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Video of the Week: Clifford, Clark and yet another cover-up


As Max Clifford suggests Alan Clark abused two 14 year olds, we suggest that he, as a PR ambassador for the BBC’s Children in Need, should step forward and declare what he really knows


First it was Jimmy Savile and then, unsurprisingly, convicted paedophile Gary Glitter. Freddie Starr was arrested and then it was hinted that there was a senior Tory, close to Margaret Thatcher, who was another abuser. A former bishop has been arrested, the late Sir Cyril Smith MP (1928 – 2010) has been accused and this morning another man, said to be in his 60s from Bedfordshire, was also taken into custody.


The wildcard David Icke, as many of our readers know, has named various Conservatives on websites but little may realise that he and others did that years ago. When Lord McAlpine’s name hit Twitter, the BBC did nothing to dispel the rumours until they realised that the alleged victim of the “Tory paedo” hadn’t even seen a real picture of him. That allegation has now been utterly trounced after Steve Meesham issued the following statement:


“I want to offer my sincere and humble apologies to him [Lord McAlpine] and his family. After seeing a picture in the past hour of the individual concerned, this [is] not the person I identified by photograph presented to me by the police in the early 1990s, who told me the man in the photograph was Lord McAlpine.”


Max Clifford in the covertly recorded YouTube clip

Today, thanks to a businessman named Ian Puddick, we share a covertly recorded YouTube clip of the “celebrity PR” Max Clifford stating that the late Alan Clark MP abused two 14 year olds. The interviewer is supposedly Dominic Carman, son of the late barrister George Carman QC (1929 – 2001), and in it Clifford admits to “creat[ing] false image[s]” and “deceiving people.” These words, to the shame of the man who utters them, precisely sum up why this current scandal keeps running.


It is time that Max Clifford and his ilk got their houses in order. To suggest that he “know[s] where everything is and 
where the evidence… the proof” is, but not share it with the authorities is just wrong. Max Clifford may well believe that he can protect those he represents by trading the names of others with the press, but he also became the PR ambassador for the BBC’s Children in Need in July 2011. If he really does “know” the names of child abusers, surely this alone should make him disclose this evidence willingly. If he doesn’t, shame on him.


To watch the covert YouTube video of Max Clifford, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFYbPnk_hzA&feature=player_detailpage


To view Ian Puddick’s website, go to: http://ianpuddick.com



Transcript of Dominic Carman (supposedly) interviewing Max Clifford:


MC: No problems at all as long as they’re not interfering with little
 kids. Absolutely no problems. Because I know that the truth will
 destroy them, and they don’t deserve that. So I create a false image. I’m
 deceiving people, I’m lying, for sure. But for me, it’s the same kind
 of lie when you got to a dinner party, and your host says: ‘Did you
 enjoy the meal?”, and you think: well it was awful. You say: “It was
 lovely, thank you.” It’s that kind of situation.

DC: Where do you get your inspiration from? Some of it’s marvelous.


MC: From the public.


DC: Chelsea football shirt and David Mellor. The Harkess coven with Alan Clark?


MC: Again, they come to me. I don’t go to them. They come to me, and we go from there.


DC: You managed to persuade a judge: “I should, or would, have him horsewhipped” — I thought
 that, I always thought that was his…


MC: I think that… things I get credited with. It’s like Alan Clark. Wonderful piece in that was when she, Mrs Clark, started talking about “below stairs”. Nothing to do with me, but wonderful.


DC: Straight out of Upstairs Downstairs.


MC: Wonderful for me. You couldn’t have written the script, to make it 
even better and inflame it. And he enjoyed the whole thing. Alan Clark 
loved the whole thing. The only thing about it, you had… They made a 
lot of money out of it. He’d used them, so they wanted to make money out
 of it, they had a moan, so they did. He enjoyed it: he sold even more
books. The only slightly serious side about it was he’d actually 
interfered with those girls from the age of fourteen.


DC: That wasn’t publicised was it?


MC: No, It didn’t come out. Because by the time the pair of them came over here,
 most of the time they were totally pissed, and mother and daughter were fighting each other to get on this television show. Turned into a farce and a pantomime.


DC: Must admit I never saw that. Must have been quite a combination.
 Extraordinary story.


MC: It was. The whole thing was. And most of the things are. What’s
 really going on. It’s the funniest thing, which is why it will be
 intriguing if Laurence and Gran, Birds of a Feather and all that? They’re doing 
a TV series, based on me.


DC: Oh, are they?


MC: Of course I can bring out the stories and the adventures, and just
 change it around, it’s all fiction…


DC: Who will play you?


MC: Possibly Adam Faith.


DC: He’s a good friend of yours, isn’t he?

