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The Seriously Stupid Spare – Prince Harry Shot Down As “A Stupid Boy” By Top Brass Military Chiefs

As former First Sea Lord Admiral Lord West describes Prince Harry as “a stupid boy,” Matthew Steeples suggests the renegade royal’s ‘Spare’ as fit only for use as a “firelighter” given he’s used it as such against his own family in an already viral video interview released yesterday

This morning, the Daily Mail reported that an unnamed British military commander slammed Prince Harry as having “rendered himself as a tool for the Tehran regime” after Iran defended hanging a British-Iranian citizen. They argued that Britain was “in no position to preach on human rights” given the renegade royal’s claims about having killed twenty-five members of the Taliban.


Going further the former First Sea Lord Admiral Lord West described the second son of King Charles III as “a stupid boy” whilst Colonel Richard Kemp, a former UK military commander in Afghanistan, raged: “Harry should take full responsibility for giving ammunition to the murderous Iranian regime’s propaganda machine. While all decent people will reject Iran’s lies, many of their supporters will be strengthened by the ayatollahs’ exploitation of the duke’s ill-judged comments.”


Adding fuel to the fire already burning caused by the tittle-tattling Spare ‘author,’ former Conservative leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith demanded the Duke of Sussex “reflect and not do something similar again.” Meanwhile elsewhere, a 26:08-minute video interview by Shaun Attwoood with Matthew Steeples about the book and its contents went viral on YouTube after it was uploaded yesterday.


In it, Steeples told Attwood:


“It’s a book. You don’t want to mistreat a book, but most people would use [Spare] as a firelighter, wouldn’t they? I think he’s used it as a firelighter against his own family and I think most people who buy it are buying it as a laugh.”


“No one really wants this book. People are bored… They don’t want to read this book. They want to know about their heating bill. They don’t give a damn about Prince Harry and his stupid wife. It’s an absolute joke.”


“It has come to a point where this little brat who is clearly on drugs – and I have it on great authority from somebody who was part of the Tom Bradby interview team – he was on drugs throughout that. That’s why they had to keep pausing the interview. He had to go to the bathroom.”


“He’s a messed-up person. He goes on about his drugs when he was 36. He was on drugs whilst he was doing his interview and why wasn’t he able to do the interview in [New York] with the audience presence? He couldn’t, because he’s such a mess. The guy is out of control. He’s an embarrassment to his family; it’s an embarrassment to everybody. He’s gone too far. He’s crossed the line. The world is bored of him.”


Amongst the 300 comments received from the 12,000 who watched in less than 24 hours subsequently, Daria F. Seeley observed: “People who enjoy this book don’t read real books” whilst Charlotte Muller added: “Harry’s wife brainwashes Harry and when the book comes out, she stays in the background so she’s not to blame.” Another, Siobhan Reidy, rightly concluded: “Thankfully he is the spare and not the heir.”


Further still, on the Shaun Attwood Channel, Sunday’s interview featuring Samantha Markle, Jennifer Hopkins, Shaun Attwood and Matthew Steeples has now been watched an astonishing 113,000 times whilst this morning The Guardian’s Sarah Shaffi confirmed that Spare has become the “fastest-selling non-fiction book since UK records began.”


Clearly, given the “controversial memoir,” as Shaffi lightly terms it, is being placed amongst works of fiction in some bookshops including Waterstone’s (see image top) and offered at a bargain basement half-price, there are many people who’ll be buying ‘Burn Bridges Harry’s’ book as a cheap alternative to firelighters this January.


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party. Follow Matthew Steeples on Twitter at @M_Steeples.


Follow Shaun Attwood on Twitter at @shaunattwood.


