Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The muck of Harris


Supporters of convicted and jailed paedophile Rolf Harris attack The Daily Star and state: “I wouldn’t clean dogs muck with it”


Rolf Harris’ supporters do not give up and in an appallingly badly written feature in response to a Daily Star article about the copious amounts of hate mail sent to the child abuser, posted on the petition website this week, an especially fanatically example going by the name of Anne Pyke ranted:


12 Oct 2015 — If you read and believe Matthew Young’s fairy tale published in the Daily Toilet Roll on the 7th October you might be forgiven for thinking that the press have never given out details of the prison Mr Harris is being held in. In fact his whereabouts is public knowledge but it was the DAILY MAIL that published his prison number wasn’t it? erm????


Read further down the tale and you will find a quote from Liz Dux, that gurning heffalump from Slater and Gordon [the lawyers acting for the victims of Harris], she is quoted as saying; “The evidence was overwhelming. It’s time his daughter accepted the findings and moved on”


Rolf Harris
Rolf Harris


I need to correct that statement because there are two words missing. It is supposed to read; “The lack of evidence was overwhelming”


Isn’t it about time Dux accepted that and shoved off?


Young also seems to connect this petition with the Facebook page he refers to. There is no connection and this petition does not have a related Facebook page. Some Facebook pages do support this petition and promote it to which I thank them but I nor any of the petition team have any related Facebook pages.


GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT MR YOUNG!…oh sorry you write for the Daily Star, I apologise for using the word ‘facts’.


Anne Pyke


P.S.The term ‘gurning heffalump’ was taken from the Daily Mail when they referred to Fergie as a gurning heffalump…….the press won’t be nice to anybody and are just full of disparaging tat!


Given that Harris has paid £22,000 to a victim whom was just seven when he abused her and given this monster still potentially faces conviction for additional allegations against him, one has to ask what is wrong with such people. Worryingly, 1,570 people have signed Pyke’s petition. It proves nothing but illustration of the saying: “There’s nowt queerer than folk” and brings shame on They ought to close down this tasteless victim goading petition with immediate effect.


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      • I published this to show how reprehensible Rolf Harris supporters truly are. You really are nothing but nuts dear woman. Go and find a real cause. There are kids that are massacred in Aleppo. Why not do something for them?


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