ran in fear this man was going to attack me


    • Your lies are published for all to see. Shame on you. If you had simply a) not ridden your mobile weapon and b) apologised for bashing people you would never have gotten into this mess. That you then mobilised some vile people to write messages to me that were quite disgusting and threatening sums you up. The police have seen all of them and you should be made aware that they are taking this matter most seriously. Grow up you ridiculous little girl and get rid of your pathetic device.

  19. I am disgusted with this article, picking on young women like this and fabricating lies!! The comments on here are completely inappropriate. I am ashamed to think that in this day and age, people would still feel the need to comment on people’s appearance and weight. It is just petty and shameful!! I know this young lady and I know for a fact that this never happened! Don’t listen to Mr.Steeple’s lies!!!!

  20. It’s very funny how MOST of the comments have now been deleted?! Do you not have anything better to do that prey on other people because your disgusting self is that pathetic you have nothing better to do with your day?! Vile human being. Let’s just say, what goes around comes around.

  21. Funny to see this oik has her attack dogs out. She plainly cannot take the heat — so she should not have entered the kitchen. Bashing old ladies (and I know the one she hit and she has told me about how she was so rude and abusive also) is disgraceful and wrong.

  22. This article is a perfect example of keyboard warrior/bullying/ trolling/ misogyny that people are trying so hard to now stamp out. Shame on you.

  23. Photograph plainly taken from a distance. Her friends lie on social media and say it was taken up close. This aggressor plainly snatched the phone after and committed a criminal act in the process. Lock her up.

  24. She is typical of the narcissist scum that now sadly inhabit Kensington and Chelsea – this one of the half English, half something else villager bloodline clearly. A shame they haven’t learnt how to behave like the elderly , educated, articulate members of the rest of this community.

    The aggressive responses from her ‘crew’ expose how these people pretend to be like us, but actually demonstrate their workhouse 3rd world scum mentality through their language and behaviour. Lock them all up – they don’t belong in the civilised world.

  25. She needs to be put in the stocks or alternatively she should see how she’d like being bashed into fifty times by one of these stupid mobile weapons.

  26. Her reaction to all of this shows her for what she is. Plainly her parents dragged her up. She certainly wasn’t taught manners.

  27. A horrible girl with no respect. Her parents should be ashamed of themselves. They ought to stuff a bar of soap in her mouth.


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