Saturday, October 31, 2020

Review: Steph and Dom meet Nigel

Nigel Farage’s decision to go boozing with ‘The Posh Couple of Gogglebox’ backfired spectacularly


Last night on Channel 4, Nigel Farage had his ‘William Hague baseball cap moment’ when he tried to get down with the masses by having dinner with what he perceived to be one of Britain’s most amusing couples, Dominic and Stephanie Parker AKA ‘The Posh Couple of Gogglebox’.


Steph and Dom
Nigel Farage with Dominic and Stephanie Parker

Steph and Dom
Nigel Farage’s appearance on the show simply showed him to be an utter chump

The 23:48 minute show opened with ‘Steph and Dom’ – who own what has been termed Britain’s smartest B&B – looking at images of the leader of UKIP and making such comments as “he gurns a lot” and “he makes a great punk”.


Subsequently, when Farage arrived at the £3.5 million Grade I listed mansion owned by the duo, Mrs Parker asked of the pronunciation of Farage’s name: “Is it like Fa-rage, ga-rage or fr-idge?”, the MEP answered: “As long as they vote for me, that’s what matters”. From here on in, it was downhill all the way.


In the coming minutes, accompanied by music such as XTC’s Making Plans for Nigel, Mr Parker managed to sprayed beer over Farage’s trousers. Then when the politician subsequently spilt wine on himself after tripping on a step, Mrs Parker produced a pair of leather trousers for him to borrow whilst her staff pressed the politician’s damp parts. Instead, when he opted to borrow Mr Parker’s jeans, the hostess quipped:


“I’ve given him some old ripped jeans… I think he should wear them in Europe… He looks like a f**king member of Bros”.


As the booze continued to flow, Farage was questioned on subjects ranging from what he’d sacrificed to be in politics (and repeatedly went on about how poor he was) to whether he wants to be Prime Minister (he doesn’t, “changing the country excites me”). Though he tried to laugh off ‘Steph and Dom’s’ drunken moments in an attempt to amuse the nation, he instead just made an utter fool of himself.


Last night, Farage confined William Hague’s baseball cap moment to second place in terms of the most cringeworthy attempts to identify with the public. Well done to Steph and Dom: You’ve shown this man for what he truly is.



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  1. I watched this and was appalled by Farage’s attitude to his vast salary and paying his wife. The posh pair did a great job in asking questions. Make them the new alternative to Jeremy Paxman I say.

  2. Disgraceful of you to attack Nigel Farage. He is a good man and the sort that ought to be supporting the Find Madeleine campaign. I would like to know if he has expressed any interest in meeting dear Gerry and Kate McCann as they search for their beloved daughter. UKIP will win much public support if they support the campaign.

      • If it is Tuesday, this must be Brussels…….. The cock walked straight into it, they saw him coming.. When will politicians realise that Reality Television loses them respect and degrades them. The Sandwich pair are connected with the Conservative elite in the region.

    • Gillian Trott …… Go take your head for a ****! .. You are possibly THE most annoying, haven’t got a clue what you are talking about, inappropriate commentor to have ever remarked on any MSN article! How one earth did you get from Farage and Googlebox to Maddie McCann and her neglectful parents??

  3. You should have mentioned his crass remarks about his wife’s pay. He is just another grasping politician. If he makes a single remark about Posh Boys (in the style of Nadine Dorries) ever again, he will be rightly shot down.

  4. He is a hero and the show was amusing. His comments about being nearly dead three times were a revelation. I am sure he would campaign to show Rolf Harris to be innocent if he had the time.

  5. I’m all for television being amusing but this was just irresponsible. Farage is meant to be the leader of what he believes to now be a mainstream party and here he is getting pissed with two brain dead drunks. What was this numptie thinking?

  6. At least Nige is human and like all of us when slightly pissed knocks over a glass and breaks it. Of course that is the very first sign that you are getting sloshed quicker than you think. If I had drunk what they had and mixing as well, then I too would have probably knocked over several glasses. It was great TV and it’s not worth further analysis. I shall still be voting UKIP to further the great cause of exiting the failed experiment that calls itself the EU.

    • Would Churchill or Margaret Thatcher have lowered themselves to this tawdry level? He is meant to be a representative of the people and though we all know he (and many of us ourselves) likes a drink, he should behave with dignity that reflects the status of his office.

      • Though I like Farage I tend to agree with Matthew that appearing with these two boring drunks was an extreme blunder. Likewise appearing on QT WITHOUT being briefed that Brand’s film company was financed by ex RBS bankers was example of very poor counselling by UKIP’s PR people….very amateurish

        • This is exactly why UKIP are not ready for government. This amateurish behaviour is indicative of school yard politics and is not suited to Westminster. Farage needs to get serious and he needs to get rid of all the useless people around him. People such as the man who called him Jesus this week and the woman who ranted on the radio telling opponents to “shut up” when she was losing an argument sum up exactly why this party is still stuck in infancy. I know you like them, Peter, but long may they stay there.

        • Russell Brand’s projects have been financed by the evil bankers he is supposed to be at war with,the majority of his celebrity friends are tax dodgers. Brand takes advantage of the ignorance and gullibleness of his followers and that includes the Daily Mirror. Farage’s communication team are weak and not fit for purpose. He must be sensible and employ Paddaman and Wayde, at least he will have chance, and a genuine laugh.

  7. They are both elected members of Parliament and also P.Ministers. Our Nige is neither, but rather an unelected leader of a new party that as yet has virtually no UK representation and only carries the humble rank of an M.E.P. This limited and rather pathetic status of a virtual ‘kangaroo’ parliament gives him complete freedom to behave as he wishes and to canvas for a party that, if it garners some votes, will for sure affect the balance of power should there be a hung Parliament. Anything is better than the wet-rag and drippy Liberals. Thankfully we live in a true democracy so at this time he is able to persuade us to vote for his party, whilst we may decide not to, based on his behaviour on TV., but somehow I hope that this will not be the case. We need to exit the EU and fast before we are dragged further into the appalling Euro abyss.

    • I like that you like a pisshead. You did run restaurants so pissheads no doubt were good for business. Nigel Farage would have been a very good pisshead for you. I can see why you are voting for him really.

      • You don’t seem to have much grasp of the English language. I imagine you are just rather common. Now go away and play football or darts or something else….horrid, little fella’

  8. Well Hag, I have actually met him and he is charming, but isn’t it good to have somebody mouthing off about politics who is actually real, perhaps nearly one of us, rather some sanctimonious dick that has never had a job, had no life shit and really knows little about the real world. It’s time to get back to basics pisshead or not. Oh and by the way the biggest pisshead of all was our most revered leader Sir Winston. I rest my case.


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