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‘Ghislaine: Partner in Crime’ – UK Premiere On ITVX, 9th Feb

As ‘Ghislaine: Partner in Crime’ premieres tomorrow on ITVX, Matthew Steeples asks: “What comes next in the sordid saga of the story of Ghislaine Maxwell and her creepy cronies?”

First aired in the United States in April 2022, tomorrow ITVX premieres Ghislaine: Partner in Crime, a 3-hour, 20 minute long series directed and produced by Ben Reid to audiences in the United Kingdom. Reid’s previous works have included Adolf and Eva, Benefits Street and Oscar and BAFTA nominated Innocence.


“Bombshell admissions” with juror 50 “in his only in-depth interview” are what the trailer for this 4-part documentary focuses on and in that ‘Scotty David’ (as he was publicly named) stated:


“I felt that it was very important that I shared my sexual abuse story. I felt that that helped other people come to the conclusion that just because some memories are fuzzy, it doesn’t mean that they’re not telling the truth. After I spoke my story, the room was dead silent.”


Going further, social butterfly R. Couri Hay is heard to say: “Ghislaine had it all,” but neglected to add the truth of the matter of what came next for the pension pot plunderer’s pugnacious daughter. Here now is a woman who has actually got nothing, nada, nowt. Maxwell’s husband has deserted her, she has been unable (or unwilling) to pay her lawyers and she’s left eating Tofurky roasts in the clink in Tallahassee; no more Krug on tap for this noxious nonce and no more ‘Randy Andy’ on speed-dial.


In spite of seemingly having absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by naming the names of those famous folk she was sex trafficking her victims to (and you can’t, after all, traffic people to nobody), Miss Maxwell remains silent on actually naming those names. In doing so, this shameless sap just piles more misery on the many, many victims of her and the conveniently croaked Jeffrey Epstein.


Instead, clearly illustrating her arrogance and audacity, Maxwell and her siblings have yet again turned to longstanding PR peddling chums such as Daphne Barak – an associate of the ever so conveniently also linked to this case likes of the Clintons and the Trumps. In spite of being in the pokey, this wicked wench has managed to even get herself on the Rupert Murdoch owned TalkTV, even if she had to go a bit ‘lowbrow’ and allow the disgraced muckraker Jeremy Kyle and not a hard hitting ‘highbrow’ to conduct said interview.


Features in the Daily Mail and The Sun, again courtesy of Barak, seem to be a staple and though most would argue that it is the victims that deserve a voice, that Maxwell is still enabled to have her ‘voice’ is something that should and does outrage the world only further.  Convicted and incarcerated sex offenders do not, after all, deserve to be anything other than subjected to punishment and penury.


ITVX’s press contact for Ghislaine: Partner in Crime, Sylvia Brendel, was emailed for comment by The Steeple Times on Wednesday 8th February. As of 12 noon, no response had yet been forthcoming.


Brendel responded: “We have a slate of intriguing and thought-provoking documentaries on ITVX, of which this is a part,  but it wasn’t scheduled with any particular moment in mind. We aren’t in a position to comment on whether interest is growing or declining in the story. No sequel is planned.”


‘Ghislaine: Partner in Crime’ airs on ITVX tomorrow, 9th February 2023.


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party. Follow Matthew Steeples on Twitter at @M_Steeples.


In giving an interview from prison the deviant daughter of the pension pot plundering ‘Bouncing Czech’ clearly thought she’d make herself more appealing to the public she previously treated like the “great unwashed.” It must be remembered that this wicked wastrel woman has repeatedly referenced her victims as “trash” and “scum” and that she has not shown an iota of remorse. Ghislaine Maxwell should not be given a voice; she should be silenced for the next 20 years instead. Shame on Jeremy Kyle and even more so, shame on Daphne Barak.
Scotty David Juror 50 Ghislaine Maxwell
Juror 50 – also known as ‘Scotty David’ – is someone who those trying to get Ghislaine Maxwell to an appeal for and freedom for beyond will use and further abuse undoubtedly. His actions did not stop the mucky madam being convicted and quite rightly the judge in the case ignored calls for a mistrial.
R Couri Hay
With friends like these… Publicist R. Couri Hay is someone who seems to like to appear on telly box shows to talk about his one-time friendship with the noxious nonce Ghislaine Maxwell. How well he actually knew her is as questionable as those others who have come out to give comment.
Maxwell crime family
The Maxwells… A family that will now just be remembered forevermore as one containing several of the most reprehensible and utterly evil pieces of toerags ever known to humanity. Robert Maxwell used to say: “I have a beautiful daughter and she’s just like me.” The word “beautiful” should be replaced with “deviant.”

Questions for Daphne Barak

In October 2022 and then again in January 2023, we asked a number of questions of Daphne Barak after she published prison ‘interviews’ with her chum Ghislaine Maxwell. She failed to answer them then, so we again ask them now:


  • Why did the American authorities allow a prisoner to give such interviews so soon after her conviction?
  • Did the authorities not consider the impact such interviews would have on the victims of this convicted sex trafficking nonce and grubby groping abuser?
  • What is the agenda of Daphne Barak and what involvement did Kevin Maxwell and his siblings have in setting up these interviews?
  • Did PR peddlers for the mucky madam – such as Brian Basham, Jay Beecher and Ross Gow – have any involvement in the bringing about of these interviews?
  • Why did this so-called ‘journalist’ not ask anything about what this mucky madam feels about the impact of her actions on her many victims?
  • Why did this so-called ‘journalist’ not ask anything about this mucky madam’s secret marriage to Scott Borgerson in 2015?
  • Why did this so-called ‘journalist’ not ask why Ghislaine Maxwell – someone she’s associated with for at least 30 years – hasn’t paid off her debts to her lawyers?


Indicative of what a disgusting piece of filth she truly is, Barak appeared on Jeremy Kyle’s show with a dead leopard hanging off the wall behind her. Given this pointless woman also chose to show also a wall of photographs of those she considers the ‘great and the good,’ she actually simply showed herself for what she truly is – an audacious arselicker of the arrogant and the awful.
Daphne Barak pictured in December 2022 with “she who has never confirmed if she repaid the wonga she took from the Ponzi scheming paedophile Jeffrey Epstein” Sarah, Duchess of York and with Hillary Clinton – whom she references her as having “hosted” and “supported the presidential bid” of. Here is a ‘journalist’ whose close connections clearly muddy her mind when it comes to interviewing her subjects. Why didn’t this ‘journalist’ ask mucky madam Maxwell about ‘Killary’s’ husband taking at least 27 flights on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ and his convicted sex trafficker co-collaborator attending Chelsea Clinton’s wedding? Curious that; very curious indeed.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.



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