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Putting May under the Spotlight

The success of Spotlight at the 88th Academy Awards sends a reminder to political figures that child abuse should not be swept under the carpet by Theresa May or anyone else


In Hollywood on Sunday, Leo DiCaprio and Mad Max triumphed but the surprise of the night was not Chris Rock tackling the #OscarsSoWhite controversy but the success of Spotlight – a film that highlighted the true story of The Boston Globe’s expose of a ring of paedophile priests in 2001 – 2002.


Putting May under the Spotlight – “Skin-prickling” ‘Spotlight’ is a film that has again highlighted that child abuse should not be swept under the carpet
Putting May under the Spotlight – “Skin-prickling” ‘Spotlight’ is a film that has again highlighted that child abuse should not be swept under the carpet


The success of the film – which deservedly won Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay at the 88th ceremony – caused surprise amongst the audience and of its message, producer Michael Sugar said institutional silence over child abuse should no longer be tolerated and added that he hoped its message would “resonate all the way to the Vatican”. He concluded by sending a direct message to the pontiff and remarked: “Pope Francis: it’s time to protect the children and restore the faith”.


In Britain, Home Secretary Theresea May ought to take note as shockingly much of what went on at the Elm Guest House and elsewhere continues to be swept under the carpet. Though it will be inconvenient for some, justice must be brought about for genuine victims of VIP abuse and it is also essential that those falsely accused have their names cleared.


Instead of continuing to give this important matter little-to-no priority, Mrs May would do well to spend a couple of hours watching Spotlight as this spectacularly made picture might set her straight about what must be done. It is time she acted and it is time this hapless woman did her bit to get justice for abused children everywhere.



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12 comments on “Putting May under the Spotlight”

  1. The Christian pop singer will be dead before anything is done. He has enough powerful friends and Mrs May won’t want to upset that particular apple cart.

  2. You are such f***ing morons. There only conspiracy is that Rolf Harris and others like Max Clifford were set up and thrown to the wolves in an effort to make this go away. When good men do nothing evil prospers and two innocent men have been left to suffer just like the Birmingham Six. This travesty of justice must be put right. Free Rolf Harris and Free Max Clifford.

  3. I rarely bother to read Steeples Times now as it is just a biased publication that does not nothing to support dear Gerry and Kate McCann in their efforts to find their beloved daughter Madeleine. Child abuse is an appalling thing but it is not nearly as bad as the film Spotlight made out. Get real and support a real issue. FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW.

  4. Theresa May is only interested in the big prize. Victims of abuse are just inconvenient nuisances and she’d really rather be out shopping for Chanel shoes with her friend Lady Meyer as she waits to seize the mantle and push Boris off the bus.

  5. Gillian, you are a total bloody disgrace to humanity. Child abuse is not as bad as Spotlight made out? What planet do you live on? And shut up about Mr and Mrs dodgy-body-language-can’t-look-anyone-in-the eye-McCann, because if you actually want to find Madeline all you have to do is to ask them what really happened.

  6. 2 crapheads above. One supporting Harris and the other the McCanns. There was no proof of an abduction so ask Kate and Gerry what happened and why the flat and their car reeked of corpse, and how body fluids and blood were present. I hope Harris gets a fair trial on his next appearance, but whatever happens one at least of you will be back bleating.
    My dear Steeples, you are a master of self control in the face of impossible odds and deserve a medal.

  7. Rolf Harris Innocent, Of course he is, just like his mate Mr James Savile, or should I say Mr Vile. Let’s see what the next trial brings for Harris with a load more of his victims, all making up stories about him, of course. Give me a break, they should just throw away the key and forget him.

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