Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Heroes of the Hour 2021 – Bill and Cath Mullarkey

Bill and Cath Mullarkey are using their EuroMillions winnings to to feed homeless people in the COVID-19 lockdown

Most people who win on the lottery splurge on cars and holidays. Some like the £9.7 million winner ‘Lotto Lout’ Michael Carroll blow the lot and end up bankrupt, but a Coventry couple named Bill and Cath Mullarkey have actually used their £1 million EuroMillions loot to help others.


Having hit the jackpot in 2015, professionally trained chefs Bill and Cath Mullarkey took to cooking up three course Caribbean themed Christmas meals for pensioners. Now, during the latest COVID-19 lockdown, they have gone further and helped to provide Caribbean curries, cutlery, drinks and snacks for over 100 homeless, vulnerable and isolated people.


Of helping the Langar Aid charity to feed those in genuine need, Mr Mullarkey remarked:


“I saw the Langar Aid guys on the TV dishing out meals to stranded lorry drivers on the M20 over Christmas. I was inspired and wanted to help them look after homeless people in Coventry.”


“Ordinarily Cath and I would have gone into the kitchens and cooked everything but working with Jim Eaves of Langar Aid was the best way of still making a difference while minimising contact.


“As Cath is from St Lucia we went for a Caribbean curry. A vegetable and coconut curry with a side order of rice and peas plus drinks. We also handed over lots of chocolate bars as treats.


Meanwhile, his wife added:


“Jim was brilliant. We chatted through meal ideas, the ingredients because everything is vegetarian, even the cutlery.”


“He and the other volunteers give up their spare time and stand out in all weathers; it’s so cold at the moment, a lot colder than St Lucia and I am in awe of the work they do.


“That’s why Bill and I wanted to also give something to the volunteers as well to say thank you.”


Today, we join those saluting Bill and Cath Mullarkey and urge those that can to do the same. As we pointed out in December, one in three families are only one pay cheque away from losing their home; don’t think it couldn’t be you so please be kind and considerate.


Heroes of the Hour 2021 – Bill and Cath Mullarkey – Bill and Cath Mullarkey are using their EuroMillions winnings to to feed homeless people in the COVID-19 lockdown.
Heroes of the Hour 2021 – EuroMillions winners Bill and Cath Mullarkey’s efforts for the homeless during the latest COVID-19 lockdown deserves to be lauded.
Matthew Steeples
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