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Wally of the Week – Piers Morgan


Piers Morgan toadying up to Donald Trump over the terror attacks in Brussels can only be described as utterly repugnant


Piers Morgan has always been ridiculous. That is a fact. Yesterday’s appalling terrorist attacks in Brussels, however, brought with it a new low; a low in which Morgan took to the pages of the Daily Mail to suggest Donald Trump has the solution to end such atrocities.


Wally of the Week – Piers Morgan
Wally of the Week – Piers Morgan


In the paper, Morgan argued: “When it comes to terror, isn’t it time we started listening seriously to Trump?” and shared details of why he believes The Donald’s wall with Mexico is a good idea and why he thinks Trump is anything but “a racist”.


In true toad-like fashion, Morgan then declared: “I don’t have the answers [to stop terrorism] … but at least [Donald Trump] seems to recognise the magnitude of the threat and at least he has firm proposals for how to try to defeat it”.


Piers Morgan is our Wally of the Week. In fact, he’s our Wally of the Decade. May someone please turn him off?



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    1. Dodge, you are right. Supporting Trump is contemptible. Let’s all move to New Zealand should Trump and Palin win the American election. No politicians have ever sunk so low. DL

    2. Good to see the Israeli Intelligence minister telling it exactly as it is.
      Brussels is known to be one of the most corrupt city’s in the EU.
      The intelligence services don’t talk to the police and the levels of corruption in government are just
      The people of Belgium need to hold their corrupt government, police and judiciary to account.
      An effective government would have been on these homegrown killers months ago.

      But I suppose we will have to get used to more platitudes from leaders of the ‘Religion of Peace’

    3. I have attacked Piers Morgan many times in the past, and find myself in a awkward position, however, it is difficult to call Morgan a imbecile, he was once the youngest editor of the Liberal tabloid “Daily Mirror” and has achieved more career wise than I will ever, he has changed his Liberal views drastically. I do agree with him that political correctness is a ineffective weapon to fight and defeat terrorism, and as for Donald Trump it is rather academically, he has no intentions of accepting the keys to the Whitehouse, he is not a Republican, he has always leaned towards the Democrats. Trump knows that it is fucking impossible to build a wall between Mexico and America, but it is headline grabbing news. The bottom line is, the government can’t safeguard the citizens of the United Kingdom with Political Correctness as its main weapon. The human rights legislation that protect terrorists must be halted. The kid gloves must come off or you could become a name on a tombstone, and the authorities will tell your next of kin, what a delightful and nice chap you were, and call them (your family) dignified and brave.

    4. The best thing that ever happened to this disgustingly hypocritical morally bankrupt phone hacking scumbag is when Clarkson punched him.

    5. I seem to remember that after the Paris attacks, Piers Morgan wrote an article saying that action must be taken immediately and he supported bombing Syria.
      Well, we’ve been bombing Syria (and Iraq) for some time now, and things don’t seem to have improved. Just as they didn’t improve after the West decided to intervene on countless other occasions over the past 100 years – ranging from the time that Mr Sykes & Mr Picot carved up the Ottoman Empire to Bush & Bliar’s decision to invade Iraq on the premise of non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction.
      You’d have thought by now that people would have learned their lessons and backed the heck away from the Middle East. By all means, take measures as regards securing borders and carefully vetting anyone who enters/leaves the country, but quite honestly, giving airtime to someone like Trump – with his crackpot ideas – is asking for trouble.
      I actually thought that when Trump announced he was running for President, it was merely a publicity stunt. But unfortunately, his brand of gung-ho political incorrectness has found favour with Americans who are seemingly as mad as he is.
      God help us if Trump is actually elected president and is given access to the nuclear codes. Remember only 1% of the uranium fissioned over Hiroshima and it was still enough to wipe out the entire city. Given how technology has moved on in the 70 years since WW2 ended, we could be looking at weapons that are capable of wiping out a large portion of life on Earth.
      We live in truly scary times.

    6. I have a better chance of becoming a astronaut than Trump has of becoming President of America, so leave Trump out of your argument. Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the USA. Political Correctness is acceptable when it is applied consistently and not changed and modified when it suits a different occasion. The politicians of European Union are corrupt and also guilty of double standards. The European Union condoned regime change in Iraq based on doggy dossiers from Blair and his “Liar in Chief” Alistair Campbell. The cherry on the cake being Blair’s wife made a fortune as human rights lawyer and still raking the cash in. The European Union with their charter on human rights did not condemn the public execution of Saddam Hussein, many terrorists who were a threat to our national security were not deported on the grounds that they would be tortured or executed in their home countries. Britain and the European Union did not condemn or intervene in the public execution of Hussein or appoint human rights advocates to police how he was treated in custody. Political correctness and human rights did not suit them on this occasion. The destruction of Hussein resulted in a backdoor to be opened for terror that we experience today, Hussein and Gadhafi kept them in check. Piers Morgan has woken up to the double standards of the Liberal brigade.

      • I initially dismissed Trump as an attention-seeker, but – as surreal and appalling as it is – he has defied his critics and done substantially better than anyone expected. We’re now down to three candidates for the Republican nomination – and he is in the lead. He has even ousted seasoned politicians like Jeb Bush, Rand Paul and Rick Santoum – who were considered frontrunners until a few months ago. It would therefore be a mistake to simply write him off.
        As for Hillary Clinton becoming President, I wouldn’t count my chickens there either as she tends to polarise people. Just take a look at her YouTube announcement video. Roughly 50% of people hated it – as also evidenced in the comments section.
        The main problem that people have with her is that she doesn’t have a firm set of principles that she sticks to. Her views are determined by whatever is popular at the time, hence her 180-degree turn on issues like gay marriage and the Iraq War.
        On the subject of the Iraq War, it should have been obvious to anyone with half a brain that neither the UK nor the USA was ever in danger from “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. In fact, an engineer friend of mine once told me that to fire a missile halfway across the world would take something the size of the Redstone Rocket and technology akin to what NASA has. You don’t need a weapons inspector to tell you that a country like Iraq (which had been subjected to severe economic sanctions) would never have had the resources to develop something like that.
        While Saddam Hussein was a loathsome individual, it should have been up to the Iraqis alone to get rid of him if they weren’t happy with him. Not for other countries to take matters into their own hands. Iraq is now a far worse place with the emergence of groups such as ISIS/Da’esh thanks to western interference. And hatred against the west has been whipped up as a result – making us a target for reprisals. And let’s not forget the hypocrisy in that years ago, the USA actually supported Saddam Hussein when he went to war with Iran.

    7. You have the memory of an elephant, my father used to say, I remember Donald Trump as a boxing impresario and promoter from Atlantic City to Las Vagas in association with Don King. His aim and goal was to sell out the arena and attract the biggest television audience possible. He used all kinds of headline grabbing silly sound-bites in attempt to achieve his goals. Donald is a very intelligent man making ridiculous comments about Cruz’s wife, Mexican borders, is a diversion ploy, to divert the media and people’s attention away form the Clinton smut and sleaze. Clinton and Trump are playing games. American politics are dirty and deceitful. Even if Trump makes it to the very end, he will take a dive against Hillary. He will throw the fight, the Don King way…..

    8. O’ Las Vegas you will be the death of me, God created the earth, the devil made Las Vegas. I misspelled it. Trump will never forgive me.


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