Saturday, January 23, 2021

Word of the Week: Quockerwodger


Words worth using


Nick Clegg is a quockerwodger as he behaves like a puppet and is controlled by David Cameron’s strings.


Originating from the 1850s, the term quockerwodger combines mixes quocken (“to vomit or choke”) and quocker (“a man who goes harvesting at some distance from home”) and somehow ended up becoming the name for a wooden puppet on a string according to the World Wide Word website.


Used rarely in print, the term has great relevance politically and was used to describe “a pseudo-politician, one who whose strings of action are pulled by somebody else”. We can think of many others to whom this most certainly applies.



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  1. A Jew and Scotsman were travelling through the Lake District, both were travellers. They decided to enjoy lunch at a local Bistro. The waiter later issued the bill. The Scotsman eagerly shouted; “here, here, I am paying, it is on me.
    The Headlines in the local newspaper read the following; “Deranged Scotsman murders Jewish ventriloquist”
    Nick Clegg must pay his food and drinks bill for Thousands of Pounds at his official grace-favour palace, he cannot expect the already hard pressed working classes to pay his tab.
    He is not a Quockerwodger, he is a tight ass.


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