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Wally of the Week: Dame Vivienne Westwood DBE, RDI


A gift of £300,000 to the Green Party confirms Dame Vivienne Westwood as utterly crackers


We’re not fans of the busybody Dame Vivienne Westwood DBE, RDI here at The Steeple Times but given the announcement that she has become the Green Party’s biggest supporter with a £300,000 comes confirmation that this “influential” fashion designer has well and truly lost the plot.


Dame Vivienne Westwood DBE, RDI
Dame Vivienne Westwood is a woman with a great capability for putting her foot in it


Of her donation, Dame Vivienne – whose unwelcome intervention into the Scottish independence referendum was rightly the subject of much criticism last year – commented:


“I am investing in the Green Party because I believe it is in the best interests of our country and our economy. I hope that by example other individuals and businesses will follow suit”.


Curiously, however, Dame Vivienne now stands accused of being accused of being in conflict with one of the Green Party’s main policies – their “Tax Dodgers Bill” – given her main business pays £2 million a year to an offshore company in Luxembourg for the right to use her name on her own fashion label.


This course of action has been described as “tax avoidance” by tax experts and it has been pointed out this “cheats the UK treasury out of about £500,000 a year. Of the arrangement, Jolyon Maugham QC, a “leading tax barrister”, told The Telegraph:


“What’s odd about Ms [sic] Westwood’s arrangements is that the rights were held in the UK, but were then transferred out of the UK. The transfer means that the fee is no longer subject to UK tax. And that’s tax avoidance by any sensible definition”.


Dame Vivienne Westwood, it transpires, is nothing but a hateful hypocrite with no moral compass and frankly the best thing she could do is to quit Britain for good. Deservedly, we once again make her our most worthy Wally of the Week.




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    1. I watched the video and totally disagree with you. Dame Vivienne Westwood speaks so much sense and she is right about the 1% messing everything up for everyone else. Why are you attacking her? You should join with her. What her company does is wonderful and I love her and her style also.

      • If you believe that the 1% messed everything up for a country, just because they’re in the 1%, you’re mathematically and logically retarded as VW is. (Especially considering she is the 1%)

        The Steeples Times is just calling her out on her bs contradictions.

      • Her companies have a complicated tax structure which have been depriving our schools and hospitals of tax since 2002. Whatever you think of her – and I quite like her in her own way – you should condemn her companies business practices! The garment industry is one of the most unregulated and most environmentally harmful in the world. Then she preaches climate change? She needs to have a little look at her business plan…

    2. Isn’t she currently being pursued by Malcolm McLaren’s relatives given her naughtiness on that front too? She is a hypocrite when it comes to money and her views on power are tainted and irrelevant as a result. She ought to shut her trap and stop interfering. If she wants to voice such stupid thoughts, she should put her money where her mouth is and pay tax first.

    3. A disgraceful article. Dame Vivienne is a national treasure and she is quite right. Shame on you. Shame on you indeed.

    4. Her views on tracking also are quite right. Why don’t you highlight that? Answer – Because you are part of the cowardly 1%.

      • I think you meant fracking. On which her views are like her views on general relativity: totally irrelevant.
        Royal Society of Engineers and RSGeologists both submitted approvals for fracking in the UK under the proposed regulations.

        She has views on things that she understands nothing about. Many of them are contradictory and irrelevant in turn.

        And she’s the worst type of capitalist, saves every penny she can to make herself richer regardless of the workers around her.

        • Sorry! Predictive text on my phone – I did mean fracking. Naughty iPhone. I think it is very dangerous and it should be stopped.

    5. The first shall be last and the last shall be first………
      Theory and practice……..Sense and sensibility………

      She, and they, should have a voice regardless of the views of bigoted know alls like me

    6. I am agree with her. Her views are right and respectable. As soon as we take concern of our environment things will change in favor of Europeans and English.

      • But she has done nothing… NOTHING…. to support Find Madeleine. It is disgraceful that Dame Vivienne Westwood does not support dear Gerry and Kate McCann in their efforts to find their beloved daughter Madeleine. With all that wealth, she could have used her £300,000 better and supported Find Madeleine. I am very disappointed in Dame Vivienne.

    7. I don’t agree either, like the first poster. Vivienne has worked really hard for a very very long time for the money that she earns and having worked in fashion I know that it is poverty for a long time before you make it big or sink. She is always supporting young talent, she is down to earth and creative and just what the Green party needs. Go for it Vivienne! Get used to walking or riding a bike Russell.

      • I repeat myself but she has done nothing… NOTHING…. to support Find Madeleine. It is disgraceful that Dame Vivienne Westwood does not support dear Gerry and Kate McCann in their efforts to find their beloved daughter Madeleine. With all that wealth, she could have used her £300,000 better and supported Find Madeleine. I am very disappointed in Dame Vivienne.

        • The Madeleine Case is indeed a very good one, but is that all you ever think about? Good heavens is there no one who is not guilty in your eyes for not turning over their savings to finding a dead girl?

    8. She is a classic example of someone who knows very little about the issues she talks about. To support a party that believes it should not be illegal to be a member of a terrorist group, wants to cut our defences at a time when we are more at risk and says it can give everyone £70 odd a week without having the first clue where they can find that money is to say the least bonkers. Caring about the environment and knowing the facts about the environment are two totally different things and Westwood shows the limitation of her knowledge in every interview. In her case it isn’t just a question of having the odd screw loose, she has lost the entire toolbox.

    9. Many of us in America have never quite grasped (appreciatively) her design ethos, nor the way she presents herself, nor exactly what her standing is to make sweeping pronouncements. We have, of course, many distasteful people in our own country, but there usually has to be SOMETHING attractive about them.


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