Friday, November 18, 2022

The entertainers


As 1970s relics appeared in court, Matthew Steeples calls for Operation Fernbridge to be treated more seriously


Rolf Harris, William Roache and Dave Lee Travis each appeared in courts yesterday in relation to separate sexual abuse charges. It truly was a day for 1970s B-listers.


Rolf Harris
Rolf Harris
William Roache
William Roache
Dave Lee Travis
Dave Lee Travis

Roache – who plays Coronation Street’s Ken Barlow – arrived at Preston Crown Court surrounded by security, Harris pushed his wife in a wheelchair as he arrived at Southwark Crown Court and Lee Travis appeared there also wearing a truly awful psychedelic tie. On display publicly, these relics cut strange figures and represented reminders of the era of Jimmy Savile.



The sooner these cases are resolved, the better. It is time that this mess was cleaned up but it is also time that Operation Fernbridge – which involves far more important figures including politicians, judges and police officers – was treated a little more seriously.



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    1. Orchid,Yewtree unearths a world of nonces that run this country. It suits agendas to keep poor messed up mopre fodder for failed care system , AS ITS ALWAYS POOR KIDS GETTING ABUSED? When policys enables it? Country riddled with nonces in establishment.

    2. The film “Straw Dogs” was controversial on its 1971 release, mostly because of the prolonged rape scene that is the film’s main attribute. Critics accused director Sam Peckinpah of glamorizing and eroticising rape and of engaging in misogynistic sadism. The entertainment industry has for a long time tried to brainwash their audiences in accepting rape as glamorous and normal behaviour. The extraordinary gentleman above believe that they have done nothing wrong. Luisa Zissman is promoting sex parties courtesy of Channel 5.

    3. That’s Entertainment.
      August 9th 1969. The Slaughter of Sharon Tate by the Charles Manson cult.

      There was a list a mile long of the connections between the celebrity culture and the Manson cult.

      On March 15, 1969 Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski gave a housewarming party at their Cielo Drive home. (Previous tenants included: Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon, Henry Fonda, Terry Melcher, Candice Bergan, and Gregg Jacobson). Among those at the housewarming party were: Jane Fonda, Roger Vadim, Peter Fonda, Tony Curtis, Warren Beatty, Nancy Sinatra, John Phillips, Michelle Phillips, Mama Cass Elliot, and many others.

      Angela Lansbury had signed a consent for her under aged daughter to travel with Charles Manson and his “family”. Charles Manson gave a ring to Dean Martin’s daughter. He reportedly had a sexual encounter with a grand-daughter of Frank Sinatra. Charles Manson lived in the home of Dennis Wilson. The Beach Boys recorded a song that Charles Manson wrote. Neil Young liked him so much that he gave him a motorbike

      See…. it is a really long network of connections. The Entertainment world has always had a view of indifference towards women and rape.


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