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Merelize The Monster

As our petition seeking Facebook banish Merelize van der Merwe tops 25,000 signatures in less than a week, this giraffe slaying monster sickly shares a video of her kill on YouTube

After we featured the story of a monster whose husband bought her the ‘opportunity’ to slaughter a harmless giraffe on Sunday and began a petition seeking to ban Merelize van der Merwe from Facebook, it went viral.


Today, in spite of the Mirror, Unilad and The Sun featuring our petition against the citrus farming freak, van der Merwe audaciously announced: “I created work for 11 people that day… And a lot of meat for the locals.”


Worse still, ignoring international outrage about what she so callously did, in a 1:34-minute video that YouTube has disgracefully allowed to remain live, van der Merwe has shared footage of herself killing the giraffe “on a private farm in Smartwater, Limpopo.” She accompanied it with a tune by Johnny Clegg titled Scatterlings of Africa and the following captions:


“Shot with a 30-06. Perfect frontal neck shot!”


“The second rifle was a .450 Rigby. Was awesome to do my coup de grace, even if it wasn’t necessary!”


“Thank you to my wonderful husband and my PH Chrisjan Bakker!”


Today, we urge all readers who haven’t signed already to join the 25,000 who’ve already signed our petition seeking to get Merelize van der Merwe banned from sharing imagery of her grossly offensive ‘activities’ on Facebook. Do so by clicking here and please also share widely. This monster must be stopped.


Pictured top: Bleached blonde bimbo Merelize van der Merwe in an image where she “showed-off” her tacky tattoo and also a video clip of herself taking a second shot at the innocent giraffe she massacred online also.


Merleize The Monster – The video of Merelize van der Merwe massacring a harmless giraffe is quite beyond sickening. We advise viewer caution.
Merelize The Monster 2021 – 25k sign our petition against giraffe killer – As our petition seeking Facebook banish Merelize van der Merwe tops 25,000 signatures in less than a week, this giraffe slaying monster sickly shares a video of her kill on YouTube.
Merleize The Monster – Merelize van der Merwe reacted to our petition and articles about her by smugly posing with a can of ‘Lite’ beer. She arrogantly accompanied it with the caption: “While I make headlines across the globe, thought I’ll take a second to have a beer and enjoy our game farm. I hope that I can at least claim some profit from all the Kleenex used this week for all the emotionally unstable people out there.”
Merelize The Monster 2021 – 25k sign our petition against giraffe killer – As our petition seeking Facebook banish Merelize van der Merwe tops 25,000 signatures in less than a week, this giraffe slaying monster sickly shares a video of her kill on YouTube.
Merleize The Monster – In another image posted on her Facebook page, this clinically crackers cretin shared an image of an elephant that had been shot with a dart. How can Facebook and their seven-figure salaried ex-leader of the Liberal Democrats vice president of global affairs Nick Clegg consider this acceptable?
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.



  2. Have you got a tame lawyer friend to give you some legal advice about what can be done, other than just a petition to get her banned from Facebook?

  3. I feel very sad to share this planet with one so evil. I don’t think it possible to change the shooting fraternity but there must be laws created to protect all animals.
    Animal abuse in any form should be outlawed. This must also include those in the food chain. Respect all life!

  4. c’est gratifiant de tuer une animal sans défense ?lorsque l’on a les moyens de s’acheter un fusil et d’avoir du temps à tuer , c’est navrant ! et contre un animal sans arme …. sans défense …. , beurk :ma pauvre cocotte , tu ferais moins la fière , pauvre de chasseuse devant un lion sans arme et si ca se trouve , il aurait la noblesse de laisser la vie à une chose qui n’en connait pas la valeur . il y a dans la monde de la pourriture noble , c’est loin d’être le cas de cette femme , elle se prétend chasseuse , les vrais chasseurs dont je ne partage pas la passion , ont au moins le respect de leurs victimes ; il est vrai que lorsque l’âme est laide ,tuer permet peut être de se grandir. Mais tuer un être magnifique , pour le plaisir est lamentable

  5. She must have a mental problem, it’s bad enough just killing these creatures for fun, but what is really sadistic is, the way she seems to enjoy rubbing peoples noses in it. She really is a sick person and shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. The next thing we will hear is, she’s shot a human to death, the ultimate trophy, and then make up some bull shit excuse, they were trying to rob her or something. Facebook should be ashamed of it’s self for allowing her to upload this crap. Surely there is some legal avenue to stop her posting these obscene pictures?

  6. To allow that woman any access to social media shows how complacent we have become to absolute cruelty and selfishness.
    Her comments after the fact just makes my blood boil.

  7. She is a heartless and disgusting woman how can she and her husband sleep at night.I hope when she dies she come back like one of the animals she killed.😭😡🤬very evil

  8. This sorry sack of s**t said the second shot wasn’t necessary but the innocent giraffe definitely moved after it was shot so the evil, sick, vile POS even LIED…..How I sincerely hope and pray that someone, anyone, puts a bullet right between her eyes so ridding this planet of just another psychotic psychopath.

  9. @Matthew Steeples – you need to share these stories on Facebook GROUPS… there are lots of groups out there that you could join and share in order to get all the signatures you need to stop this woman and Laryssa. please join the various groups that exist out there – even in London alone ther is one for every neighbourhood…that’s how you can get more signatures for your petitions.

  10. Just so you know, the video of her killing the giraffe has been taken down on YouTube.
    I told Johnny’s son about the song and they had it taken down for copyright reasons.


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