A Knightsbridge Nuisance

‘The Steeple Times’ highlights Knightsbridge’s worst nuisance neighbour; meet hotel and leisure fund manager Jochen Schaefer-Suren


Jochen Schaefer-Suren clearly is someone with a passion for harbouring a grudge and an individual prone to intimidating others.


Yesterday, at Kensington Town Hall, this cowardly individual failed to personally to turn up in a case lawyers for him and his landlord had encouraged against a perfectly decent restaurateur named ‘Adriano’ Basha Bashkim and his fine establishment Giovanni.


Supposed bigshot of the business world Schaefer-Suren – a prat who surprisingly, himself, is in the hospitality sector and CEO of the hotel and leisure division of a firm called Principal – moved to a house he rented (yet despite his supposedly grand credentials does not own) in Yeoman’s Row in December 2017.


A Knightsbridge Nuisance – ‘The Steeple Times’ highlights Knightsbridge’s worst nuisance neighbour; meet hotel and leisure fund manager Jochen Schaefer-Suren.
Giovanni restaurant

A Knightsbridge Nuisance – ‘The Steeple Times’ highlights Knightsbridge’s worst nuisance neighbour; meet hotel and leisure fund manager Jochen Schaefer-Suren.hen Schaefer-Suren.
The weed infested frontage of the home of “The Knightsbridge Nuisance” Jochen Schaefer-Suren


He, like the occupants of the five other houses directly opposite Giovanni, knew he would be living in close proximity to a premises that has been the site of a restaurant for 45 years. He also likely got a substantial discount on his rent as result, but what did Schaefer-Suren do? This cowardly cretin did not establish good neighbourly relations and offer to swap a cup of sugar. Instead, he went to war and photographed the owner’s children and customers like a snitch from behind his curtains.


Schaefer-Suren then sent bombastic rants to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and falsely claimed that others in the street supported his campaign to close down Giovanni. Not a single fellow resident appeared yesterday in support of his plainly false set of claims.


Here is a “mouse” (most definitely not a “man”) who likes to be a bully boy from behind the confines of the door of his scruffy, weed infested curtilage (pictured above). Jochen Schaefer-Suren is a disgrace of the first order and we name and shame this pest and public nuisance as such. Why doesn’t he just move to Surbiton? He’d be better suited to living next to a suburban Starbucks. It’s not Giovanni who should be gone; it’s Jochen Schaefer-Suren.


#NameAndShame #SupportingGiovanni


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  1. What’s his motivation? Just nastiness? He deserves his just deserts, though he probably won’t buy them (crummy/crumby pun on deserts v desserts, geddit? Sorry, chaps) at Giovanni.

  2. Well done Matt this bully boy thinks he can get everything his own way. It’s the same as some people that go and live next to an airport because the real estate is cheaper, then want the airport moved because of noise. If I was the restaurateur I would file a charge against this moron for taking unsolicited pics of the kids, and making false accusations.

  3. Well done Matthew!
    The worst kind of people move opposite an established pub or Restaurant
    I knew Yochen years ago and he was a fun genourous gentleman. I can’t think what has transformed him to this
    Maybe a midlife crisis??

    • You cannot spell his name and you cannot spell generous. Why not use an online spell checker of you are too ill educated?
      Anyway this moaner looks a prototypical whining Remainer.

  4. Brilliant. Well done for outing this “not” captain of industry. I say that Giovanni’s is an excellent restaurant and this shoe box dweller should be embarrassed that he lives in let alone rented such a dump. If I saw someone filming my children, I would send his camera up his arse.

  5. I have been visiting restaurants in this site since they first opened at least 45;years ago. It is truly a part of Knightsbridge.
    The complainant is not. Stunt suggests shoving a camera where the sun don’t shine. JSS head should be shoved up there as well

    • Well said Nicky. You speak with authority as a respected restaurateur and that a single moaning Minnie can run a campaign against something that has been there for 45 years is ludicrous.

  6. This is the best restaurant in the area. I visit every week for lunch and dinner and the owner is a pure gent. This man should be ashamed of himself … its pure bullying. It sounds like a personal attack on the owner which is awful. How can Ken and Chelsea allow this to happen? Someone needs to stop this bully

  7. I heard about this situation last week and really wanted to attend the hearing but was away. I am ashamed of Ken & Chelsea for allowing one person to bully the whole street and a very well loved restaurant which all the neightbours appreciate. The owner is 150% profressional in every way and has infact placed floral pots in the whole street for all to enjoy. Surely Ken & Chelsea should be applauding him for this rather than listening to 1 YES 1 person who has a vandetta against the owner – which is clear to see if you read the paperwork from the hearing.. ending his complaints with GET HIM OUT! printed for all to see … surely this cannot be allowed and I will be contacting a few of my friends in the media tomorrow to see what they can do

    • Quite right. A perfect analysis. Schaefer-Suren’s complaints were completely invented. His neighbour from No. 13 Yeoman’s Row attended and revealed that he even came to her complaining about daytime noise caused by her washing machine. This busybody needs to give up his vendetta or just move to rural Wales.

    • Annabel – I’ve just been told about this situation and I’m mad as hell! The restaurant is my regular everyday! As you know it’s not just myself who loves it but many famous faces in and around Yoemans Row! Are RBKC insane to allow this 1 idiot rule the street! I’m going to also speak to the media.. lets get the whole of Knightsbridge involved.. call me later I’m back from US now x

  8. Schaefer-Suren should never have moved in in the first place. Anyone with half a brain would know that living opposite a restaurant is accompanied by…… (You heard it here first)……. NOISE!

  9. I have lived in YR for many many years and there has been a restaurant on this site for over 40yrs! Why would you move opposite a restaurant in Central London if you want peace and quiet? That’s what I do not understand. I’ve had lunch and dinner here so many times and never experienced any noise issues at all.. far from it the owner is always so considerate to all – his clients and also the neighbours. This looks like a case of one indivdual who does not like the Manager !!! I hear he had his Birthday party at the restaurant just before he started complaining and then a month later reported the venue for noise levels! This man should NOT be living in our lovely Row.. Annabel – we should get HIM OUT and not the lovely restaurant we all love and adore .. WS

    • Well said, sir. This mouse should move on to territories new. Sadly for those living there – given his past form – those he next encounters will also suffer. Long may Giovanni prosper.

  10. Just read this – surely he cannot be taking photos of the owners children>>?? That’s it not right and should be addressed by the police!

  11. Giovanni is frequented by civilised people. I have never seen any bad behaviour there but I see that Jochen Schaefer-Suren plainly is deservedly being criticised for his behaviour. He should weed his garden and he should clean his windows. His behaviour and the property he occupies brings shame on an otherwise lovely street.

  12. Great piece Mathew! I couldn’t have put it in better words myself.
    The man is a low life bully, I can only presume at school he was one of those horrible children that no one liked! Which has followed him into adulthood!
    Great work Mathew!

  13. I hear the good news that the restaurant is NOT being shut down – so the nasty man at N11 has not won! Well done to everyone who helped and supported this lovely venue and manager…. there is a great community around Yoemans Row.. x

  14. And, apart from the act of taking photos of the children which is deeply suspicious, not cleaning his windows, allowing the Bay tree to die, weeds to grow, he should learn to park his red Porsche 4 x 4 properly in one parking space instead of taking half of one and half of another. He does this constantly.

  15. I cannot believe that Ken & Chelsea have allowed this to go this far.. all the complaints are from just one man… HIM.. no one else …. he must have a personal grudge against the venue. I heard that he hosted his own BD party at the venue a month before he started to complain.. what a nasty man.. GET HIM OUT!!!


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