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Selling Savile's lair

Jimmy Savile’s cottage to be sold at auction


“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is the motto Glasgow based auctioneers Ross Harper. This is indeed apt given that they are to sell the late paedophile Jimmy Savile’s cottage in Glencoe on 30th May.


Allt-Na-Reigh is a remote detached property with one reception room, a kitchen, two bedrooms, a WC and a bathroom. In addition, in the grounds, there is a large outbuilding and a one bedroom chalet. A guide price of  £100,000 has been set for the property


Jimmy Savile at Allt-Na-Reigh
Jimmy Savile at Allt-Na-Reigh

Allt-Na-Reigh, Glencoe, Ballachulish, Scotland, PH49 4HX: The remote property is more than a mile from any of its neighbours
Allt-Na-Reigh, Glencoe, Ballachulish, Scotland, PH49 4HX: The remote property is more than a mile from any of its neighbours

Prince Charles and Louis Theroux were amongst personalities known to have visited Jimmy Savile at Allt-Na-Reigh
Prince Charles and Louis Theroux were amongst personalities known to have visited Jimmy Savile at Allt-Na-Reigh

Ross Harper's auction catalogue entry neglects to mention Allt-Na-Reigh's sordid past
Ross Harper’s auction catalogue entry neglects to mention Allt-Na-Reigh’s sordid past


The house came to public attention during Savile’s lifetime after hosted a dinner there with Prince Charles in 1999 and again in 2000 when parts of When Louis Theroux Met – Jimmy Savile were filmed there. Little is known about how many children and adults the BBC presenter entertained or abused at the cottage but given that Savile spent many summers there and that police have recorded some 214 alleged sex offences on his file, it is most likely that Allt-Na-Reigh was the location for a number of them.


After his death, the executors of Savile’s £4.3 million estate placed the property on the market at a price of £300,000 in May 2012 but were eventually forced to withdraw it from sale. More recently they applied to The Highland Council for a letter of comfort in relation to alterations that had been made to the cottage in January 2013.


"Jimmy the Beast" numbers amongst the graffiti that has been daubed on the walls of the cottage
“Jimmy the Beast” numbers amongst the graffiti that has been daubed on the walls of the cottage

More recently after the property was repainted "Glen Savile" was sprayed onto the house by vigilantes
More recently after the property was repainted “Glen Savile” was sprayed onto the house by vigilantes

In the weeks that followed Savile being revealed for the paedophile and monster that he will forever be remembered as, Allt-Na-Reigh was targeted by vandals who smashed windows and daubed “Jimmy the Beast” on the walls. It was recently repainted but once again, vandals have defaced the cottage.


A spokesman for Ross Harper stated:


“Obviously there has been a lot of interest in this property and it is included in our list for auction at the end of the month”.


Goodness knows who’d want to buy this cottage. It’s past is beyond creepy and frankly, it’d be best if it was just flattened.


Ross Harper: +44 (0) 141 339 4466. Website: http://rossharperauctions.com


Download the sale brochure for the auction at: http://rossharperauctions.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/RH_Auction_low_res_14.3.13.pdf

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  1. Flatten by all means, but remember the poor house had a life before Jimmy Savile. I hope it gives someone a nice home.

  2. what a shame it is the vandals are only taking the beauty of glencoe down by defacing the cottage, i suppose the culprits who did it are law abiding citizens? em ? no as any self respecting person doesnt do things like that do they?


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