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Hippo Harridan 2021 – Larysa Switlyk

Not content with butchering bears, barbarian bitch Larysa Switlyk has headed to Africa to harm hippos; this harridan must be stopped and banned from bragging about such on Instagram also

After slaughtering a hippopotamus in Zambia in recent days, Larysa Switlyk took to Instagram to share an image of herself with the poor, deceased creature. Of it, she declared: “Here’s a closer look at the hippo’s tusks! I’m extremely blessed to live the life I live, but it definitely doesn’t come without hard work!”


Quite what “hard work” is involved in deciding to take the life of a majestic mostly herbivorous mammal will puzzle anyone with half a brain, but, in the case of the shover-of-sex-toys-up-the-bums-of-dead-sheep Switlyk, even Einstein would struggle to piece together her complete lack of logic. Here is someone who kills for the pleasure of taking home a trophy and a snap for her Instagram followers and utterly nothing else.


Whilst her deranged followers congratulated her and discussed how they were “curious” to eat hippo meat, self-declared “I’m not pretending I’m not a trophy hunter, but trophy hunting is good” Switlyk confirmed the slaughtered beast to be “good table fare.” She also reported she “had to get a tractor” to “drag” the poor beast out of the water.


Going further, this sadistic slayer of bears justified her latest barbaric actions by bragging: “I shot a hippo and fed a village… All the people were extremely appreciative and celebrated my successful hippo hunt.” She then had a pop at her critics and remarked:


“Maybe for 2021, I can post photos without an explanation and people will become nicer on social media…. What you think? If you don’t like what I post on my page, please don’t follow me. I won’t miss you.”


Instead, we say: “This year, this wicked woman must be stopped. She glorifies slaughter-for-slaughter’s-sake and that that she considers shoving sex toys into dead animals acceptable sums her up as a monster. Instagram should not allow her to continue to share her vile and utterly offensive posts and now they’ve banned Donald Trump, it’s finally time to rid a social media site used by both adults and children of his philistine supporter Larysa Switlyk too.”


If you haven’t already, please sign our petition to get blue-ticked bitch Larysa Switlyk banned from Instagram by clicking here. It has attracted over 14,000 signatures to date and it is now time that this social media giant took action.


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Hippo Harridan 2021 – Larysa Switlyk – Not content with butchering bears, barbarian bitch Larysa Switlyk has headed to Africa to harm hippos; this harridan must be stopped.
Switylk posed with the local populous after her “kill” and remarkably claimed they were grateful to her for slaughtering the hippo.
Hippo Harridan 2021 – Larysa Switlyk – Not content with butchering bears, barbarian bitch Larysa Switlyk has headed to Africa to harm hippos; this harridan must be stopped.
In other posts, Larysa Switlyk posed next to elephants and mourned the passing of a ‘professional’ elephant hunter named Phillip Smythe. She will no doubt be attempting to slaughter one of these majestic creatures next and we join all saying: “Shame on this disgusting monster!”
Hippo Harridan 2021 – Larysa Switlyk – Not content with butchering bears, barbarian bitch Larysa Switlyk has headed to Africa to harm hippos; this harridan must be stopped.
LEFT – Previously, Donald Trump Jr. pictured posing with an elephant he massacred; RIGHT – Larysa Switlyk socialising Donald Trump’s twisted elephant slaying son, Donald Jr., and his gobby girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle.
Hippo Harridan 2021 – Larysa Switlyk – Not content with butchering bears, barbarian bitch Larysa Switlyk has headed to Africa to harm hippos; this harridan must be stopped.
Hippo Harridan – Larysa Swyitlk has previously been deservedly slammed for shooting sheep in Norfolk, England and then posing disrespectfully shoving sex toys into their carcasses; she has unsurprisingly also angered many worldwide by killing brown bears in America.
Hippo Harridan 2021 – Larysa Switlyk – Not content with butchering bears, barbarian bitch Larysa Switlyk has headed to Africa to harm hippos; this harridan must be stopped.
Hippo Harridan – On another ‘jaunt’ in September 2018, wicked wench Switlyk went to Scotland to shoot wild goats. She was reported to prosecutors over alleged gun offences, but astoundingly got off scot-free. At the time, Scottish Brexit secretary Mike Russell remarked of her Instagram posts showing her victims: “They’re horrific,” yet the social media giant has allowed these vile images to remain.
In May 2014, a man died in Embu after eating hippo meat. If Larysa Switlyk met the same fate given her actions, it would serve her right.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Instagram shouldn’t allow these people to post photographs. Wonder how much she paid the locals for saying they were grateful!
    The woman is obviously egotistical and narcissistic ,after all she is a friend of the Trumps ! Enough said !!!

  2. Send her Down Under and I will ram a rod right up her arse!!!!!!!!!!!! This Sheila would not be allowed near our beauuuuuutiful kangaroos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get her over my knee —– slap, slap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I would pay to watch her being trampled to death. Great new idea for a reality show. Larysa Switlyk is a Trump stooge and her time is up. She’s finished. Good.

  4. Evil and shame on Zambia for allowing such things. God will seek justice. She is horrible and I don’t see a single person in the photo that looks like they need hippo meat. RIP

  5. She is such an evil bitch, however does she get permission to go to these countries and do this? By the way, which one is the Hippo in your main picture?

  6. So the beautiful Larysa does more beautiful shooting. Good on her. Never fails to amaze me that it is the anti hunting crowd who wish her the most harm. Have you smug liberals looked at what you have written. It is hate crime. Still you will not recognise that because your moral superiority can only be enraged at good hunting. It is good that Larysa is helping in the conservation of animals. There was a lot of controversy earlier that she had shot a crocodile. The reactions to that were out of all proportion to the shooting. Larysa went on to make food products of the crocodile. Such a brilliant idea. It helps feed the local population. As for her joking she had got a new purse. It was hilarious but the piety of the anti brigade fails to see that. As the owner of a crocodile skin coat. I love the texture for coats handbags and shoes. It is great to continue this work with the hippo.
    I wonder how many of the ant brigade on here eat lamb beef or pork. Wear leather or fur. farmed animals go to slaughter. Do you think a bolt in the head is any less painful than what you accuse Larysa of. Please get a sense of perspective. Larysa is doing nothing illegal and brings finances to conservation projects and the local economies where she hunts.


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