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UKIP’s acceptability

Nigel Farage comes under attack from all quarters


Yesterday, Nigel Farage came under attack from a bunch of yobs whilst visiting Edinburgh to support one of his candidates, Otto Inglis, who is standing in a by-election.


As demonstrators shouted “racist” and “scum” at him, Mr Farage was forced into a pub upon police guidance. The building was barricaded until officers decided to assist Mr Farage escape in a riot van. In typically ebullient form, the UKIP leader quipped:


“It was slightly an odd experience being locked in a pub for me”.


Hecklers interrupt a press conference with Nigel Farage in The Canons’ Gait in Edinburgh
Hecklers interrupt a press conference with Nigel Farage in The Canons’ Gait in Edinburgh

Protestors outside the pub
Protestors outside the pub


In recent days, Farage and his party have also been attacked by Sir Christopher Meyer, a former ambassador to the United States (known now for little more than loving the sound of his own tiresome voice), who stupidly compared the politician to Ross Perot and also by the leftie journalist Yasmin Alibhai Brown (whose views make Lenin’s seem right of centre). In an article for The Independent, she stated:


“The ugly truth is that Farage and his gang are encouraging the hatred of the outsider, blaming them for all ills, just as the BNP and NF did in their time… Think and be afraid, very afraid… People attached to this party are xenophobic and deeply reactionary”.


Nigel Farage and UKIP are becoming more and more popular because people in this country have tired of the traditional political model. Naturally, therefore, the fact that he has struck a chord that has resulted in envy from all quarters.


Instead of belittling it and accusing it of extremism, it is time to accept UKIP for what it is. The so-called “mainstream” need to wake up and realise that there is now a fourth force in British politics.

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  1. The public has nothing to fear from UKIP north or south of the border. On the other hand career politicians should fear the party. We are speaking the language of the people and they are joining the party in droves whether former Labour, Tory or Lib-Dem.
    The party beat Labour in a by-election yesterday in Rotherham, so no doubt Labour dirty tricks will start.
    The Scottish people should hang their heads in shame, as should the Scottish BBC.

  2. I struggle with the notions of UKIP because they don’t chime with with my inner beliefs rather than any political philosophies. I don’t really see UKIP as a party, but rather a media spokesperson in Nigel Farage and thus mainly he is an extension of the Daily Mail for me. There is a certain irony that he speaks at lengths about controlling UK borders whilst admitting he can’t adequately vet his own candidates, which makes UKIP very problematic for any form of local governance – therefore it becomes an ideology rather than a party.
    I personally think the wheels will come off in due course, but in the meantime will worry the other parties into reactionary stand points, thus UKIP changes the political landscape by stealth, but not by governance.

    • Nor can Conservative, Lib Dem or Labour vet their people effectively. We hear, ad nauseum, of MP’s and councillors from the entire political spectrum being caught out for crimes of one sort or another- and they are well established parties with well tested vetting procedures.
      Of course, Ukip is an ideology….that is why it garnering so much support. And better to be an extension of the Mail than the ghastly Guardian.

  3. UKIP is indeed mainstream, same old same as the other 3, which is what I have found so disappointing.
    They offer nothing in the way of making our politics honest, of offering the voter his democracy back.
    They have just jettisioned their Flat Tax policy which was probably the best policy they had,
    They are very disappointing

    • Oh for goodness sake….Ukip has had a limited span. In that time, with none of the vast financial resources of the other parties, it has drawn support from the ‘mainstream’ parties and activated voting virgins. But the greatest achievement is to force Cameron into a corner and commit him to an in/out referendum. For the moment Farage is a sole operator and deserves credit for the momentous sea change that is taking place within the UK. If you think he and should do more go and assist him!

  4. Firstly I would say that the following view is my own, not that of any official UKIP line. It is based on my own opinions & that of other UKIPers with whom I tweet.
    There is no doubt of the acceptability of UKIP, so I will start my dispelling some myths propagated by the far left socialist movement in the UK.
    UKIP are homophobic-UKIP London Regional Chairman, Member of UKIP National Executive Council (NEC), UKIP Young Independence NEC Coordinator, UKIP,Prospective Parliamentary Candidate 2010 Bexley, Kent -David Coburn is openly gay and there are more UKIP gay members who participate through the affiliated LGBT group. Obviously like all parties, members have different view on issues such as Gay Marriage.
    UKIP is racist & xenophobic:
    Bobby Anwar is a British-Asian muslim who was the UKIP Parliamentary Candidate who stood against Jack Straw in Blackburn at the last election. UKIP draws members from all different ethnic groups & religions;
    UKIP has internal groups who are ProPalestine/ProIsrael;
    Accusations of xenophobia are levied because UKIP is not pro mass immigration. News reports recently have disclosed Labour’s deliberate & cynical policy of mass immigration not because it was to the UK’s benefit but ‘to rub the rights nose in multiculturalism. A controlled immigration policy, where immigrants are a benefit & not a burden to the UK, is surely only common sense. It is what is in place in countries such as Australia & Canada. In my opinion such a policy is anti-racist since it is more likely to lead to a decrease in far right extremism. UKIP is anti EU not anti European. Nigel Farage is married to a german Lady. I myself have some French heritage, as well as Irish.
    UKIP is not just about Europe though evidently it campaigns for an EU exit which it sees as undemocratic, overly regulatory, hypocritical, against British interests & a burden to the British taxpayer who is a net contributor to the EU. Whilst the EU preaches austerity to member states & the dangers of climate change, its hierarchy drive expensive gas gussling German limos, BMWs , Mercedes & Audis.
    But UKIP is also a grass roots movement of people from all political persuassions, ex LibDems/Labour/Conservative who are fed up with politicians who renege on promises whilst lining their pockets with outside interests, & tax payer funded expenses for second homes & large TVs. They are seen as self serving, morally corrupt, career politicians with little or no real business/work experience, no empathy with the the real concerns of the UK electorate and, even when they are aware, opinions are that they ignore voters & treat them with contempt.
    Is it little wonder that people have now lost faith in the three parties who have ruled the UK for so long with little to show for their efforts.
    UKIP is also about bringing people back to politics. To get those voting again who have not done so for many a year. It is about restoring democracy and faith in the political system and, reconnecting with the ordinary person in the street who after all, pays for MPs salaries.
    That can only be a good thing for democracy & the UK.

  5. I agree 100% with the above comment. Let’s face it, UKIP has the only sensible manifesto out of all other British political parties. The traditional political parties are worried, very worried, although they won’t admit the fact. The British public have at last, have a credible choice of moving forward and building the word Great back to where it belongs in the front of Britain. Has anyone else noticed that since promoting the title United Kingdom, instead of Great Britain, we have declining standards in our country,or is this a coincidence? I have recently become a UKIP member. The number of people I speak to that are disillusioned with the stance the main parties are taking, is quite astounding. Go,go,go UKIP!

    • Yes indeed Wyn. UKIP are the ONLY political party that we can trust to uphold the British constitution in a modern world. The sooner the general public will wake up to this fact ,the better!


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