MC: Yes, been mates since 1958. In fact, he was here earlier on. That’s
 all in the melting pot, it’s up to them. But that could be funny. That
 then could give me the perfect scenario to bring out the truth. People 
wouldn’t know it to be the truth. You move it around, it’s not a
politician, it’s a pop star. What happened is exactly… people would 
think: ” I can’t believe that. No way.”
I’ve said: I’ll never write the book, I’ll write the funny stories one day. Because I don’t want to harm, it’s never been my nature.


DC: And there’s the defamation risk?


MC: No, that’s easy for me because I’ve got all the evidence. I’m the 
one who’s hidden it from the world. I know where everything is and 
where the evidence… the proof is.


DC: It’s not stored in the cupboard?


MC: No, it’s a long, long way from here, I can promise you. You can 
see my point. That’s why I have such a good relationship with the
 people I work with. Because ten, twenty, thirty years go by and no-one 
in the world knows. I could have retired on one of these things,
 whether it was…whoever, any of the people.

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  1. The Grand Old Duke of Spin is at it again. The king of damage limitation control, he will want us to believe that Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter was the last of the celebrity paedophiles. We can look forward to a barrage of celebrity stories based on their family values. The same old soundbites, Max? Max “The Flack”Clifford thinks that he is smart and shrewd, he must think again.

  2. And Now for Something Completely Different. Tom Mclouglin advocates the destruction of the Jewish Homeland of Israel. Tom suggests that the American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton create a Jewish Homeland in Montana modeled on the old South African system of Apartheid. Shame on you, Tom.
    He must purify his soul, try reading the Bible. Tom Mclouglin have succeeded in making Max Clifford look good, he deserves credit for this.

  3. The New Age Public Relations Dynamics are based on the foundations of Spin. The majority of Public Relations Practitioners that represent the Rich and Famous will admit that they are not in the business of telling the truth. They don’t do the truth, it is bad for business. I sayit, again.

  4. Jo Moore served as British adviser and Press Officer (“Spin Doctor”) She was embroiled in a scandal while working as advisor to Stephen Byers, the Transport Secretary. On 11 September 2001, after both World Trade Centre Towers had been destroyed in terrorist attacks. Moore sent an E-Mail to her Press Office, which read, “It is now a very good day to get out anything we want to bury.”

  5. Howard Bragman’s “Where’s My Fifteen Minutes” makes interesting reading. He is Hollywood’s Public Relations Guru and High Priest.

  6. Shameless swagger Alistair Campbell called for the elimination of a free press. Beyond believe, I guess Reality Television is his future.

  7. The application of deception as a tool to manipulate and control public opinion is unethical. The entire Public Relations industry must get their houses in order.

  8. Piers Morgan’s bizarre gun control rant in America. Piers Morgan must control his ridiculous exaggerated emotions. It is all about narcissistic Piers Morgan. CNN is desperate to improve the poor ratings of his show. Piers Morgan has a very selective memory, he shamed his country as editor of the Daily Mirror. Imagine Clint Eastwood throwing fairy dust at the bad guys in Dirty Harry. Piers Morgan will do well selling fairy dust back in London.

  9. Eschel Rhoodie was South Africa’s chief propagandist during the apartheid regime, untill one of the country’s worst political scandal brought him down in 1978. It was known as the “Infogate or “Muldergate”
    He served as Secretary of information between 1972 and 1977, while Connie Mulder was the minister of the department. He became South Africa’s most wanted man. In March 1979 he attempted to gain political asylum in the United Kingdom. He was extradited from France to South Africa. He was found guilty of fraud and sentenced to 12 years in prison. Spin Doctors are breed of their own.

  10. Another Cock and Bull Story.
    Max Clifford invented a story about Freddie Starr eating a rodent sandwich after a late night gig.
    It spawned the notorious headline “Freddie Starr ate my hamster” in The Sun on 3 March 1986
    He also brokered 3 stories which dominated the headlines in 1999.
    Lord Archer’s perjury.
    Cherie Blair’s Pregnancy.
    Sexual allegations against Gary Glitter.
    Max Clifford has a flair for dramatic and ostentatious behaviour, he is a sort of a showman.
    A crafty old fox. However, his BullShit is starting to wear thin.

    • Max Clifford appears to seem quite at ease with all the secrets he thinks ONLY he knows from 10 twenty thirty years ago…. thirty years ago.. I knew some of his secrets and he thinks I grew up and forgot all about his influence in my young life…lets see shall we.. This is not over by a long margin. He definitely needs to be smart and skulk back into the darkness where he came from. His knowledge is his own admittance to having indulged his clients whims and making sure they were taken care of having their needs met in whatever way necessary for him to keep them happy and himself in a job.

      • The Devil’s Advocate. What comes around goes around. He is innocent until proven guilty. He thought he was untouchable, due to his powerful connections in high places.
        His big mouth has led to his downfall. He has been hiding behind the shield of fame, power and charity fundraising as so many celebrities do. I wish you the best.


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