This 26:08-minute interview has been watched on YouTube over 12,000 times in less than a day and attracted 1,100 likes and over 300 comments that were mostly extremely critical of King Charles III’s second son’s recent actions. It does seem that the views of the majority of the public about this ‘spare’ royal have dramatically worsened in the years since he and his decidedly deviant wife relocated to their £14 million Montecito mansion and swapped “rights and responsibilities” for “very public personal profiteering.”
Former First Sea Lord Admiral Lord West Queen Elizabeth II Duke of Edinburgh
Former First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff from 2002 to 2006 Admiral The Right Honourable The Lord West of Spithead GCB, DSC, PC pictured with royals who actually knew how to behave dignity, the late Queen Elizabeth II and her late husband the Duke of Edinburgh in happier times. Baron West of Spithead, of Seaview in the County of Isle Wight has admitted to being a bit of “a bon viveur, fond of good wine, good food and good chat.” In 2007, when it was suggested he’d had a relationship with Anni-Frid Lyngstad of ABBA, he responded: “I’m not having an affair with her.”
Colonel Richard Kemp
Echoing his comments Colonel Richard Kemp CBE, a former UK military commander in Afghanistan, raged: “Harry should take full responsibility for giving ammunition to the murderous Iranian regime’s propaganda machine. While all decent people will reject Iran’s lies, many of their supporters will be strengthened by the ayatollahs’ exploitation of the duke’s ill-judged comments.”
Sir Iain Duncan Smith
The Right Honourable Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP (AKA ‘IDS’ and ‘The Quiet Man (Who Had His Volume Turned Off’), pictured with his Morgan sports car, urged the Duke of Sussex to “reflect and not do something similar again” in the context of the former Meghan Markle’s husband’s remarks about killing members of the Taliban. The Member for Chingford and Woodford Green has also been especially vocal about China and was banned from entering that country, Hong Kong and Macau and prohibited from doing business with Chinese citizens and institutions on 26th March 2021 by the Chinese government. He stands accused of “spreading lies and misinformation” about the country.
Shaun Attwood Matthew Steeples Spare Prince Harry
On Tuesday 17th January, the ‘Shaun Attwood Channel’ released an interview on YouTube in which the host questioned ‘The Steeple Times’ editor Matthew Steeples about his views on the Duke of Sussex’s book and his thoughts on the subsequent interviews the royal gave to Tom Bradby amongst others. Steeples was anything but “sparing” in his thoughts on a man he branded a “bore” and a “berk.”
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. I love all these real men that have condemned Harry’s irresponsible comments. Harry looks like a treasonous traitor by anyone’s standards let alone the top brass. Thanks for all you do Mathew. I enjoyed watching you with Shaun Attwood. You are a treasure.

  2. It’s being placed with books of fiction just as it should be. The Frosty Todger man child & his stalkerish spouse are a disgrace to the UK.AND the U S! Wish they would both shut the hell up & go away. Just a couple of rich & entitled trashy people!

  3. Harry and Meghan are so misguided and their fall won’t be from grace. It will be down the last step to nowhere. George Clooney must be hard up for friends. They drift around from one self righteous occasion to another…always glammed up and ever so grateful for the invite. It can’t go on much longer because they are contributing nothing worth seeing or hearing. I’m annoyed that anyone wants to reconcile with them. What a dreary, disappointing advent. I will lose much respect for William if he ever speaks to them again.
    It almost seems imperative that they be ignored and left in Hollywood with all the celebrities that are making fun of them behind their backs .I think they are proud to be thought smarter than their associates, another sure sign of stupidity.

  4. When will the BM learn that the negative attention only increases the sales for the book? Irish Times- Spare is the #1 seller in Ireland,the same for the UK. Spare is now in the Guinness Book of World records for sales. His book has now surpassed Michelle Obama’s # 1 best seller. The documentary is still in the top 10 in the UK after 5 weeks. H+M should send roses and a Thank you card to their critics in the media. They’re providing them with free publicity. Keep it up!

  5. Random House- ” Spare is a instant # 1 NY Times best seller.” It holds the top spots in Germany and the Netherlands this week. What has been the impact of its critics on sales? Will Netflix purchase the rights to turn it into a series given the large global interests and the enormous success of the documentary? It opened top 10 in 85 countries. H+M work hard and deserve their success. Huge 👏 on the documentary and the book. The toxic media has failed to cancel them out.

