Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Twisting Trump


Despite Hillary Clinton’s sterling performance in the first presidential debate, Donald Trump claims to have won


Donald Trump repeatedly bombarded supporters with emails on Monday and Tuesday to announce he had “won the debate”.


Twisting Trump – Despite Hillary Clinton’s sterling performance in the first presidential debate, Donald Trump claims to have won on Monday night
Donald Trump sent this cartoon out with one of his “victory” missives


In one missive, he stated:


Tonight isn’t just a win for our campaign. It’s a win for America.


…It’s a win for the families who worry about their future as taxes, insurance, the cost of living, and our national debt skyrocket.


…It’s a win for the factory workers who watched their jobs ship off to Mexico and China.


…It’s a win for the police officers who puts their lives in harm’s way every single day.


…It’s a win for our brave veterans who deserve the treatment they earned.


…It’s a win for the American citizens who’ve seen the interests of other nations put above our own.


…And it’s a win for the tens of millions of patriotic, hard-working Americans whom Hillary thought she could write off as “deplorable” and “irredeemable”.


In spite of most of the mainstream media suggesting Clinton triumphed on Monday night, a number of post-debate polls came out strongly in Trump’s favour. Amongst them were the following:



Trump 59%

Clinton 41%



Trump 61%

Clinton 39%



Trump 80%

Clinton 20%


Sadly, these publications were not alone in their analysis. Breitbart, quite possibly one of the most bigoted titles on the planet, shared many reports that Trump had “won” but also crowingly announced that the “outspoken liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore contended that Republican Donald Trump ‘won’ the contest over his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton”. In an article, by Daniel Nussbaum, they even shared a series of Moore’s tweets. The most telling read:


“It’s over. Trump, the egoist, the racist, the narcissist, the liar, ‘won’. We all lost. His numbers will go up. She told the truth. So what”.


Elsewhere, yesterday, The New York Times emailed subscribers and in a message from David Leonhardt, Op-Ed Columnist stated:


[Donald Trump] lied about the loan his father once gave him.
He lied about his company’s bankruptcies.
He lied about his federal financial-disclosure forms.
He lied about his endorsements.
He lied about “stop and frisk.”
He lied about “birtherism.”
He lied about New York.
He lied about Michigan and Ohio.      
He lied about Palm Beach, Fla.
He lied about Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve.
He lied about the trade deficit.
He lied about Hillary Clinton’s tax plan.
He lied about her child-care plan.
He lied about China devaluing its currency.
He lied about Mexico having the world’s largest factories.
He lied about the United States’s nuclear arsenal.
He lied about NATO’s budget.
He lied about NATO’s terrorism policy.
He lied about ISIS.
He lied about his past position on the Iraq War.
He lied about his past position on the national debt.
He lied about his past position on climate change.
He lied about calling pregnancy an “inconvenience” for employers.
He lied about calling women “pigs.”
He lied about calling women “dogs.”
He lied about calling women “slobs.”


We salute the newspaper for telling it like it is. Donald Trump can twist all he likes but the sane world will always know him for what he truly is: A bigot, a bully and a bankrupt.



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  1. I recommend Martin Wolf’s comments in the Financial Times today, regarding the grave dangers to global stability posed by a potential Trump presidency.


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