Saturday, October 16, 2021

Website of the Week: LonGrad


A Russian owned estate agency specialising in the London market’s website is nothing but comical


Estate agents are known to be creative and somewhat flamboyant as wordsmiths and their marketing brochures are often peppered with words such as “exceptional”, “stunning” and “superlative”. A Russian firm that has entered the UK market, however, truly takes the biscuit in that their website is nothing but pure comedy.


Website of the Week: LongGrad
LonGrad promotes itself by parking a GAZ Volga outside Harrods (Photgraph by Glenmore Trenear-Harvey)


LonGrad – a firm which also markets itself by plonking a GAZ Volga emblazoned with it logo outside Harrods – boldly describes itself online as “the best real estate agency in London” and a firm that has “helped hundreds of compatriots to buy property in London”. It is a firm “for those who value their time” and one that operates by the modus operandi: “I called. I saw. I bought”.


Elsewhere on the site the firm announces that they also sell castles and of such activity, they comment: “Successful people are buying a house in England! Fine people buy castle [sic]”. Of such properties, they add: “Some of them are priceless, but be bought. But some salable [sic], but unchanged”.


LonGrad is certainly different but it might be wise that this firm employ a new copywriter.



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    1. English is a very tricky tongue; one which I have yet to master
      I can’t even say please or thank you in Russian; let alone write either in Cyrillic
      And the car is only a bold rear window line and chrome window pillars away from being a sharky profiled period sedan
      I would not be in the vanguard to make moke

    2. So, if targeted at Russian criminals, why the need to fuck up the English language in order tp reach them? You need a brain transplant.

    3. The Russians are not a problem, fucking up the English language is one thing, Jeremy Corbyn and his far left wing lunatics want to fuck up the whole of Britain. The Russians have embraced capitalism and are welcome. Socialism only benefit the elite champagne Socialists who have their own agendas.

    4. Matthew, stop using GoogleTranslate and all will be fine. You may not have noticed it, but there is just one page in English on the whole of and incidentally it doesn’t have a single grammatical mistake. Everything else you are reading in English is courtesy of the almighty Google. Stop being a finger-jabbing populist and instead meet LonGrad experts over coffee and learn something new about London property market.


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