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Rotten Rolf Still Rotten


As the majority of the convictions of Rolf Harris are upheld, one of his unhinged supporters, Lizzie Cornish, launches into yet another of her tirades


Yesterday at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, a man labeled a “disgusting creature” by one of his victims, Rolf Harris, failed in his attempt to overturn eleven out of twelve of his convictions for indecent assault against women and children.


Whilst elements of the media seized on one conviction being thrown out, His Honour Judge Brown, Lord Justice Treacy and Mrs Justice McGowan found that “nothing arises which could impugn the safety of [the remaining] convictions.” They specifically noted:


“Stepping back and looking at the totality of the evidence of Counts 2 to 12, including the bad character evidence, we find nothing that causes us to doubt the safety of those convictions… The primary evidence… remained intact, as did the body of bad character evidence.”


Elsewhere, one of the paedophile child abuser Harris’ unhinged supporters, Lizzie Cornish, wrote to The Steeple Times. In a series of rants on our comments pages – which we will not be publishing due to the fact that they would offend genuine victims – crackpot Miss Cornish commented:


“Your putrid words about me make me sick! … [The] case STANK from the very start…and people like you believed it! People like me, Steeples, stood up against them and had to endure the likes of YOU!”


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  1. No surprises there mates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We sent him to you in England years ago as he was upto his antics down here in the years prior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a dirty abuser and filth and scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you see what is yet???????? Yes —- We can—- A dirty big handed paedo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If only you had the sense to heave the death penalty still —— Watching Rolfie fry in the electric chair would be FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps he could be given his didgeridoo to play on whilst the current flowed!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What rubbish you write-funny how so men seem to be jumping on the PC bandwagon these days-I bet you thought differently years ago-the slightest little thing is any form of abuse today-rubbish!Britain was better in the past! You probably think that no 18 year old male should go out with a 15 year old-otherwise he’s a paedo!!Rolf is innocent and Lizzie Cornish is 100% right!Rolf may have only had one conviction overturned but it really undermines the other convictions-just cause they happened doesn’t make it right!How things were better in 1987-not like now!Rolf is no worse than you-he’s just been picked on because of his bad image (to some!) Even many of Jimmy Savile’s accusers are fantasists-no proof!

      • Well – justice has run its course and your view of events has rightly been rejected. The monster Rolf Harris will die a convicted paedophile, sex offender and child abuser. He is scum of the earth.

      • Well Sir. Just to mention that one of Jimmy Savile’s accusers are lying! Makes you Sir, in my book talking absolute and total bollocks. Savile was the sickest individual I can think of. Just wish the bastard was still alive so he could swet in his cell for 12 months and then be hung by the neck. Disgusting filthy scum. As the anagram in his sir name says. VILE.

  2. For once, Rod is (partly) right. I don’t agree with the death penalty but Rolf Harris is all the things Rod suggests. He WILL burn in hell alongside Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith, Garry Glitter, Jonathan King and countless others.

  3. Well done, Matthew for calling out that disgusting paedophile apologist, Lizzie Cornish (aka Lisa Route). I have never come across anyone so obsessed. And her obsession doesn’t just extend to defending the likes of Repugnant Rolf and Jonathan King. A few weeks back, she even attacked Rose McGowan in the Harvey Weinstein case. She basically implied that Rose could not have been raped and was a slut because Rose wore a transparent dress 20 years ago.

    Vile woman. It’s no wonder that victims are afraid to come forward when people like her exist. Isn’t it also funny how Ms Cornish/Route doesn’t put half as much effort into finding paid employment as she does into attacking/harassing victims? Maybe then she wouldn’t keep moaning about being ‘pensionless’.

  4. This scum bag has shown no remorse whatsoever, for that alone I would give the pedophile extra time. So he’s had one conviction out of twelve overturned, big deal, what can he hope to acheive? If he’s lucky he will probably only have another 10 years on the planet anyway. No matter what he does, or that loopy dole bludger, Lizzie Cornish, he will forever be remembered as a dirty little rock spider, pedophile, along with his buddy Savile, and this is how the history books will write it.

  5. The problem with these “cases” is what is “really the evidence” to provide the certainty of guilt.

    The article quoted from the judgment summary as follows:

    “Stepping back and looking at the totality of the evidence of Counts 2 to 12, including the bad character evidence, we find nothing that causes us to doubt the safety of those convictions… The primary evidence… remained intact, as did the body of bad character evidence.”

    And it is a summary – “fair enough” but for the reader from the summary there is no way to know exactly if the statement is “true” or just “face saving”. The Appeal Court judges’ statement may be made to cover up corruption in the legal system. Just the same as businesses, politicians, media do and cover ups happen in everyday life.
    What is said could well be the truth with well set out reasons and explanations, all well supported or could be just as easily be a catch all statement to cover up the reality that it is not true.


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