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Wally of the Week: Kelvin MacKenzie


Kelvin MacKenzie ludicrously claims white men cannot be terrorists and shows he has plainly forgotten the IRA


Kelvin MacKenzie will best be remembered for having colluded with the now convicted paedophile Max Clifford to create the headline “Freddie Starr ate my hamster” during his tenure as editor of The Sun, but now, in a column for the same paper, he’s again peddling nonsense.


Wally of the Week: Kelvin MacKenzie
Wally of the Week: Kelvin MacKenzie


In his column on Monday, MacKenzie – who once declared “I want to get the Lonsdale Belt for [being] vile and personally rude to as many people as possible” – launched into a tirade after being questioned by a security guard at an airport in Dubai.


Plainly furious and plainly sharing his desire to become the Michael Savage of Britain, MacKenzie’s column featured the headline: “Don’t waste time frisking me as white (and older) guys are not the terrorists”. He justified this by saying he could not possibly be a terrorist because of his colour and age and then concluded with the comment: “Stopping law-abiding, non-violent white people at airports is a waste of time and an insult to everybody’s intelligence”.


With the aim of causing yet more outrage, he nonsensically added: “Everybody knows… that if a bomb is to be smuggled on to a plane it will be carried on by a Muslim from the Middle East or Africa”.


A true Wally of the Week, Kelvin MacKenzie is a man with a somewhat strangely coloured view of history. It’d be fascinating to hear his thoughts on exactly who were the individuals behind IRA terrorist activity, the Oklahoma City bombing and the 2011 Oslo and Utøya massacres.




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    1. MacKenzie makes a valid point. Loathsome though the Provos’ are they did make some attempt to give warning of the planned atrocities.
      There is something faintly ludicrous at the idea of a middle aged, obviously middle class, Englishman being checked over at the airport by some heavily bearded follower of Islam. If you don’t see the irony of that God help you!

      Islam is not, and never has been, the religion of peace. It a religion based upon forced conversion. I know of no other religion that hates, with venom, those who it considers to be non believers of its warped ideology.

    2. He’s just another whiney butthurt, outraged at being stopped, true to his political leanings! How do these people not understand that when you’re stopped it’s just a sign of the times and you prove your innocence and then let it go. It’s hardly an insult. Getting the hump helps nobody. Good grace and understanding just isn’t in his vocabulary. He’s just another repulsive little toad.

    3. I have a friend who lives part time in Dubai. Justice there can be a bit rough or economical depending on how you look at. He would be advised to button it because if the police don’t like your face they can take you on a 5 mile drive into the desert, let you out, and tell you to walk back.

    4. Well, what do you expect from a lot peasants who can barely read or write.
      But then anyone who calls himself Honest Guv is probably a bit lacking in sophistication, so desert dwellers are just up his street.
      The same goes for Mel. What on earth is a whiney butthurt? Please try to remember that readers are, in the main, cultivated people living in K&C and will be unaware of your strange ways of communicating. Are you American?

    5. Whiney butthurt is twitter slang and it is what it is. A derogatory term for people who whine about nothing for a hobby. For example – “I’m not getting my fair share of money from the government, my benefits are far too low and I have a right to smoke if I want to.” I hope that brings you up to date :p

    6. Kelvin is being crucified for having a sense of humour, give the old fucker a chance, comedy is not easy, ask Jimmy Carr.

    7. Because something might be ‘up to date’ means little too me, and your example of its usage, is of no interest to me.
      You sound a trifle vulgar-and, one assumes, American.

    8. Could not agree more. There is a lesson for you there, Mrs M. Wit and intelligence are not gifts apparent in your scribbles…..
      You need to try harder.

    9. Mrs M is very kind to appreciate my comments, due to high levels of complaints, Facebook has suspended my account. They do not understand the term satire, taking the piss out of political correctness and the Liberal establishment took its toll. Facebook and the world will be a much safer and better place now.


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