Thursday, August 5, 2021

Wally of the Week: Daniel Ralph


Founder of The Gentleman’s Jolly Daniel Ralph is a man who should learn to be more considerate; drag racing in Knightsbridge is not an acceptable pastime


Monday’s Evening Standard reported that a group of super car owners organised a dangerously irresponsible two abreast car race from the Millennium Hotel in Knightsbridge to Sloane Square on Sunday. The group did so, it is claimed, as a protest against proposals by The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Council to introduce measures to curb cars being revved loudly and to stop dangerous driving in the locality.


Wally of the Week: Daniel Ralph of The Gentleman's Jolly
Members of The Gentleman’s Jolly pictured in Sloane Street on Sunday 2nd August 2015, Daniel Ralph is second from right


Of their publicity stunt, the not-so-local organiser, 25-year old Putney-based Daniel Ralph, the founder of the pompously named The Gentleman’s Jolly, told the newspaper:


“It’s a ridiculous rule against people who like fast cars. Buses make just as much noise and cause more traffic congestion, maybe they should get an ASBO, too”.


“People love to come to Knightsbridge to see all the super cars, it’s all part of the spectacle of London, we shouldn’t be trying to frighten them away”.


As much as all at The Steeple Times love high performance cars, we also sympathise with the long-suffering residents of The Royal Borough. For too long, wealthy brats in expensive cars have caused chaos and nuisance on our streets and now it is time that Daniel Ralph and his like became a little more considerate. We doubt they will and for this reason we make this selfish youngster our Wally of the Week.



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    1. For a start, the press twisted it, there was no revving, no drag racing and not even any movement. It was a promotional photoshoot. And as a point to how flawed it is, daniel is not 25 and is certainly not from Putney. Its bloody hilarious what people twist things to and what people believe

    2. Who do these chaps think they are, money seems to create a lawless and uncaring attitude in some people and these are very good examples.

    3. What a bunch of posers! Any real car enthusiast wouldn’t spend the money they do to make their cars noisier – that’s not the way they leave the factory. A similar bunch of brain-challenged nitwits are to be found screaming up and down the streets of my local hamlet, Beverly Hills.
      It’s embarrassing for anyone who really appreciates the engineering and aerodynamic excellence of high performance cars. Why don’t they play with their toys at some racing events – then we’ll see how well they can drive – which I suspect will truly expose their lack of talent in that arena.
      Meanwhile, on the road, sooner or later they’ll make a mistake and kill somebody. Look what happened to that lovely man Paul Walker, of ‘Fast and Furious’…

      • I think saying posers and then bragging about beverly hills is a bit hypocritical


    4. Mr Ralph should go to Southend-on-sea if he wants to tear-up the the neighbourhood! Southend council doesn’t
      Seem to care a monkeys, lol

    5. Looks like he is trying to bring some life back into the dead west end of London. And buy golly it needs it!

    6. To make this clear- Daniel Ralph is not 25 and not from putney. He organises car meets and is a genuine car enthusiast, who runs a business based on what he enjoys doing. The other guy in the photo is a hard working bloke who puts most of his time and money into supplying supercars on a hire basis to people who could not usually afford them for weddings, etc. They were doing a promotional shoot to boost their company and upcoming events like the one they have coming up in September from London to Monaco, which has taken months of organising. I am sure they would love to comment on this if they saw it. Best of luck to them, if they had actually broken the law or done anything the paper claims, im sure the headline would have been alot worse.



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