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Buckle Up! Barking Baker Harber Has Bitten Back


Victoria Baker Harber has sent Kenny Schachter a “cease and desist” letter in the wake of her on-off conman lover Inigo Philbrick being snared by the FBI

Washed-up, leftover lump from the tepid TV show Made in Chelsea Victoria Baker Harber – the one-time squeeze and sharer of a private planes paid for by victims of the now very much deservedly in-the-clink Inigo Philbrick – has supposedly sent a ‘cease and desist’ letter to one of his victims, the anything-but-shy raconteur Kenny Schachter.



Asked by The Steeple Times on Friday evening on his Instagram TV channel about Miss Baker Harber having turned her social media channels ‘private’ and ‘off’ in some instances, very wealthy art collector and writer Schachter responded: “She’s sent me a letter about memes.”


Poor dear Vicky might do better to do something else: The simple, dear darling could go and pleasure herself with a colouring book; she might actually do less damage in that department.



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Buckle Up! Barking Baker Harber Has Biten Back – Victoria Baker Harber has sent Kenny Schachter a “cease and desist” letter in the wake of her on-off conman art dealer lover Inigo Philbrick being snared by the FBI.
The Odd Art Couple – Inigo Philbrick pictured with the mother of his daughter, fellow art dealer Francisca Mancini. Their relationship did not last and subsequently conman Philbrick moved on to attention-seeker Baker Harber.
Buckle Up! Barking Baker Harber Has Biten Back – Victoria Baker Harber has sent Kenny Schachter a “cease and desist” letter in the wake of her on-off conman art dealer lover Inigo Philbrick being snared by the FBI.
Sexing It Up – Victoria Baker Harber posing provocatively with her now in-the-clink lover Inigo Philbrick at the C London restaurant in Davies Street, Mayfair, W1.
Kenny Schachter having a chat about Inigo Philbrick amongst other things. One thing is for certain about the husband of Ilona Rich Schachter (daughter of the late Marc Rich and Denise Eisenberg Rich)  – he’s anything but reticent about sharing his opinions about his former friend.
In an episode of ‘Made In Chelsea,’ a ‘participant’ labelled Victoria Baker Harber “a prostitute.” She then went a bit mental (unsurprisingly).
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Victoria Baker (I’m guessing she added the Harber bit) will BURN IN HELL one day!! She has a nasty tongue and it will snap!! She should go and see a medium urgently. I warn her here. She needs to see the clairvoyant now!!

    • I am a clairvoyant.. my name is Lorac… please see a dr immediately… the evil is in your soul and eating your body.. seriously when was the last time you went? GO! NOW!

  2. Inigo Philbrick bedded a male friend of mine once. He was into everything. Kenny talked of horse play in one thing I saw I think, but I saw Inigo when he was off his skull and wanted it all. He could have been a Roman and maybe Vic liked that about him.

  3. Inigo Philbrick scares me. So many other art dealers look so similar. I will be very careful of the Mayfair dealers now.

  4. I have met Inigo’s father. Such a delightfully kind gentleman. He must be so distraught to have created such a monstrosity.

    • Mr Philbrick Senior must be very embarrassed and hurt not only about what his son has done to victims of his financial/art crimes but that he treated the mother of his child so badly and ran off with that dreadful girl Bake-a-Cake Garbage!

  5. Victoria is actually a really kind girl. Many people have told me that is the truth about her. I think Kenny sounds like someone in love with himself – and plainly obsessed with embarrassment about having been taken in by the conman Inigo. From what I have read I believe Kenny dreamed of being Inigo. There is the Talented Mr Ripley angle in all this.

  6. Inigo looks a bit like Mark-Francis from MIC. Maybe that’s why Victoria went out with him. She could not have MF because he’s not into her so she went for a lookalike. I wonder if Inigo fancied Mark too given the above comment.

  7. Kenny Schachter has nothing to fear from Victoria Baker Harber. She’s making an empty threat plainly. Those who shout loudest generally have nothing to lose hence why they shout loudest.

  8. Victoria Baker Harber is a victim too. She was lied to too. Kenny Shachter is married to a very, very rich woman. He can afford it. Victoria isn’t. She needs support. Kenny must leave her alone.

  9. Haha poor Kenny.. thinks we don’t know he runs this site.. umm and going to all the trouble of writing fake comments?? what a nutter! Obviously still love struck for wonder his family is so defunct with him at the helm! Poor Ilona must be sooo embarrased.. as if Having a ********* isn’t enough ?? Shes now got a ******** husband ******** ? peekaboo Kenny.. come out come out wherever you are… ??? [EDITED FOR LEGAL REASONS]

    • I can confirm that Kenny Schachter has no involvement in The Steeple Times, I have never to my knowledge even met him.

      I have met Miss Baker Harber, but I have not to recollection met Inigo Philbrick.

      As regards your allegations about the comments, they come from various independent IP addresses and are not as you suggest fake.

      As you will see also, comments here are quite disparate in their analysis. We have been quite fair in alllowing such. We have even allowed yours.

  10. Why doesn’t it say the author of this piece? What an extremely biased piece of reporting. This feels more like what a troll would write on social media than a journalist for a magazine. Not a website I will ever visit again. I like my news, fair, well written and not paid for.

  11. Victoria Baker Harber needs to apologise to those she’s insulted in the waker of her (former perhaps) lover being caught. She has had all the finery such as the meals in C London so she should say sorry to for enjoying dining out at the expense of the victims of Inigo Philbrick.


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