Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Weighing up the NHS


Contrasting the cases of a morbidly overweight woman and a lady with leukaemia


Just as the Daily Mail reported that £100,000 was spent to ‘rescue’ a 60-stone woman from a house in Wales, a lady diagnosed with leukaemia issued a tear-jerking heartfelt plea in The Guardian begging the NHS to help her.


Weighing up the NHS
Stacie Lewis with her disabled daughter May

Weighing up the NHS
Georgia Davis


The contrast between the respective plights of these two women is telling of the lottery that is British healthcare and that an obese woman has secured priority over a mother with leukemia is frankly disgraceful.


No decent person would deny that 22-year old Georgia Davis needs assistance in her efforts to beat obesity but that a 40-strong team of builders, scaffolders and emergency service workers were sent to take her hospital whilst 40-year old Stacie Lewis has been left “in the dark, waiting…” for news about whether she will get a second bone marrow transplant is simply tragic. These paradoxical cases bring shame upon our nation and are signal that is time that the NHS reassessed its priorities.



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    1. This fatso is a disgrace. She should be transported to an isolation unit and fed raw carrots. To think my tax is wasted on this idiot…

    2. Thank you Mrs m….the fuss we make over these people. When I was young in the ’50’s one never saw these grotesque examples of nil willpower. They eat too much junk and never move their fat bottoms off the sofa’s

    3. What the NHS needs is the retired officer commanding of the Royal Army Medical Corps running it. In no time at all he would shake out all the fat cat managers

    4. The point isn’t about the weight of one person vs waste of resources. Our system is based on immediate need. Sadly, for what ever reason, this lady is morbidly obese: she doesn’t need us to point this out. She needs help (of some sort). The point of the article is that NHS England, who plays God over who receives NHS funds to get the care they require, has left this lady with leukemia waiting six weeks for an answer. Six weeks when you are ill and have a child with a disability is a disgrace. It’s inexcusable. Asking for permission to have the treatment in itself is a travesty. I’d rather my taxes were spent on her than on someone needing a cosmetic boob job.


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