  6. Well there you are MS Susan, still working overtime.. Do you like get paid in over time and or time & a half? Here in the U S, we’re having a blast with Mr frosty Todger’s book of fairy tales. Could you kindly try to contact Pr!ck Harry &, tell give back the $$$ that his mother left him &, any monies the late QE2 left him also? Last but not least, WHY are momma & poppa Frosty Todger clinging to.those titles like a life raft? <<That is the real question. You seem like a smart girl & I bet you already know.


  7. SM was on DW’s show telling H+M to get counseling. Noelle Rasmussen, her youngest daughter had this to say on her mother. “She should have never been a mother. I would get scratched, spitted at, hair pulled. It was crazy.” Rosylyn Markle, SM’s mother, “Samantha would say, it’s my f…ing. child. I’ll treat her as I want.” (2017 video interview with the Dailymail)Noelle was raised by her grandmother. Ashleigh Hale, Samantha’s oldest daughter on her mother,”Some people you can’t reason with.” She was also raised by grandparents. These are people who know SM very well. SM has never met Harry and hasn’t seen MM for close to 20 years. As a “journalist” DW had an obligation to properly vetted her. He didn’t!

    • Bet ole mattress actress bullied her nieces too. She seems to have bullied most everyone else. Can’t wait for Tom.Bowers next book.There are rumors Dorito was a dealer & user. Also very strange rumor about how doritos dad died. Hurry up Tom & get that book out on the market. It could quite possibly out sell pr!do Frosty’s book of fairy tales. You actually back yours up with FACTS! Wonder if Dorito is the number 2 boss of the frosty todger family now! Hmmm


      • Lottie,
        Quite the contrary.Both MM’s nieces have highly praised her. Ashleigh Hale said in the documentary that MM was a “a maternal figure, a best friend and sister.” She’s estranged from SM. Noelle said her aunt was “sweet and kind.” She’s also estranged from SM. RM, who testified against SM at Noelle’s abuse hearing accused SM of bullying everyone in the family including TM. MM isn’t the bully in that family. Like SM’s daughters, RM is estranged from SM. Lottie, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. SM accuses MM of lacking family values when she’s estranged from all of her children and her own mother. Hypocracy?

        • So, carrot boobs is a maternal figure? WHAT. The only person she’s a maternal figure to is Pr!ck harry. Those two are nothing but a clown show << that's pretty much what Americans think of them.@ this point. Just a couple entitled whiny rich people.. Many of us Americans have started calling them rich trash. Here's a novel idea,they should move to a deserted island & start their own circus. The caveat should be that, they can't leave the island. Btw, Nate the lawyer will be a witness in the Markle vs Markle case. Also,Nate is starting litigation against hate for hire Cb..


  8. I doubt that Michelle Obama keeping track of Harrys’competitive book sales….
    I think she and Barak are horrified by Harry and Meghan ..and very sympathetic to William &Kate.

    • Jane,
      I’m not sure that is correct, rather than “horrified,” MO has praised MM speaking out on the RF. BBC- March 2021, “Michelle Obama voices sympathy for Meghan on race.” She praised Meghan for “her feelings” on racial issues on the Oprah show. MO has also spoken on the importance of ” work over living on welfare.” H+M are financially independent, K+ W live off the taxes of poor people. This doesn’t make sense when you consider their enormous wealth and the vast poverty throughout the UK.

  9. Harry and Meghan are beggars…they live on handouts and strokes of luck. They earn nothing ..they are unemployed.
    In the near future S. they are going to need you more than ever. They are short on consequential loyalty ..they buoyed up by inconsequential immature seekers.
    Michelle Obama is a professional African American ..and a private Queen. She would cross the street to avoid Meghan. Hang in there S….H&M are going to need you.

    • Jane,
      I respect your right to dislike the couple but to say they’re ” unemployed” isn’t supported by the facts: Harry is the current CIO for Better-Up, the company is valued at 4.7 billion, raising 300 million since they hired him. The couple still maintain contracts and employment with Spotify and Netflix. Netflix just released the promo for their series Heart of Invictus. H+M are also employed by Penquin Publisher for a four book deal. Better-up, Spotify, Netflix, Penquin are legitimate employers for the couple. Jane, KM completed only 90 engagements last year, this averages out to working two days a week. Her husband completed only 126 engagements in 365 days. Nobody can describe this couple has hard working. Anne is almost twice their age and completed over 200 engagements.Very lazy couple!

