Monster of the Moment – Dr Walter Palmer

Reprehensible “driller killer” dentist Walter Palmer will forever be remembered for slaying ‘Cecil The Lion’; the sexual harasser of his own employees has now gone and done it again – this time the monster massacred an endangered ram

Last month, we featured the story of a female manufacturer of undercrackers emblazoned with Donald Trump’s name who takes ‘pleasure’ in slaying bears. Social media junkie and hideous horror Priscilla Magana unsurprisingly outraged with her antics, whilst previously, her twisted ‘bestie,’ the shover-of-sex-toys-up-the-bums-of-sheep Larysa Switlyk, repeatedly did the same after we named and shamed her on these pages.


Now, an even viler example of barbarity has unbelievably returned to public attention in the form of Eden Prairie, near Minneapolis based Dr Walter Palmer, proprietor of River Bluff Dental. You will likely recall him as the degenerate dentist responsible for luring ‘Cecil The Lion’ to his death with the corpse of an elephant he’d also massacred in July 2015 in Hawagne District, Zimbabwe.


“Enjoyer of all outdoor activities” Palmer – a cretin who ‘kills’ his ‘prey’ with a bow and arrow rather than a rifle and someone whom deservedly became internationally loathed after having not orchestrated a “clean kill” on Cecil (whom tragically had to then be shot with a bullet 12 hours later after suffering immeasurable pain) – featured in the Mirror this morning after being snapped with a sheep he’d shot. This pointless Porsche driving pillock’s face supposedly “turned to anger” when confronted by a representative of the paper outside a bar in Bloomington, Minnesota about his having killed an endangered argali ram – a “species in danger of extinction.”


Plainly as delusional and deranged now as he was five years ago, Dr Walter Palmer – whom was forced to attend a course in ethics after paying out £100,000 in a sexual harassment case in 2009 – travelled to Mongolia for his latest ‘escapade’ as “the ram was on his list of hunts he wanted complete” said an “insider.” His travel companion, Brent Sinclair, then took to Facebook after the trip and disgustingly celebrated what they had done. Without naming his feckless ‘friend,’ he casually commented:


“Another great adventure has come and gone, one to be put in the memory book for sure. Just back from Mongolia, and it’s almost like it was only a dream. We saw rams every day and climbed around the hills in the Altai region getting as close as 20 yards one day to sheep bigger than I could imagine.”


“Sheep hunting isn’t sheep hunting without a midday nap in the sun on a mountain side, but its [sic] hard to relax and count sheep when all you can see through the scope are horns on rams bedded 200 yards away that carry twice the mass I have ever seen on sheep here in North America.”


“I’ve felt my heart beat in my ears when an 8000 lb+ bull elephant looked down his trunk at us as we stood in the thorn brush a mere 31 yards from those tusks and all you had was a bow in your hand… You drew back those 95 limbs and I thought to myself theres [sic] now way it’s going to do the job of harvesting that massive bull, but you placed the arrow perfect and the rest is history. This may however be the one that will be at the top of the pinnacle and hard to beat.”


“The Altai Argali of Mongolia is the largest of the worlds wild sheep and humbling is the only word one can use when you walk up to a ram like this for the first time… Thanks Amigo for the adventure… Look forward to our next one.”


After outrage over Palmer’s actions in 2015 resulted in him quite deservedly receiving death threats, Cecil’s head and skin was given to police in Zimbabwe. In the wake of his latest antics, we wouldn’t be surprised if members of the public now demand that this twisted monster have his very own teeth pulled out; we couldn’t think of a better fate for the monster that is Dr Walter Palmer.


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Monster of the Moment – Dr Walter Palmer kills an endangered ram – Reprehensible “driller killer” dentist Walter Palmer will forever be remembered for slaying ‘Cecil The Lion’; the sexual harasser of his own employees has now gone and done it again – this time the monster massacred an endangered ram.
‘Cecil The Lion’ was pointlessly slayed by Dr Walter Palmer in 2015. Whilst the lion will forever be remembered fondly, the dentist will remain deservedly hated for having paid £32,000 to barbarically kill this much loved, majestic beast.
Dr Walter Palmer found his business targeted quite deservedly after he killed ‘Cecil The Lion’ and now he’ll hopefully find just the same after slaying an endangered ram. His firm’s address is River Bluff Dental, 10851 Rhode Island Avenue South, Bloomington, Minnesota, MN 55438 and his telephone number is +1 (952) 314 8668. He can be emailed at
Dr Walter Palmer was deservedly condemned across the world in the wake of the 2015 slaying of ‘Cecil The Lion.’ Amongst those calling him out were the conservationist and zoologist Dr Andrew Loveridge of Oxford University – whom later wrote of the incident in his 2018 book ‘Lion Hearted.’


  1. If it’s endangered, there has to be some sort of body, Mongolian or international, to hold the sh*thead accountable. Can you find out, Matthew, through your elephant connections? Could you and your pal, James Stunt, do anything?
    Trump’s son had to be given a retroactive pardon for killing an endangered animal, so, while hardly punishment, it showed he had to face a measure of accountability.

  2. Pathetic little man trying to be Mr Macho.
    Hope he gets severe tooth ache when he’s out hunting and a week from any help, Prick.


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