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‘Vamp in Veil’ as she’d rather not be seen


New photos of Sara Al Amoudi published


Our features on the ‘Vamp in the Veil’ Sara Al Amoudi have attracted much interest as plainly there is much more to the case brought against her than meets the eye. With the publication today of an image of her as “she’d prefer not to be seen” in the Daily Mail, a new side to this alleged fraudster’s lifestyle has been highlighted.

The image of Sara Al Amoudi that shows her as "she'd rather not be seen"
The image of Sara Al Amoudi that shows her as “she’d rather not be seen”
Sara Al Amoudi in her usual garb
Sara Al Amoudi in her usual garb


In the image Al Amoudi – who has been more than reluctant to reveal her full face veil whilst giving evidence – appears in what the newspaper describe as a “low-cut bodice” in a picture that “show[s] she was not always so shy about showing herself in public”. Pictured with her at No. 5 Cavendish Square nightclub are two women “represented as her sisters and fellow Saudi princesses”. They are Samera ‘Amani’ Al-Mutawakel, Maha Al-Mutawakel-Ramsden – who is married to the owner of The Sydney Arms in Chelsea, James Ramsden – and the third woman is a “former table dancer” named Diana Langer – wife of Simon Langer, an “owner of London hostess, table dancing and strip clubs”.



Al Amoudi, who has appeared in court on previous occasions, stands accused in the current case against her of having cheated two property developers named Ian Paton and Amanda Clutterbuck out of six flats worth £14 million in Belgravia, Knightsbridge and Mayfair. She allegedly told them she was a Saudi princess with “limitless wealth”.


Al Amoudi’s claims to be a princess were refuted in a statement by Eben Black of DLA Piper UK LLP to The Steeple Times in July 2013:


“We represent Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi. The woman appearing in the High Court case Clutterbuck and another vs Sarah Al Amoudi is not the Sheikh’s daughter”.


As this “princess” is unmasked and whatever the outcome of this rather odd case, one has to ask: “Who is Sara Al Amoudi really?”



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    1. In her London Court testimony, Saudi Princess Sara Al-Amoudi accuses sister and fellow Saudi Princess, Samera Al-Mutawakel of being the ringleader of the scam. Found the testimony posted on a Dubai website. See link below. Sara says Samera did everything. It was all Samera. Interestingly, she also refers to Princess Samera as not a sister, but a friend. … rum=travel

      Counsel; for ther plaintiffs clutterbuck and paton puts to Sarah Al Amoudi evidence abount a bank account e linked to Samera?…

      Here we have a bank
      statement, NatWest Bank, 13 March 2001. It is when the
      account is opened, because it starts with a zero
      balance, at Bayswater. You pay in a credit of GBP3,000….

      Answer some time later

      A. My Lady, when I left my child, the passport I gave to my
      friend so she can adopt her and do whatever necessary so
      she can save her life and take her, so she opened the
      bank account, she does everything. She put in the GP,

      she was Sarah, and in the certificate she was Sarah.
      I have to give twice my blood test to show the court it
      was — it is me, my daughter. It was — that was the
      most difficult one, because they didn’t believe she was
      my daughter, because everything was not in my name,
      because I was very afraid.
      I have to be quite — go back to my normal life, so
      everything in this bank account was opened by Samira and
      everything done by Samira.
      Q. I will ask you again: is this your bank account?
      A. I just answered, I believe.
      Q. It your bank account: yes or no?
      A. After that, it wasn’t — then when I go and I told them,
      the bank, this is the bank account in my name, but it is
      not real, and they say, “What do you mean?”, “It is not
      real”. Then they said “We close” and I say, okay, then
      they close — it’s never been no longer my bank.

      She went on:
      Q. Is it your money in the account?
      A. Yes. I send money — my money my account, yes, to
      Samira, and to put it there and to use it when I —
      Q. Did you —
      A. I have to support my child. Every money is mine, yes.
      Q. Did you use the card connected with the account?
      A. No, I didn’t use. She use it as my name. She used
      it — everything she used as me, and she just to protect
      me and protect my child.
      ‘I believe that the total amount paid over to Ian
      for safekeeping during the period between 2001 and 2003
      was in the region of at least GBP5 million. Each time
      that a payment of money arrived, I would take out 10 or
      20 per cent and then pass the money over to Ian.
      Sometimes, I would also pass money to Samira to pay into
      my bank account or later pay it in myself, although
      I continued to pass over to Ian large sums of cash for
      safekeeping as explained above. ‘

      I — once — bank account with Samira, my friend,
      opened with a fake passport in NatWest. When I told
      them it was not well, it was just closed.

      EthiopianReporter ,

    2. i do know but is it wise to make such a scam You can rent a luxury car , pimps as a body gourd, check the blood samples DNA you can prove it that she is not a princess you have a sharia courts in Great Britain sue them through sharia court ,


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