      • Is ellie hall posting here?? My God,when will these squaddies understand,the more they try to build up the California clowns, the more they’re loathed? The only American to marry a Prince that had class (lots of class too) was Princess Grace ie Grace Kelly. Roughly 85%-90% of Americans I talk to say, Catherine, Princess of Wales reminds them of her. Princess Catherine could possibly become as loved as Diana. Catherine is already starting to be dubbed the people’s Princess even in America. We don’t care for the whiny rich trash in California.


        • Lottie,
          Let’s allow Diana’s son who knew her well tell us which one is like his beloved mother. Prince Harry, “So much of what Meghan is and how she is, is so similar to my mum. She has the same compassion,empathy, and confidence. She has this warmth about her.” Passive KM is the opposite of Diana who was very outspoken in her criticism of the dysfunctional royal family and our toxic media.

          • Are you linked by strings to Meghan, Susan? You do not seem capable of saying a single bad thing about her. Has she Jim Jones-ed you?

    • Although I’m not a fan of the Obamas, I agree with everything else you posted.. I’m pretty sure the Obamas & the Prince & Princess of Wales are fairly close. The Obamas are the only U S President & first lady William & Catherine entertained @ their private residence. So.yeppers, I think it’s more than fair to say,former President Obama & first lady Michelle are probably fed up with the California clown show! Btw Jane,people who ordered “Spare” have been getting 2 books instead of one & that’s AFTER it was marked down over half price. Sounds mighty fishy to me! 🤔 All the best to you & yours Janel

  10. I know your post was in response to our resident squaddie but, you are 💯% Right! I hear the 2 clowns of monteshitshow are buying their awards. Jane,in my almost 73 years on earth I’ve never met anyone like those 2 clowns. Who turns on both sides of their family except a couple they can threaten & buy off? Chelsy Davy & Cressida Bonas are the lucky ones. They were way too classy for ginge. I’m starting to.kinda believe the surrogate stories somewhat. Looks like Lillibucks could be a gardener’s daughter or Granddaughter. Someone posted on a site that apologized about about something or another & said the Duke & Duchess of Sussex used a surrogate for merchie. I think I have that bookmarked & a screen shot. 🤔 All the best to you & yours!


  11. Thought this interesting. “The Steeple Times” is mentioned on the duchess.of narsussex YouTube channel today. Talking about yachts & you know who. Now Mr Frosty Todger has insulted the king Elvis Presley. Let’s try to bring more posters,fans, etc to The Steeple Times! Matthew is honest & trustworthy. Ps, check out YouTuber knycmtf ie keep new York city mega trash free! 😋😀

  12. Matthew,
    That was very funny but no brain washing here. I think she’s a very strong, modern woman who talks about issues my age can relate to. I remember when the head of a charity tried to curtsy to her, MM stopped her and gave her a big hug. This was the recognition that the woman was her equal. I’ve never seen any royal do that. Nobody should curtsy to another.The horrible way she has been vilified is a poor reflection on this country. She has committed no crime in this country, her cookbook raised £125,000 for the victims of the fire. Many young women at my University also admire her. Go Meghan!!

  13. Oh Lord ..Meghan has zero in common with Diana…that is a comparison invented by Meghan..she is rapaciously self creating and promoting. I think H&M are dangerous and violent. They have stolen some guns and they are shooting up the church and graveyard. Drive by fashion …this sounds extreme. but it’s the truth to me.

  14. Matthew,the only people allowed opinions are the godlike Squaddies. 😏🙄 We must never question anyone in the SS as they’re the second coming of the messiah! They have forgotten people on both sides of the pond were extremely happy & excited for H&M! They’ve since gotten some very nice people banned from social media sites. There’s a song about the bird of paradise flying up the nose. I hope the bird of truth hits those 2 Proven liars hard. If you can,please let Catherine,Princess of Wales know America adores her &, claim her as our Princess too! 😇😇



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