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Menendez Take on TikTok

As the Menendez brothers case goes viral courtesy of their newfound TikTok supporters, it is time for their case to be reassessed and their convictions reduced to manslaughter suggests Matthew Steeples

Brothers Erik and Lyle Menendez were imprisoned in 1996 for the murders of their parents on 20th August 1989 after two trials and in spite of the fact that their relatives testified to the sexual and emotional abuse they suffered.


Featured today on the Fox 11 channel in a 6:11-minute segment, news that this shocking story – which was brought back to public attention primarily by the crusading work of the journalist Robert Rand and the juror Hazel Thornton – has once again gone viral is illustration of the power of the ‘TikTok generation,’ who have in recent months shared thousands of posts, footage and photos relating to the case on social media.


Calling themselves ‘Menendez Defenders,’ these TikTok using youngsters – many of whom were not even born at the time that the brothers shot their decidedly deviant parents – have lobbied amongst others the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, to claim that the justice system “got it wrong” and all the brothers wanted was for the “abuse to stop.”


Speaking to Fox 11 of two brothers cruelly kept apart for 22 years until 2018, Robert Rand remarked:


“Erik Menendez wrote a paragraph in a letter to his cousin Andy Kano, that his father was still molesting him at the age of 17 and that he didn’t know what to do about it. And he said in this letter that he was afraid every night when he heard his father coming down the hallway.”


“I think in the 27 years since the Menendez brothers’ trials, society has evolved and changed so much. And if the Menendez trial was held today in 2021, I absolutely believe the resolution would have been manslaughter and not murder, and that is the way this case should have ended.”


Previously, on Instagram in February this year, Rand stated:


“Any announcement about the filing of a new appeal will be coming from the brothers themselves and their appeal attorneys.”


“In an online chat on the Justice Watchdog YouTube channel on 27th December 2020, Erik Menendez said the brothers would be ‘filing a new appeal in 2021.’”


“One threshold for reopening an appeal is to make a filing that includes new evidence that was not included in the 1990s trials. An example of this type of evidence could be the letter Erik Menendez wrote to Andy Cano in December 1988. The Andy Cano letter has NEVER been part of any court proceedings before.”


“I remain hopeful that Erik and Lyle Menendez will file a new appeal in the future.”


“Even if a new appeal is filed in 2021, it’s unlikely that there would be any quick resolution of the case or the appeal filing. Court proceedings are frequently slow paced.”


“After 31 years, we’d all like to see Erik and Lyle Menendez released from prison and sent home to their families.”


“The reality is that the appeal process is more a marathon than a sprint. We’re all going to have to hang in there and keep supporting the brothers.”


Going further in reply to a question asked by another Instagram user, he subsequently added:


“I am 100% certain that any new potential new Menendez appeal will be filed on behalf of BOTH brothers. Even though Erik mentioned he’s filing a new appeal in 2021, the timing of the filing will be determined by the brothers’ appeal attorneys.”


“I understand you are all anxious to learn more about the appeal, but please remember that this is a highly sensitive and time consuming legal process that will remain confidential until it is filed.”


Today, yet again, I join those calling for a reexamination of the convictions of Erik and Lyle Menendez and call upon Gavin Newsom and others to do the decent thing: Help set these victims of abuse back on the path to the freedom they deserve after 25 years of incarceration.


Menendez Take on TikTok 2021 – Today, Fox 11 revisited the case and explored the growing involvement of ‘TikTok generation’ youngsters in campaigning for justice for two victims of emotional and sexual abuse, Erik and Lyle Menendez.
Menendez Take on TikTok 2021 – Erik and Lyle Menedez convictions – As the Menendez brothers case goes viral courtesy of their newfound TikTok supporters, it is time for their case to be reassessed and their convictions reduced to manslaughter suggests Matthew Steeples.
Menendez Take on TikTok 2021 – Erik and Lyle Menendez with their late parents, sexual and emotional abusers José and Kitty.
Menendez Take on TikTok 2021 – Robert Rand shared also news that there have been over 800 million views of #MenendezBrothers videos on TikTok this morning.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. This is a tough one, it doesn’t matter how you look at this, it was murder. There are lots of valid reasons why it occured and the brothers accept responsibily for the action they took that dreadful night. What has been stated over all these years, the pain both physical, mental and emotion was beyond what most people could bear. The sexual abuse I have no doubt whatsoever that this was as the brothers gave evidence to. Their pain, distress and gut wrenching testimony said it all. The thing I have trouble with is the photo of Jose with both boys on his knee, Erik smiling not at his dad but his brother Lyle and the pained look on Lyles face as his father blatantly had his on the Lyle’s genital area. I have not one comment, report suggestion that this pedophile was almost laughing at the photographer and whoever saw that photo. Where were the questions, queries, child protective services? That man (if you can call him that) knew he would not be addressed because he intimidated everyone that questioned him on anything. Please go back and look at photo. Lyle is in distress. Why was this not addressed at trial? Just my thoughts.
    The young men that went to trial, faced the world with the sordid, painful and demeaning encounter of their lives are now men. They have paid the price for that night, but also every other night since the abuse started. Not just from Jose but mum Kitty as well. She was a tortured soul as well. Lyle & Erik pay every single day of their lives for the family they were brought up in and the night they ended the cycle of abuse. Mercy is a quality we all want to be shown to us. It is now time to show it the men that have survived their life and punishment.

  2. The judge violated those boys right to defend themselves by not allowing witness testimony to the full scale of their abuse. The judge made a comment as well that defense of battered wife syndrome could not be used because they were not women. The judge also allowed the prosecutor to call them gay. How can they call molested children anything but molested children. They basically made it ok to say that at age 6 these kids were gay because they were giving oral sex to their father as if it were by choice. This could be your child next. Say you had a 6 year old boy who is molested by a teacher or your spouse or an uncle or childcare provider. Imagine the them telling you no we can’t prosecute because your son is gay and there for wasn’t forced.
    Lyle Menendez is pretty cold blooded but after a tramatic childhood well thats the nature vs nurture argument isn’t it. Its not hard to phathom your rich father who can abuse you in this way would be willing to kill you to keep his image. Look how many murders happen because people are covering up their crimes. These kids were paranoid of being killed and it was a reasonable state of mind given the testimony of their father and mothers own family. These kids were not lying about their abuse. Me being a mother those parent got off easy for what they did to those kids. There is not enough pain in this world for a child rapest or worse the person who turns a blind eye. Set them free and wipe their slate clean!


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