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A Bung For Barak – How Much Was Daphne Barak Paid For Ghislaine Maxwell Interview?

Matthew Steeples asks: “How much was PR peddler Daphne Barak paid for her TalkTV Jeremy Kyle interview with noxious nonce Ghislaine Maxwell?”

The life-wrecking piece of pond scum that is Jeremy Kyle was very keen to point out that Ghislaine Maxwell was “not paid a damned penny for this interview and nor would we [pay her]” on his TalkTV show last night. He did not, however, remark on whether the PR peddler who calls herself a ‘journalist’ Daphne Barak was paid for her role in bringing it about, but given he got given a 58:55-minute slot of airtime to do so, he jolly well ought to have.


Baseless blabber Barak – who was very tellingly filmed in one segment sat in a room with surprise, surprise Kevin Maxwell – has been a friend and associate of the convicted sex fiend for many years and frankly her line of ‘questioning’ reflected that. Here was not an ‘investigative journalist’ asking tough questions of a delusional deviant, but here instead was simply yet another example of a delusional deviant getting things her own way and likely because her interviewer is a hired gun rather than a free-thinking individual.


Unsurprisingly condemned on Twitter as “grotesque” and being “like allowing Fred West to phone into a DIY programme,” that Kyle, Barak and co. allowed mucky madam Maxwell to “self-aggrandise” and “manipulate” was frankly a disgrace. This, after all, is a wicked wastrel woman who is in the clink for 20 years and this is a woman who fails to show even a note of contrition or remorse. Why should this evil jailbird be given free rein to speak and why not instead give her victims a voice instead?


Jeremy Kyle should be ashamed of himself for being led up the garden path, but of course he won’t be. Tonight, this self-serving thrower together of “chaotic people in chaotic and confrontational scenes” will have Jeffrey Epstein’s onetime lawyer and chum Alan Dershowitz on for round two of his attempt to rewrite history. Who’ll be next? Will Kyle be bringing on ‘Randy Andy’ for a bit of non-sweaty, Pizza Express action?


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party. Follow Matthew Steeples on Twitter at @M_Steeples.


Pictured Top – Daphne Barak filming her ‘Ghislaine Behind Bars’ interview with Ghislaine Maxwell with Ian Maxwell most ‘kindly’ helping her along; the public should be told how much the Maxwell family have paid this ‘journalist’ for her ‘services’ spinning on their salacious sex offender sibling’s behalf.


Questions for Daphne Barak

In October 2022, we asked a number of questions of Daphne Barak after she published prison ‘interviews’ with her chum Ghislaine Maxwell. She failed to answer them then, so we again ask them now:


  • Why did the American authorities allow a prisoner to give such interviews so soon after her conviction?
  • Did the authorities not consider the impact such interviews would have on the victims of this convicted sex trafficking nonce and grubby groping abuser?
  • What is the agenda of Daphne Barak and what involvement did Kevin Maxwell and his siblings have in setting up these interviews?
  • Did PR peddlers for the mucky madam – such as Brian Basham, Jay Beecher and Ross Gow – have any involvement in the bringing about of these interviews?
  • Why did this so-called ‘journalist’ not ask anything about what this mucky madam feels about the impact of her actions on her many victims?
  • Why did this so-called ‘journalist’ not ask anything about this mucky madam’s secret marriage to Scott Borgerson in 2015?
  • Why did this so-called ‘journalist’ not ask why Ghislaine Maxwell – someone she’s associated with for at least 30 years – hasn’t paid off her debts to her lawyers?


