Monday, September 20, 2021

Guilty but not for going away: John Goodman to appeal (again)

Found guilty of DUI manslaughter again on Tuesday, cowardly multi-millionaire Florida polo mogul John Goodman is now set to try to avoid accepting his sentence yet again


Palm Beach County based polo mogul John Goodman was found guilty for a second time of DUI manslaughter and failure to render aid on Tuesday but now, instead of accepting this verdict he is set to appeal yet again. The arrogance of this man – whose actions resulted in the death of 23-year old Scott Wilson on the 12th February 2010 – clearly knows no bounds.


John Goodman
John Goodman is a man who doesn’t seem to accept that it is time to go away

After the 15 day long trial, the jury reached a guilty verdict in just 15 minutes and did not believe Goodman’s protestations that the brakes of his Bentley malfunctioned and caused him to slam into Wilson’s Hyundai. The jury foreman, Colin Sadler, Jr., later told WPBF News’ Terri Parker:


“It was unanimous… He pushed that car into that canal and I believe he knew that car was in that canal. I think he was lucid at that time and he knew what he was doing. I personally think if that car would have started back up, Mr Goodman would have drove away… “I think it [Goodman’s testimony] was totally fabricated”.


He continued:


“I think that Mr Goodman did not show any type of remorse. I don’t think Mr Goodman is ever going to show any type of remorse… I don’t think he’s taken any responsibility for his actions”.


Facing a minimum of 11 years in prison and a maximum term of 16 years, Goodman – who bizarrely adopted his girlfriend as his daughter to try to protect his assets in the run up to his first trial – has been placed in the county jail at Gun Club Road to await sentencing in November. His legal representatives are now claiming that he was denied a right to a fair trial and are disputing evidence relating to blood test results that indicated a .177 blood-alcohol content – more than twice the .08 legal limit to drive.


In addition, as occurred after his 2012 conviction, Goodman’s legal team is also seeking to have him freed on bond. Like Anthony Marshall – who was convicted of stealing from his late mother Brooke Astor in 2009 but not ultimately jailed until 2013 – here is a rich coward who just won’t accept the fact that he deserves to be punished. In honour of the memory of the late Scott Wilson, we urge the judge to throw the book at John Goodman on the 19th November. It is time for the bleating to stop.



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    1. Disgusting man but the parents haven’t behaved wonderfully either have they? Arguing over money and the ashes of their son. No one comes out of this case unblemished except for poor Scott Wilson.

    2. A shame he’s not headed to a British jail. He looks just like that fat horror Thomas McLoughlin. Are they brothers? Oh, I forgot, John Goodman has genuine wealth and Tommy boy is just a big, fat, f***ing fraudster.

    3. I hope he gets the maximum term and that he DOES serve most of it. It seems that nowdays guilty evil assorted murderers and grave offenders are getting away with murder and this should stop . Pistorius case is a troubling example but lets hope the US legal system will prove better.

      Loathsome Goodman adopted his girlfriend? how can this adoption be legally allowed?

    4. Driving under the influence of alcohol is trend amongst the rich and famous in America, they have no Gerrie Nel and usually have two legs to stand on, the middle leg is exclusively for their own pleasure…


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