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Liz Brewer: “What’s on your mantelpiece?”

20 questions with London based society fixer Liz Brewer


The Steeple Times shares “wit and wisdom”. What’s your guiding force?

Mostly my own intuition.


“Don’t get even, get medieval” is, in our humble opinion, a great motto. What’s yours?

“You have to have a dream and you have to make that dream happen”.


Kerry Katona was considered unacceptable in 2007. Who or what is unacceptable in 2013?

Double yellow lines: They have suddenly appeared on virtually every road in the West End of London.


Tony Blair misses being Prime Minister. What do you miss most in your life?

Living by the sea.


What might you swap all your wealth for?

Seeing my parents again one last time.


Donald Trump was once a case of: “If you owe the bank a thousand, they close you down; but if you owe the bank a billion, you own the bank”. What’s your view on the banking crisis?

Terrifying. Coutts are closing all their London branches bar two by the end of 2013 and cancelling deposit accounts. We need to have ears and eyes everywhere and to find out the truth of what’s really going on in the banking world.


What phrase or word do you most loathe?

Anything with “babe” in it.


In the UK, some people consider charity to “begin at home”. What’s your view and what causes do you personally support?

Look after those nearest and dearest and then the world. However, being a frustrated artist, I do my best to help The Prince’s Drawing School and most cancer charities plus what need is greatest at any particular time.


The judge in Law Abiding Citizen states: “I can pretty much do whatever I want” before being blown up whilst answering her mobile phone. What’s your view on the appropriate use of such devices?

Technology is forcing us to spiral out of control. It forces us to make instant decisions, replaces human contact and causes us to spend less quality time with others. It is something that, in today’s world, appears to be inevitable, but, in my view, there needs to be some sort of discipline introduced to control its continuous intrusion. One day, I sadly suspect, we’ll just have a chip fitted and won’t need to communicate at all.


Liz Brewer
Liz Brewer

If you could fill a carriage on The Orient Express, who would be your fellow passengers?

Bill Nighy (in caps & underlined), my daughter, Tallulah Rendall (who could perform her latest album), Ben Heron (he’s finding the cure for the superbug), Richard Branson (having been on most of his inaugural flights, he definitely knows how to put the ‘P’ in Party), Dame Shirley Bassey  (she’d put me in my place), Ian Wisniewski (author of Party Cocktails etc. as he’d mix us the best cocktails), Prince Harry, Elton John & David Furnish (I once flew in a private plane to Tunisia with Elton for an event – we arrived during a storm and the venue had blown away…. Elton saved the day but it’s a VERY LONG story) and finally, my six ex fiancés who I believe by now have all forgiven me… I’d add a few close friends and relatives. Of course I’d need more that one carriage and there’d be a great deal of carriage hopping.


If you were unfortunate enough to end up on death row, what would be your last meal and where would you eat it?

Annabel’s famous dark chocolate ice cream. I’d eat it stark naked on Necker Island – which in fact I once did.


What time is it acceptable to consume the first drink of the day?

I’ve never understood this preoccupation with there being a right time to drink. Those who abide by the rules say 12 noon or from 6pm. However, when you need to celebrate who cares.


A Negroni, a martini or a cup of tea?

A dirty martini every time.


Whose parties do you enjoy the most and why?

Usually my own as I know I will have a really good time.


Who is the most positive person you know?

My daughter Tallulah Rendall. She is more focused, determined  and conscientious than I have ever have been.


What’s your most guilty pleasure?

Very dark chocolate.


If a tattoo were to sum you up, what would it be of?

A very tiny butterfly. The social variety.


If you were a car, what marque would you be?

A Yellow Rolls-Royce. Of course, if it could fly, so much the better.


Cilla Black presented Surprise, Surprise. Tell us the most surprising thing about you.

I reckon being expelled from two schools perhaps.


What’s currently sitting on your mantelpiece?

On my office mantelpiece, downstairs, I have a collection of masks and about a dozen small silver framed photos of my family and friends. Down there I also have my gold feng shui toad sitting on three coins facing the door. It’s supposed to bring in the money.


On my drawing room mantelpiece, upstairs, I have a framed cover of my last book. I’ve also just put on display two Through the Keyhole keys presented to me by the late Sir David Frost as they bring back great memories of this charming man. In addition, there’s an extraordinary looking bronze clock topped with an elegant Egyptian youth holding two crocodiles on chains plus the usual silver framed photos.


Liz Brewer is a public relations consultant, society fixer and event planner. She is a former debutante, has represented Dame Shirley Bassey and Ivana Trump and is also widely known as a presenter of Ladette to Lady.



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    1. Liz is so right about Coutts. They should open more branches. What has the world come to when one can’t bank in Sloane Street anymore?

    2. I remember Liz from Portugal. Her nightclubs were fun. Why doesn’t she return there and open another? Hasn’t life gone retro? She’d do so well.

    3. Is this woman serious? People are dieing on the streets as a result of the bankers and all she cares about is Coutts. Is this a joke? Marie Antoinette is plainly one sicko who should ******* get real.

    4. Isn’t Annabel’s full of tarts, failed secretaries and fat old gits these days? The thought of Liz Brewer naked amongst such made me throw up violently. I thought better of her. Perhaps Liz Brewer needs some new contact lenses. Has she been to Annabel’s lately?

      • I attended Annabel’s as a guest of Brian Esakowitz. It was all on him, so I was not prepared to look a gift horse in the mouth. There were some very seedy looking characters, especially the women. I will never forget this one specific doll, she was dressed in the shortest mini skirt, I have ever seen, with white boots to match.
        I remember Brian whispering in my ear the following; He said ” That if her skirt was any shorter and her boots a lot longer “We will have Puss and boots.

    5. I found this in an interview with Miss Brewer…

      Q Who is the rudest person you’ve ever encountered and why?

      A I have found this is usually due to the fact that the person in question is new to the social scene and has limited knowledge of how to behave. My book addresses areas which otherwise could be a minefield for newcomers to this world.

      Wrong….I am not new to the ‘social scene’: whatever that might be, but am astonishingly rude. My biggest faux pas is being rude to vulgar parvenu who pretend to be of a class they are not….

      Miss Brewer, are you able to help me meet your grand friends? The only thing is I am fairly snobbish and some of your social circle seem….dare I say it…frightfully nouveau and very vulgar!

    6. Liz Brewer’s collection of masks, reminds of the Stanley Kubrick movie “Eyes Wide Shut” that explores the dark side of sexual fantasies and obsession. Public Relations seems to be a very lucrative industry indeed. There is a fortune to be made from bullshit. My late father was involved in the manure business. Public Relations would have been a very suitable career choice for me, but it is sadly to late.


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