Matthew Steeples tweet
This morning on Twitter, Matthew Steeples observed: “The elephant in the room is being ignored. How much was @daphnebarak paid to peddle out PR by the Maxwell crime family? Do NOT forget that the Maxwells lived off £500m stolen from pensioners by the patriach of that crime family. Like father, like daughter. Deviant to their core.”
Ghislaine Maxwell TalkTV
In giving an interview from prison the deviant daughter of the pension pot plundering ‘Bouncing Czech’ clearly thought she’d make herself more appealing to the public she previously treated like the “great unwashed.” It must be remembered that this wicked wastrel woman has repeatedly referenced her victims as “trash” and “scum” and that she has not shown an iota of remorse. Ghislaine Maxwell should not be given a voice; she should be silenced for the next 20 years instead. Shame on Jeremy Kyle and even more so, shame on Daphne Barak.
Daphne Barak TalkTV
Indicative of what a disgusting piece of filth she truly is, Barak appeared on Jeremy Kyle’s show with a dead leopard hanging off the wall behind her. Given this pointless woman also chose to show also a wall of photographs of those she considers the ‘great and the good,’ she actually simply showed herself for what she truly is – an audacious arselicker of the arrogant and the awful.
Daphne Barak Sarah Duchess of York Hillary Clinton
Daphne Barak pictured in December with “she who has never confirmed if she repaid the wonga she took from the Ponzi scheming paedophile Jeffrey Epstein” Sarah, Duchess of York and with Hillary Clinton – whom she references her as having “hosted” and “supported the presidential bid” of. Here is a ‘journalist’ whose close connections clearly muddy her mind when it comes to interviewing her subjects. Why didn’t this ‘journalist’ ask mucky madam Maxwell about ‘Killary’s’ husband taking at least 27 flights on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ and his convicted sex trafficker co-collaborator attending Chelsea Clinton’s wedding? Curious that; very curious indeed.
Alan Dershowitz Arthur L Aidala
Maxwell’s current lawyer (until he realises the truth that she doesn’t ever cough up the cash she owes) Arthur L. Aidala is very much of the publicity hungry school of lawyers. Aside from Harvey Weinstein, his firm, Aidala, Bertuna & Kamins, has also represented other mates of Ghislaine Maxwell including Alan Dershowitz (pictured with him above). In documents submitted earlier this month, he claimed: “[Maxwell] was malnourished… And yet she’s supposed to sit for a trial [with her] life on the life… In the United States of America, anyone who’s accused of any crime should not be abused by the US government the way she was abused… She did not get a fair trial… The judge ignored the many claims of malnourishment, living with vermin in her cell, lack of sleep, and overall deplorable conditions. There were also issues regarding lack of access to her lawyers. This is all in violation of her fundamental constitutional rights and will be powerfully brought to the attention of the appellate courts.” Of how he came to be involved with the mucky madam and her family, scions of a pension pot plundering tyrant, Aidala added: “After her sentencing… her trial team was done representing her and her family quite frankly reached out to us. Obviously, we’d been in the headlines with Mr Weinstein’s case.” One is left wondering whether Jeremy Kyle will bother to ask any relevant questions tonight of Alan Dershowitz or whether he’ll simply repeat yesterday’s sh*tshow and allow the Maxwell narrative to continue spinning out yarns of gargantuan proportions.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Oh God ..all these awful people..Bob Dylan said it ” when you’re on the top you’re on the bottom”. The older I get the more I understand that existential truth. Thank God for Dolly Parton . Her quote was ” it’s costs a lot to look so cheap”.

  2. Those Maxwell brothers are complicit. Ian and Kevin, not sure which one is worse. Actually the entire family stink. Even the house they lived in was conned out of the council for a peppercorn rent.
    Disgusting perverts of justice. Ghislaine looks awful. She’s certainly looking ruff. Nice work Matthew!

  3. I’m gob smacked that Maxwell was even able to do an interview like this, how come she has this special privalige over other inmates??
    As for the low life Jeremy Kyle, I can’t believe he is still allowed to broadcast anything at all on any tv or radio networks, he’s a bloody disgrace of a human being.

  4. Those brothers are just as unnerving as Ghislaine. I can’t find a shred of soul in any of Roberts children ..they are all strange creatures. They keep struggling to save themselves from that DNA.

  5. Ps….yep Wally, Ghislaines eyebrows no longer have that expensively manicured confidence. I was thinking about the amount of time and money she put toward her physical appearance. She looks rough.


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