Wednesday, September 22, 2021


The public have heard enough from Caitlyn Jenner and her sorry clan


Caitlyn Jenner dominates the news on a daily basis and though many laud her transformation, this woman and her sorry excuse for a family truly simply personify all that is wrong with modern society. The public have been duped: The Jenner-Kardashians are not about the good of humankind; they are simply motivated by self-interest and money.


Enough - The public have heard enough from Caitlyn Jenner
The public have heard enough from Caitlyn Jenner


Yesterday, in a post on Facebook, the Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Sex & The City star Brett Marcus Coady sensibly commented:


“So Caitlyn Jenner is about to make a hundred million or so from her commercial exploits as a result of her transition. I’m not quite sure why so many people think this is so honourable and brave. It raises a bar to a level that is clearly not achievable by the vast majority of transgendered individuals, who’s [sic] plight is not nearly as glamorous and lucrative. As a white man who was blessed with fame and fortune his entire life, his transition does not exactly exemplify the reality of the struggles faced by the trans community. I for one, would have much more respect for him if he chose to accept this battle with greater humility and less fanfare. Should he decide to donate every penny made from his exploits to the trans community, I will change my tone; but in the meantime, I find his method of transition to be disgraceful and exploitative towards the entire transgender community at large. Simply put, Jenner has marginalized what it means to be transgendered and turned it into a Kardashian-esque Hollywood spectacle”.


Coady is quite right: If Caitlyn Jenner had wished to do good, she could have done so quietly and in featuring Jenner on their front cover even the once widely respected Vanity Fair sunk to a new low. It is time to turn off the car crash that is the Jenner-Kardashian clan.



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    1. Couldn’t agree more. I know nothing about her/him and never read about the Kardashians circus of a family either…completely banal.

    2. Shame on this rich man/woman for focusing on making money from her ‘transition’ rather than missing children like Madeleine McCann. Caitlyn Jenner should have donated a percentage at least of the large sum he/she will make from the publicity, to Find Madeleine and to help dear Gerry and Kate McCann find their beloved daughter. Find Madeleine, Find Madeleine now.

      ( Ooops! I came over all strange. I’m not sure whether I’m Glenmore or Gillian)

    3. Situational Narcissism, he/she craves to be the centre of attention like the Kardashians, the standards of achievement have dropped to zero, celebrity culture have reached the gutters.

    4. This object attracts attention from other sources who do not seem particularly impressed either.
      Jessica Steindorff insists Jenner doesn’t deserve to be so honoured. Security video from a Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority bus of the accident allegedly shows then-Bruce Jenner hitting a black Prius, driven by Steindorff, and 69-year-old Kim Howe’s white Lexus. It was Howe who lost her life in the crash, and the video also indicates that she impacted with a Hummer.
      Howe’s family is suing Jenner for wrongful death in civil court. Steindorff is also bringing a case against the former Olympic gold medalist and reality show star for personal injury, charging him with allegedly driving “negligently, carelessly, recklessly and wantonly,” which is likely the standard language in California to set forth a civil court complaint of this nature.

      Steindorff, a talent manager who apparently was in the audience at the ESPY Awards last night at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles as a guest, expressed her feelings to Entertainment Tonight about the Caitlyn Jenner award.

      “I find it difficult to understand how the culture we live in can honor a person who is responsible for taking a life and injuring several others with both an award and a reality show. For an individual who is such a positive role model in many aspects of her life, Caitlyn has failed to do the right thing and take responsibility for her actions. I would hope that someone who seems to greatly value the importance of human existence would be more sensitive to the fact that she ended another person’s life. Sadly we are living in a tabloid society.”

      • Mazel Tov, you have hit the hammer on the nail. The whole Caitlyn Jenner shit is to distract attention away from the fact that Jenner is guilty of manslaughter. They are a lot smarter than Oscar Pistorius Public Relations spin doctors. I refuse to take the violin out and play a tune for Jenner’s so-called fucking bravery. Jenner must take responsibility for his actions, even in knickers and suspenders. It is a brilliant diversion tactic.

      • You make the oddest statements. Aside from being 4 hours plane flight from home and a professional field geologist, I do other things as well. Life must be boring for you if you go no further than Matthews excellent pages. I did pay up my fiver by the way and so should you to support justice, and help Goncalo Amarales

    5. I am cut to the bone by your insensitive comments Mr Steele and am tempted to report you to the sainted Gillian Trott. Check your dictionary ~ you do have a dictionary don’t you? ~ look up ‘idioms’ and ‘irony’. You are right though. Being near housebound, I am glued to ‘Scoop’ Steeples magnificent column and live my life vicariously as I hang on the words of distant travelers like yourself. Your wit, humour and incisive comments have saved my day from being utterly boring. Thank you.


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