Saturday, September 18, 2021

The progress of NIMBIES


Double standards on ‘progress’ exposed in Whitstable after planning decision in favour of an entirely appropriate development


Suzanne Blaustone is supposedly a woman in favour of progress. This American and her late partner supposedly “dragged” a firm named Barton Marine Equipment “into modern times” but when it comes to her own locality, she takes an entirely different view.


The progress of NIMBIES
The Oval Chalet site in Whitstable is currently a dump but angry NIMBIES feel quite differently about it

The progress of NIMBIES
Police were called to restore order after councillors approved plans to redevelop this redundant site in Whitstable

The progress of NIMBIES
An example of the abuse the developer has received

The progress of NIMBIES
The Oval ice skating rink in 1914


The lead figure in a campaign to stop the redevelopment of a long derelict former Edwardian ice skating ring in Whitstable that has been an eyesore for many years, Ms Blaustone expressed her fury after Canterbury City Council approved decisions to redevelop the site into attractive townhouses and apartments last week.


Speaking to The Canterbury Times, Blaustone remarked: “I think this decision has ripped the soul and spirit out of Whitstable. I think Whitstable has lost its opportunity to have a heart”.


One can only wonder how the employees of Barton Marine felt when they encountered this NIMBY. ‘Progress’, it seems, is just a sorry word.



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    1. An entirely appropriate example of somewhere that requires a visit from the wrecking ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get it built!!!!!!!! This woman sounds like an utter cretin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. How very dare you attack this upstanding lady. I live in Whitstable and it is a disgrace what has gone on here. The developer is indeed ripping the heart out of the town and you should apologise for publishing this tripe. Clear off back to London you bloody townie.

    3. What a load of American bollocks…“I think this decision has ripped the soul and spirit out of Whitstable. I think Whitstable has lost its opportunity to have a heart” What planet does this woman live on? I mean how exactly does an ugly rusting shed create “heart” in the town. It is an ugly monstrosity, it is hard to imagine how anything which replaces it could be worse. Flatten it!

    4. I would suggest Ms Blaustone move in next door if she is so in love with the place.
      Just another loud mouth Yank.

      • Blaustone does indeed live next door and the irony is that her house price would no doubt go up with something decent in place of the current dump. A typical NIMBY who will no doubt profiteer from the coming development in due course.

    5. If the NIMBY club thought so much of the old ice rink and considered that it was the “heart” of the town, then why didn’t they raise some funds to restore it to it’s former glory rather than leave it as a rusting shed?


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